After hearing so many negative comments about 'Tim Burton's' remake of the planet of the apes movie, I doubted there were going to be any plans for a squeal.  So using my knowledge of the movies, and the series of Planet of the apes, I've decided to come up with my own sequel.  If you don't like it, well that's your opinion, if you do, yippy!


With a shuddering jolt, the pod burst free of the Time Space Anomaly, and rocketed away from the strange cloud that it resided in.

Capt. Leo Davidson punched a few buttons on the control panel, and the computer began to automatically plot the pods corse, as it hurled past the golden rings of Saturn.

Inside, Davidson braced himself.  He was going fast… too fast for his liking that the inside of the pod was shaking visibly.  Undeterred, he eased the accelerator lever forward to its maximum capacity. Despite this, the pod held together. 

The pod screamed through space, gaining speed with every second.

The computer screen beeped at him.  Glancing over at the blinking bright blue screen, he watched the 3 Dimensional spear of the earth appear on screen.  Below, the words 'Approaching Earth Orbit,' flashed.

He glanced up, to look out through the windshield.  He saw the darkened blue orb of earth, coming up to greet him.

Reaching up, he flipped a few more switches.  The navigation computer began to plot its course.  The spear of earth quickly vanished, to replace it with one of a close up of the eastern coast of the North American continent.  The trajectory showed he would land smack dab in the middle of Washington D.C.

Glancing up, he watched the approaching earth.  Revolving with the planet, he came up on the different countries.  Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, the Solomon Islands, the vast blue of the Pacific, and then finally the United States of America.

He flipped a few more switches, to prepare the pod for re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.  As he passed through the stratosphere into the atmosphere, he felt the shuddering jot of G-forces as gravity kicked in. 

Calm, and alert, he took deep breaths, as he raced over in his mind, his astronaught training.  He kept calm, and was alert.

Suddenly, the cockpit of the pod was shaken, by the crackling of the radio.  A voice floated through, on a wave of static interference.  "Z.D.C. Air Rout Traffic Control to unidentified air craft!"  The man on the radio said.  "Switch your radio frequency to 1.5 megahertz."

Davidson breathed a sigh of relief, as he tuned the dial to the frequency provided by the traffic controller.  No sooner had he done so, than he passed through the clouds, thick as they were, he didn't slow down.

"Z.D.C. to unidentified air craft, do you copy, over?"  The man on the radio said.

"Copy that!"  Davidson replied with enthusiasm.  He burst free of the cloudbank, right over the city.  It whizzed past beneath him, flashing lights, were nothing more than a blur, as he rocketed by.

"Unidentified aircraft, you are entering restricted air space," Davidson ignored it, as he attempted to slow the pod's dangerous acceleration down.

"Request permission to land!"  He asked.

"You're way of target!  Way of target!"  The controller said.  Suddenly, warning lights began to blurt all around him.  His eyes swung towards the screen, to show that the pods landing gear had malfunctioned.  His eyes widened with fear.

Oh, God damn it, not again!

"Abort!  Abort!!"  The man shrieked to him over the radio.

"I can't!"  Davidson cried out.  Just then, he was dully aware, of the water rushing up to greet him.  He screwed up his face, and braced himself in his seat for impact.

The pod slammed into the water at a fantastic speed, skimming of the surface, and finally slamming into the cemented features of the building in front of him.

It tried to slide up the steps, leading to its entrance, before gravity stopped it, and it rocked back down, finally coming to a halt.

Inside, Davison swore, and punched the button that blew the pods hatch open.  It shot off, and rolled about, while smoke poured from the cockpit of the pod.  Davidson stumbled out, coughing, and leapt away, as the circuitry inside sparked.

He looked around.

He'd crashed down in the waters separating the Washington Monument from the Lincon Memorial.  In fact, that's where he'd crashed.  Smiling, he clambered up the steps, and looked about.  No dugout that little fiasco would attract attention to him.  He breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Boy, was he going to have a story to tell.

He frowned.  Something was different. 

Davidson looked around, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.  He turned around, and slowly walked into the Lincon Memorial, and froze.

It couldn't be.

He took one step forward, then another step forward, and another.  Unsure of what exactly he was looking at.

No!  It can't be.  It just can't!

The memorial was exactly identical.  Except for the large head of General Thade, that rested upon the statue.  Were there should have been shoes, poked the hand-like paws of a monkey. 

