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Chapter 1

Some Authors Are On Crack

Grover and Annabeth knocked Percy's door. They were currently at his apartment in New York City. The satyr and demigod paced back and forth until Percy opened the door.

"What are you guys doing here?" Percy asked surprised. Annabeth and Grover pushed past him and sat down on the couch in the living room.

"We need to talk. It's an emergency." Annabeth said. Grover put the laptop in his lap and opened it. On the screen, was a white page with names on it.

"Um, what are you guys showing me?" Percy asked. "It's just a website."

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Why do I have such a oblivious boyfriend?" She pointed to a name on the screen. "Look at this!"

The name Annabeth pointed to said, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."

"Um, why is my name on a website?"

Grover cleared his throat. "Well, Annabeth and I found this site called Fanfiction. It's a place where people make up stories about their favorite books, movies, video games, and TV shows. So, we clicked on books and saw your name! There are stories about us!"

"Yeah, but they talk about us like we're fictional or something. It's so weird!" Annabeth exclaimed.

Percy tried to process the fact that mortals knew about them, their quests, the Titan War and fight and against Gaea. It was unbelievable, right? No one should know because of The Mist. Ultimately, Percy was curious.

"Well, let's click on a story and see what they wrote about us." Percy sat down on the couch next to Annabeth. He had to be closer to her to see the screen, but he didn't mind at all.

Grover looked through all the stories until he found one. "This one looks kind of interesting."

Detective Nico and Grover

"Wow, I could never see you two working together as detectives." Annabeth commented.

"Hey, I think I would be a great detective. But, I rather have another partner." Grover shuddered at the thought of having Nico as his partner in crime.

By: ZeusSucks67

"Wow, this guy must really hate Zeus. There has to be a good reason." Percy said.

"Or he or she really thinks Zeus sucks. If only this person knew they could be zapped." Grover said.

Summary: Nico and Grover are detectives-

"Really? I thought they were circus clowns!" Percy commented sarcastically. Annabeth nudged him in the arm and urged Grover to keep reading.

For Camp Half Blood. Demigods are disappearing and it's up to these two to stop the culprits! Summary sucks, but please review.

"Summary sucks?" Annabeth asked. "Why would you put that in a summary?

"Why would someone's username be 'ZeusSucks67'?" Percy asked.

"Good point, Seaweed Brain."

Grover clicked on the story and began reading.

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO or HoO. They belong to Rick Riordan. I'm just a fan!

"Hence the name Fanfiction." Annabeth muttered.

"What is PJO and HoO? And who's Rick Riordan?" Grover asked. This was really confusing him.

Nico was in the forest outside Camp Half Blood, until he heard a girl screaming. He ran toward the sound and saw a dead girl.

It was Annabeth.

"W-what?!" Annabeth yelled. "Why did I have to die?!"

This was the seventh killing in two weeks. Reyna ( who moved to Camp Half Blood to be with Jason since he and Piper broke up)-

"Is this author on crack? Reyna stayed at Camp Jupiter. Jason stayed here to be with Piper. This story isn't making any sense at all." Percy was appalled at the way this story was going so far. Plus, why would Nico be in the forest?

"Also," Percy added. "The summary said disappear not being killed."

Thalia because she's the daughter of Zeus and Zeus sucks ( just like my username lol! I'm so funnnnay!)

"Percy, you're right. This author is on crack! This fanfiction thing is so messed up." Annabeth said.

"Guys, chill. It's just one story. There are over thirty thousand stories about us. Not all of them can be this bad." Grover seriously hoped he was right.

Leo, Hazel, Chiron and everyone else at Camp Half-Blood.

"T-that's more than seven people! Grover, choose another story. This one is crap. I don't like it." Annabeth said. She was incredibly annoyed because this story was making no sense at all.

Percy found it cute at how flustered Annabeth was and he smiled. "Maybe it gets better later on. Come on, Grover, keep reading." Percy put his arm around Annabeth's shoulder.

Nico ran to that house or cabin thing he stays at.

"Nice choice of words this author has." Annabeth grumbled.

Nico couldn't find them anywhere until he heard moaning sounds coming from behind the weapon's shed.

"Moaning sounds?" Percy asked aloud as he raised his eyebrows.

Nico found Grover making out with his boyfriend, Percy Jackson.

Annabeth started laughing while Grover and Percy turned several shades of red. "WHAT?!" They both yelled.

"Oh, never mind this story is awesome. Keep reading, Grover." Annabeth said in between laughs.

"No, I'm not reading that monstrosity! You read, Annabeth, since the story is awesome." Grover put the laptop in Annabeth's lap and she began to read.

"Grover, Annabeth was found dead! We gotta find the killer." Nico yelled. Grover stopped kissing Percy's neck-"

"EW EW EW! This author has one sick perverted mind! What in the Hades is going on?!" Percy yelled. He looked around frantically. "Someone is tricking us."

And looked up at Nico. "Ok, can you, like, give us five minutes?"

"No, let's go!" Nico pulled Grover away from Percy. They began to go to the forest.

"The forest is extremely dangerous! And- ah forget it. It's Fanfiction anything can happen." Grover gave up. This whole Fanfiction thing was insane.

When they got there magically,

"Magically?" Percy inquired.

They saw Frank standing over Annabeth's dead body with blood soaked on his hands.

"So, Frank killed me? No, he's like a big cuddly teddy bear. No way could he kill anyone." Annabeth said.

"It was you!" Grover yelled. "You killed Franky and Johnny and Sam and Urkel and Peter and Stewie and-"

"I know I'm dyslexic, but shouldn't there be commas in that sentence?" Percy asked.

Grover shrugged. "It's Fanfiction. Anything goes."

"So, according to Fanfiction, Steve Urkel is a demigod…nice. Now, everything makes sense in the world." Percy declared.

Annabeth suppressed a giggle. "Except why you and Grover were making out behind the weapon's shed. I swear every time I walk past the shed, I will laugh."

Percy and Grover put their heads down and started blushing more. Annabeth continued to read.

"Grover, we get it. Frank killed a lot of people." Nico turned his attention back to the culprit. "Tell us why, Frank."

Frank looked around nervously. "B-Because I'm actually Kronos!"

A/N: Cliffhanger! How will Nico and Grover stop Kronos? Will Grover and Percy ever get there alone time? And who is Steve Urkel's godly parent? Next chapter will be soon! But I need 25 reviews to continue :)

Remember kids, Zeus SUCKS!

"That was the most horrible, idiotic, yet hilarious thing I've ever read." Annabeth said.

Percy looked sick and very annoyed. Grover looked like he wanted to cry in a corner and die. The frightened satyr was about to comment, until someone knocked on the door.

Percy got up and opened the door revealing Thalia, daughter of Zeus.

"Hey, I was just stopping by to say hello. The Hunt is taking a break so I decided to visit." Thalia said. She looked alarmed when she saw the smirk on Annabeth's face, Grover's frightened look, and the way Percy looked sick.

"Um, did something happen? Should I come back at a better time?" Thalia asked.

"No, come right in! In fact we want to show you something." Annabeth said.

Thalia sat down on the couch next to Annabeth. She handed Thalia the computer and asked, "Do you know about Fanfiction?"

A/N: xD Let's see how Thalia reacts to Fanfiction haha. I'm not sure how long this will be, but I enjoyed writing this a lot. I'm having a lot of people come in from the first series of books then the others in HoO will make an appearance.

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