Hey, hey, hey! So for those of you wanting the next chapter of my BBT fic, Debt, I'll get working on that ASAP – sorry for the inexcusably long break, I've been avoiding the Internet monster and I guess I just forgot :P feeling pretty shitty atm too so I'll get started on writing and replying soon, in the meantimes, here's something I was just dying to write, if you'll be so kind as to pardon the pun. (I've just finished book 7 and I'm loving MV!) Hope you enjoy!



Claire couldn't stop the breathy whimper from escaping her. His touch, it made her react in ways she never thought she could. The way his body moulded so perfectly against hers; the torturously slow descent of his hand down her sweating body; the infuriating smirk she felt upon his lips as they pressed against her own. She couldn't think straight – didn't want to. All she could focus on was him, and the way he made her feel: alive.

His hand had glided over her hips, and was now resting on her upper thigh. She moaned at the sensation of his thumb making slow, sensual circles on her bare skin. "Myrnin, please."

The smirk grew wider, and she felt his fangs press down gently on her lower lip. She wriggled closer to him, desperately trying to move his hand closer to where she needed it, but he held her firmly in place. She opened her eyes, ready to protest, but was silenced as she met his gaze.



"Claire! Get up!"


"Fine, be late for class, 'S' not my problem." Claire opened her eyes to the delightfully Goth face of Eve, scrunched up in mock anger. Mumbling, she reached back and hit her best friend in the face with a pillow.

"My make up! You bitch!" Eve shrieked, dashing out of the room with her hands shielding her face. Claire sniggered, and then realised the reason for her unwanted wake-up call.

"Oh, crap!"

Books were piled hurriedly into her battered, bloodstained old rucksack before she pulled on a pair of blue jeans and an old, black tee. She dashed down the stairs and stuffed her feet into her sneakers at the door, calling a goodbye to her fellow Glass House residents.

The (speed)walk to school was a short one, but it gave Claire a few minutes to remember that dream. The same dream, she realised with an inward groan, that she'd been having for the past few nights. And today was the day she had to face the source of the problem.

She'd admired Myrnin ever since their first meeting, when she was introduced to him as his new assistant. She'd even grown to care a great deal about him, after all they'd been through together. But it was only recently that this inconvenient crush had presented itself to her. Right before the dreams started. Right after she'd last been to work with him. And tonight, she had to face him.

Claire let out a sound of frustration as she jogged onto the TPU campus. Nobody was around to hear; class had started fifteen minutes ago. Great, just another thing going wrong in the life of Claire. She tried to distract herself from worries about Myrnin with worries about her upcoming Physics quiz, but in the end, Physics was a lot easier to figure out than these feelings bubbling up inside her.


Eve was snuggled up on the couch with her super-hot vampire boyfriend Michael. He still made her as nervous as a schoolgirl, but she'd never show it. Instead, she slammed a cushion into his face, just as Claire had done to her earlier.

"My make up, you bitch!" Michael cooed mockingly, ruffling her loose black hair.

Eve giggled. "So, you heard, then?"

"How could I not? Sounds like Claire's still having nightmares, huh?"

"Why do you say that?" Eve's smile faded. "She looked dead when I walked into the room."

"Funny, I thought heard her screaming last night. Must have just been my imagination."

"Yeah, maybe," Eve mused, but she was less than convinced. "I'll talk to her when she gets home from work tonight."

She couldn't worry any longer, though, as Michael leaned down and captured her Goth-red lips in a tender kiss.


School passed quickly, to Claire's utter dismay. Still, she was exhausted. She trudged reluctantly down the route from the University towards the entrance to Myrnin's lab in the alley by the Day House. It was a fairly long way, but Morganville wasn't the biggest town in Texas and she arrived sooner than she'd have liked. It was pretty dark, but the gold bracelet glinting on her wrist against the moonlight gave her a little reassurance as she gave an unconscious wave towards Granma Day's empty porch swing and headed down the narrow alleyway beside it.