Davidson was at a lose for words.  Slowly, his eyes drifted to the plaque behind the statue. 

                                                                                               "In this temple,

                                                                                       As in the hearts of the apes

                                                                                     For whom he saved the planet,

                                                                                      The memory of General Thade

                                                                                                Is enshrined forever."


His bottom lip trembled, and he felt like he needed to go to the bathroom.

Just then, he was aware of the sirens that were piercing the quite night air.  They got closer, and closer, until their sounds echoed around inside the building.  Davison spun around, and could only watch, as police car, after police car, pulled up, and screeched to a halt before the steps of the building.

Then, without any warning, or preparation, big, burly men piled out of their cars, and began racing towards the building.  Davidson went weak at the knees.

They were all apes.

As he walked towards the entrance of the building, they all paused for a brief second, as they recognised what he was.  Then, they all pulled out their side arms, and pointed them in his direction.

Unknown to Davison, a chimpanzee cop on a motorcycle pulled up, and looked over at Davidson.  He snarled angrily, before dismounting his cycle, and whipping out his gun.

Slowly, but steadily, the other police apes began to ascend the stairs, towards him, their weapons trained at him.

By now, more vehicles were arriving, a fire truck, and an ambulance, pulled up behind the police.

"Stay where you are!"  A police ape shouted out to him.  With his brain in his back pocket, his body was on automatic, as Davidson could only halt, and watch, as more and more apes, began to surround him.

"Show your hands!"  Another shouted out.  Davidson hesitated, as yet more vehicles arrived.  Of all things, a News van pulled up.  Davidson was on the verge of having a mental brake down, as he breathed heavily, in and out.

Now, everyone was rushing towards him.  Fire apes, medics, police officers, everyone was rushing up the steps towards him.  All the armed apes had their weapons drawn.

From out of the news van, a female chimpanzee and her Gorilla cameraman stepped out, she was careful as she walked across the ground, looking up at the stranger in front of the building.

A camera flashed, as a young gorilla photographer took a shoot, and then stared in awe at Davison.

Slowly, very slowly, David's hands rose up, as the armed apes reached the tops of the steps, and began to approach him.

"All right, keep you hands up!"  Another ape cop said to him, as he suddenly found himself surrounded by apes.

Davidson glanced around nervously, as the noise of the sirens, was mixed in with those of helicopters, approaching from the west.

                                                                                "ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES"

                                                                                                                   By Lien

2155 AD

Photography cameras flashed all around him, as Davidson was lead, handcuffed, down the steps.  Voices were flying back and forth, but too fast for Davidson to catch even one words of what anyone was saying. 

People… apes, were asking him question, more like demanding.  A medic was trying to see to the burses he had on his face, but a chimpanzee in a bikers cop uniform, pushed him out of the way.

Davison looked up, as the back draft from the choppers, settled over the crash sight, a spot light stabbed down from the darkness, to pin him like a bug on a show board, as it followed him all the way to a police car – one that could still revisers out from all the chaos of parked vehicles.

Someone opened the door, and he was shoved head first, inside.  The door closed with a muffle click, and the noise from outside, was toned greatly.  He tried to sit up, but it was hard, with his hands cuffed behind his back, but he managed.

He tired to sit up, and look out, but the cops were blocking his view of the outside world, and apes on the outside were tying to look in.  His eyes flashed all around him, trying to pick something normal out of the chaos and madness that had just unfolded in a mere two minutes.

He sighed and dropped back into the seat, squinting up at the padded roof of the patrol car. 

God, his head hurt. 

Too much, too strange, too quickly.  He tried not to think about a possible future that lay ahead of him.  Instead, he racked his brain, and tried to figure out, what exactly happened, and where he'd gone wrong.

What's happened to me?

Was he on another planet?  Not likely.  Everything but the local inhabitants were the same.  The continents were identical to that back home.  No two worlds in the same universe could have evolved so perfectly, so exactly.

Not in the same universe, the same reality.

But there were theories, not necessarily restricted to the bounds of science fiction.  Realities are numberless, superimposed on each other like frames in a movie.  And like that film each is different.  In each of those realities, whenever a certain point is reached - a certain decision is made - another universe is created, branching off from the main trunk like a branch from a tree, a twig from that branch...

Hah!  That theory was so full of holes you could curdle it and call it Swiss cheese, but it was the best one Davison had.  It was the only one he had.

