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Full Summary: Lillia Everdeen has just one goal in her life. Kill President Snow. He is responsible for the deaths of her best friend, and the boy she loved. She sets off of on her Victory Tour and whilst in District 4, she discovers something as disturbing as it is important. Shortly after her tour she finds out that her new friends life is at risk, and she knows that she has to save him. And, of course, there are some others that she has to save as well…

"Ouch! Heath!" I exclaim as my stylist prods me in the stomach with his little finger. I am about to get off of the train and head into District 11 for the first stop of my Victory Tour. It is already eight o'clock at night. I won the 98th Hunger Games. In the process of winning, I lost the boy I loved. His name was Michael Hawthorne, and he was from District 2. He was as brave and courageous as he was loving and kind. He died and I lived. I wish every day that it was the other way round. Within the next few years, there will be a rebellion and that is when I will truly avenge his death. I will take down President Snow.

"I'm sorry darling, but I can't help it! You've put on weight!" He cries. I roll my eyes.

"Did you see how underweight I was before? You should be glad that I've put on a few extra pounds." I protest. I am stood in front of the train doors, and my stylist Heath is checking me over. I am wearing a dark green thin strapped dress with small silver beads sewed onto it.

"Honey, in the Capitol thin is good." The more time I spent with him, the less I thought of Heath as an arrogant overpaid young man. I know think of him as more of a friend. I am still unsure about my prep team, though.

"Whatever. Can I please get off of this train now? The lack of air is making me feel nauseous."

"Sure, sure. Good luck!" He waves his hand at me and turns away. He will not be joining me for the feast in District 11. However, my Mother and Trent will be. I know that this must be hard for Trent; after all, I am the one that killed his only son. I step out of the doors and onto the platform. My Mother Katniss Everdeen and the male tribute's mentor Trent are waiting for me.

"Ready to go and make your speech?" She asks me, smiling because her only daughter has survived The Hunger Games. Mentally, she is so much different to the empty husk of a person she was six months ago.

"I may as well get it over and done with." I respond, and I follow her down to the stage. Crowds of people are gathered in District 11's main square. By law, they must stand there and pretend to love me. I know that they wish I wasn't stood on that stage, but instead one of their own tributes were. They cheer half-heartedly as I make my way over to the microphone.

"Hello, citizens of District 11. Firstly, I would like to say thank you. It is such an honour to be here." Like they have a choice in having me. Secondly, I wanted to say how bravely your tributes fought. I felt terrible after every death; even if I didn't seem to bat an eyelid- the pain was there. I knew what their families back home would be going through. I too have lost some family members." They already know this, everybody does. "And lastly, the Capitol would like to say thank you, and keep up the good work in the orchids!" I am forced to say the last bit. It is a necessity, and it is said every year by the Victor of that Games. My speech is short, and I am given some flowers. I wave at the citizens of 11 one last time before entering the Justice building for my feast.

I sit in between my Mother and Trent, and we are served a large amount of fruit as well as some decent sized groslings. I feel bad eating their food, because I know that the people of 11 get almost less food than my District does. So I take as little as I can, and hope that the leftovers go to the workers. The families of the tributes sit opposite me, and whenever they can they shoot me a glare. They hate me, because I am alive and their children are not.

"Mother?" I whisper half way through the meal.

"Yes Lillia-Primrose?"

"How did you deal with the glares?" I ask her.

"I didn't. I felt terrible the whole way through my Victory tour." She responds, and I know that there is nothing I can do until we have started the rebellion. I wish I had Michael here with me, like my Mother had my Father. But I have learned that no matter how hard you wish for something, it does not always come true. Sometimes you are just left with the what if.

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