"You're late," Myrnin chimed as soon as Claire's foot touched the ground at the bottom of the stairs.

"Sorry." She muttered, unable to look at him as she felt a hot blush flood her face, which he would surely notice.

"Is everything alright?" was the eccentric vampire's expected reply. "Look at me, Claire. What are you hiding?"

She faced him, but didn't look him in the eyes. He was wearing his usual, unusual old-fashioned clothing and a concerned frown. "No, I'm not. It's nothing; I'm just tired. What are we doing today?"

Myrnin was in front of her in a blur. "It's that Shane of yours, isn't it? Is he pestering you? I never liked that boy. Did he try to steal your honour, my dear?"

"NO!" Claire exclaimed, growing more and more uncomfortable. His proximity made her heart rate increase dramatically, and she cursed herself, because he'd notice that too. "Look, I've told you before, Shane's like a brother, okay? And nothing's happened to my honour! Why are you even asking?"

She turned away from him hastily and picked up an old, dusty book from an unsteady pile, pretending to study the cover.

"Oh, no reason," he said airily. "Bring that book over here, would you?"


Eve, Michael and Shane were all huddled together on the Glass House sofa, watching a scary zombie movie together. The two men were acting macho, pretending to be unimpressed and amused by the film, but Eve could see from her position between a cushion and Michael's chest that they both flinched when Claire walked into the room.

"Oh, Claire, it's just you. I mean - hey," Shane amended, acting cool.

Claire smiled. "Hey. If you guys don't mind, I've had a long day, so I think I'm gonna head to bed."

"'Kay," Michael called, eyes still glued to the screen.

"Night," offered Shane before turning back to the movie too.

Eve, though, stood and followed Claire upstairs, putting her hand on the door as Claire moved to close it.

"Oh, hey, Eve," said Claire in surprise. "What's up?"

"Can I talk to you, CB? Only for a minute, I swear."

Claire frowned, but opened the door wider, inviting her friend in. She closed it behind them and went to sit on the bed next to Eve.

"What's wrong?"

Eve looked at her, mirroring her concerned frown. "Nothing, at least I hope not...it's just...Michael says he's been hearing you, screaming, in the night. You would tell me, if you were still having nightmares, right, honey?"

Eve looked so worried and upset then that Claire hardly registered her embarrassment as she realised Michael's mistake. "Oh, Eve!" she laughed, pulling the older teen into a hug. "Of course I would! You don't need to worry about me."

"Then – the screaming –"

Claire blushed. "Different kind of screaming," she mumbled, looking away from those huge eyes that seemed like they could see into her mind.

There was a moment of silence, and Claire looked up to see her best friend had a big, excited grin on her face, covered by a pale, shaky hand. "No. Way."

"Don't give me that look! You've had that kind of dream before, too, right?"

Eve ignored her, instead grabbing her defenceless arm and shaking it. "Tell, tell, tell! Shane, right?"

"No! Why does everyone think-nevermind." Claire sighed. "I'm not telling."

"Not even your best friend?" Those heavily lined eyes grew pleading, and Claire couldn't say no to Eve's puppy-dog eyes.

With a reluctant sigh, she told.

"MYRNIN?!" Eve shrieked, looking fascinated and ignoring Claire's shushing gestures. "You've been having sexy fantasies about Myrnin?"

"For God's sake, Eve, will you keep your voice down?" Claire hissed. "Yes, I have, okay? I don't know what it is, but think I have a crush on him," she admitted.

"He's your boss, Claire! That's so hot! Does he know?"

"Of course not! If he did, would I even be alive right now?" she didn't give Eve time to answer that. "Besides, nothing's going to happen. He said he wasn't attracted to me before all that stuff with Kim."

"That was a while ago, CB. Things change," Eve replied with a knowing look. "I'll grill you some more tomorrow, you look like you need your sleep."

She skipped merrily out the door with a wave, and Claire had no difficulty drifting off to dreamland.