What seemed like hours passed.  Fear passed into exhaustion. 

Then, he felt tired, and his yawned.  He couldn't believe it, he was back among apes again, and he wanted to go to sleep?  His eyelids drooped, and he found himself thinking about when the last time he had any decent sleep.  He sighed, again, which ended up turning into another yawn, and despite Davison's predicament he dozed of. 

However, before he could close his eyes, the sudden rise of noise awoke him.  Two ape cops had just opened the side door up front, and climbed in.  Nether one of them attempted to look at him, but he could tell buy the way the driver gripped the steering wheel, they were nervous about it.

The lurch as the patrol car began to move jolted Davidson about.

The car revised, without the ape driver looking behind him, and then, began a slow and steady acceleration.

The ape who wasn't driving looked back at the group of news vans that were beginning to cluster about.  "How much were they told?"  He asked the ape who was driving.

"Nothing they don't need to know," the driver replied. 

"Sir, what's going to be done about them?"

The driver pondered that, then snorted.  "They'll cooperate.  They can be well compensated.  If they don't... things can get nasty."  Then, the cruiser began to pick up speed, and drive away.

They were not alone.

About nearly a dozen other cruisers joined the pursuit, or escort.  And that wasn't all.  The area around the Davidson's patrol car was awash with the bright light of at least four different spotlights, all emitting from the helicopters that were following.  Then, four police cycles surrounded them, two at the front, and two behind.

Davidson could only blink in response to everything that was happening, much like when he'd first been captured by the apes, he didn't have a clue were he was, and what was going on.

Not long after pulling out, it started raining.  At first, it was a light patter, and then it fell down in sheets, washing the car with torrents of water.  The driver grumbled, and flipped on the whippers.

"I hate water!"  He grumbled.

"Who doesn't," the ape next to him commented, then looking back out the window, "Just thank your lucky stars, you're not out there!"  Davidson's gaze shifted to the outside where the cyclists were hovering.

It wasn't long into the trip, that Davidson began to notice they were losing a lot of their escort cars.  Most began pulling away, going of in different directions, their lights and sirens still flashing, as they peeled away.  This seemed to make the two ape cops very nervous, as they watched their friends vanish. Then, the cyclists drifted away one by one, until they were all alone. 

Or so he thought.

From out of the darkness, two sleek all black cars appeared.  One started following from behind, while the other, seemed to lead the patrol car.

"What the hell's going on?"  The driver responded.  His partner picked up the radio, and pushed the button.  The cars speaker on the roof crackled to life.

"This is car 192, of the Z.D.C police department, get the hell out of the way, your morons!"  The driver bleared the horn for good measures.

Almost immediately, the police radio crackled to life.  "This is Agent Thalog of the H.S.S.  Identification code Alpha Beta 6g7."  The ape that was holding the mike, blinked at the radio, and then pulled out what looked like a glee screen note pad computer.  He pressed a few buttons on the touch sensitive screen, and waited.

He gasped, and flashed the screen to his partner who was driving.  Davison couldn't see what was on the screen, but he saw the driver's eyes go wide.

"W-we have your clearance, sir," the ape with the mike responded in a nervous tone of voice, "What do you want us to do?"

"Just follow us, we will take you to a government facility, and you will be free to go."  The Ape nodded.

"Rodger that, understood, and out."  He shakily placed the mike back on its holder, and glanced at his partner, who made a fidgeting glance back at him.  Then, for a split second, they glanced over at Davidson.

It was a long trip, about an hour, as they drove, Davidson was aware, that the buildings of the city, were getting fewer, and fewer, until they were driving past trees.  He glanced up front, but the ape cops clearly had no idea where they were going also.

It was about half an hour later, when they finally reached their destination.  Rain drove down from the darkness, slanting into the orange pools of sodium glare cast by the lights around a gatehouse as the cavalcade drew up.  Soldiers in the standard urban camouflage battle dress, moved from their sheltered posts out into the stark light and sheets of driving rain that plastered their fur, turning it slick and black.  One by one the guards carefully checked each vehicle and individual before allowing them through the gate.

The cops tried to ask what ask going on, but the soldiers just ignored them and asked to see their badges.  They only slightly paused when they checked Davidson out, but none the less, continued.

Headlights swept across the curving tangles of massive tree branches and trunks as the vehicles drove up a narrow, winding road.  Ahead, the ambulance's taillights glowed through the gusting rain.  When the hammering of water on the roof abruptly cut off it was enough to jolt Davidson from his over all shock.

