There once was a man with a big blue box;

His eyes were mad and he had a full head of locks.

His wife, though locked in a cell quite mundane,

Could make a Dalek cry a refrain

For mercy, for she was feared by all,

Especially when her Doctor came to call.

These two ran through time and space,

Determined to save the alien race.

But alas, 'twas nothing the Doctor could make

To escape the doom of his dear wife's fate.

They never met in the same order,

Each time they did, one was younger, one older.

The first time he met her was her last;

She was his future, he was her past.

They fought the shadows side by side.

But, in the end, his dear wife died.

And so, she paid the ultimate cost.

But as it is said, it is better to have loved and lost…