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We quietly walked in and as my brothers and sisters got ready to sleep on the floor I went into a dark little corner and curled up. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep on the cold floor.

I woke up to hear footsteps and tensed but refused to move from the shadows.I saw a short old and when I say old I mean OLD red panda with his hands on my sisters' wrists and a large panda with Silver and a monkey with Coal. Furry blinded me as I saw my brothers with black eyes and I lunged at the panda my claws scratching him and my fist aimed ready to strike. I was seeing red I was so mad! Suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me off the panda and my fist hit them in the face.

"OW!"Silver's voice came

"Silver let me go!"I said

"Ember stop thats the Dragon Warrior"

I froze

"Him...That Panda?"I asked getting a nod from my brother who was gonna have two black eyes later

"What?But-"I was speechless

"Ember...he's the dragon warrior"Emerald said helping the panda up

"But I woke up and saw that you had black eyes and-"

"Yeah we scared them and they gave it to us by accident"Coal said

"Oh"I said embarrassed

"Now mind telling us why you were here"The red panda asked

"Yes Mater Shifu"Coal said as Saphire and Emerald looked at the shiner I gave Silver

"Sorry bro"I said

"Come why dont we get some ice for those eyes and you can tell us"Shifu said as they led us to the kitchen and was it wrong that I wanted to run out? Cause that all I wanted to do...

I stood in the training hall muttering under my breathe. My brothers are such blabber mouthes...they admitted everything to Shifu about us leaving except...HIM! Now Shifu had pity for us and said we could stay and train.

"Come on Ember I thought you loved the Furious Five"Saphire said

In truth I did, but where we lived we found out about the Dragon Warriot Two months after he defeated Lord Shen so...And we hardly knew what they looked like anyways

"I do but-"

"You've been travelling for too long"Coal said and I hit him in the arm.

"Master Shifu"The Five and the Panda said coming to his attention

"As you all know this morning we found some guest who I decided should be trained under your influence"Shifu said which made my mouth hung open

"Ember you'll catch flies"Emerald whispered(irony I should be telling her that)

"Now Monkey you get Coal Mantis you get Silver"

Coal and Silver went and bowed to their masters smiling from Ear to ear

"Ooh Master Shifu do I get someone"The Panda asked

"Im afraid not Po"Shifu said"It would be dangerous"

"Now Viper you get Saphire Crane Emerald"

My sisters went up and Bowed giving them identical shy smiles...

"Aw you two are adorable"Viper said

"Wait that leaves me with-"I said looking at Tigress shocked

"Master Shifu you now I dont do well with children"Tigress protested

"Im sorry Tigress but I think you and Ember will make a good pair...now the rest of you Today you'll just get to hang with your Apprentices"

Everyone but Tigress and I went out and I stared intently at Tigress

"So...you like checkers"She asked

"No"I said leaning against the wall

"Do you want to go get some noodles"She asked looking awkward


"Well what do you want to do?"

I just glared at her

"I dont want to be anyones apprentice"I said and walked out and climbed up a tree. I took out my toy ruby scorpion and said the magic word

"Junja"I whispered and the scorpion toy grew the the size of my hand and crawled up my arm

"Hey buddy"I said looking at the center rainbow gem on his forehead.