"We're here," the voice on the radio crackled.

Davidson couldn't see anything out the windows but through the windshield the headlights were illuminating reinforced concrete curving up and overhead: a tunnel spiraling down into the earth.  He counted three sets of recessed heavy doors set back into the walls as they descended.  There was lighting as well as they got further down.  At first it was just periodic red lights, but it got brighter until they emerged into a spacious and well-lit loading area.

"Welcome to Broken Hill, officers," the voice said.

"By Thade," the driver whispered, "I thought this place was only a rumour."

"Yeah, well its now a pretty real looking rumour," his partner, commented gazing around.

The bay was huge, with garage facilities for trucks and heavy vehicles.  Massive concrete supports curved up to the roof where lighting arrays and circulation ducts nestled behind protective grilles.  Bunkers and guard stations contained armed soldiers with crew weapons, enough hardware to fend off a large army.  More guards and a team of medics were already bustling around the ambulance and offloading a stretcher.

With straps.

Davidson could only sag as he realised just who that was meant for.

The patrol car pulled into park behind the lead vehicle, and guards held the doors open for the two cops, who got out without any fuss.  Davison breathed in deeply as he smelled the air: combustibles, plastics and metals, and recycled air. 

Suddenly, the door on his side was pulled open, and Davison was abruptly pulled out.  Three ape soldiers undid his cuffs, and he had a brief moment of standing up with his hands free, before they grabbed him by the shoulders, and lifted him onto the stretcher he'd seen earlier.

He got a whirlwind glance of the two ape cops, talking with some ape in a black suit.  Then, the soldiers held him down, while others attached the straps around his wrists, and ankles.  Then, there were medics in his field of vision, seeing to his cuts, and bruises.  

Another ape medic, dabbed something damp on his arm, and Davidson recognised the smell.  The medic then lifted up a syringe, and stuck it into his arm.  It stung only briefly, as the medic took a blood sample, then unclipping the tube from the needle, attached another, and got another sample.  Over all, the ape medic took four tubes of blood.

Suddenly, he was on the move, a medic grabbed the handles near the rear of the stretcher, and started to push Davidson across the loading bay.

More soldiers joined, jogging close by with their assault rifles clutched close to their chests as the medics and guards hurried through more heavy doors and corridors and into a lift.  The medic pushing the stretcher barely got through the doors before they closed. 

There was a shuddering jolt, before the lift began to descend down into the earth.

It wasn't a long ride, before the doors opened, and he was wheeled out, into a long corridor, with bright lights over head, causing Davidson to squint, so he couldn't see where he was going, before he made a sudden right turn, and the stretcher was stopped.

Paws were around his wrists and ankles, as the straps that held him down were undone, and he was lifted off the stretcher, and hustled into another room.

It was a small box like room, with titled floors, walls, and ceilings.  Looking about, he saw a drain on the floor, and two apes in what looked like germ free suits, holding what looked like pesticide spray guns.  There was some sort of pumping device on their backs.

Ape paws suddenly grabbed at his tattered clothing, and tore it off completely.  It took Davidson a full second to realise he was but naked, before his hands went to cover his groin.

The two apes flipped switches on their back devices.  There was a quick humming build up, the, they pulled the triggers on their spray guns.

Steam hot water, shot out, and covered Davidson from head to toe.  It was a combination of warm water, and some sort of soap, as they slowly walked around him, spraying every part of his body, even his hair, and face.

Then, they stopped and stood back, as the sprinkler overhead burst forth, and washed him down.  Davidson shook the soapy water out of his eyes, and looked around when the water stopped.  The two apes now had different devices, ones that looked like hoses than spray guns.  They turned them on, and Davidson was suddenly blasted by a waved of hot air, as he realised they were blow-drying him.

When they were finished, four ape medics surrounded him, and quickly dressed him up in hospital green underwear, long shirt, and long pants, then, he was ushered out the door by his soldier guards.

Outside, the medics were waiting with another syringe.  This one had some sort of yellow liquid in it.  The medic squirted some into the air, then a medic was dabbing his arm with alcohol again.  There was the sharp stinging pain that followed, but something new. 

He felt drossy, sleepy.  It was a strain to keep his eyes open, as he swayed on the stop.

The last feeling he had was the sensation of furry hands catching him on his way down to the floor.