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A silent breeze caresses your cheek, causing you to stir in your slumber. You rub your violet eyes while yawing, but then abruptly gasp. Only inches away from your face is the love of your life, Danny Fenton. You can feel your cheeks turning as hot as a summer's day, but then you notice something: he's hurt. Badly. His face screams pain at you with that particular expression, and you cringe.

"Danny! What happened?" You demand, immediately going into 'nurse' mode. Danny clenches his pearly white teeth.

"Same old, same old. Ghosts." He somehow manages to stammer out that phrase before he turned back into human and passes out in front of you on your bed. You bring your arms under him and scoop him up bridal style(if he wasn't injured, you would enjoy this even more) to gently set him down on your spare bed, so you could allow more bloody messes.

You bite your purple lip as you run to your bathroom to grab your medical supplies. Supplies grabbed, you sprint back to Danny, who looks almost...


Worried, you check his pulse and give a sigh of relief. He's still alive.

As if reading your thoughts, Danny smiles.

"I'm still alive." Another howl of pain escapes from his mouth. You soon realize that he'll have to transform to Fenton to get any work done.

"Danny- can you turn back into Fenton?" You ask carefully. Wearily, Danny changes back to Fenton. A blush crosses your face as you realize where the bleeding is happening.

"Danny, take off your shirt." You command. He raises an eyebrow at you, but takes off his bloodstained T-shirt. You couldn't help but notice his nicely toned six-pack, and you make a mental picture of it in your memory. You had to concentrate, however, so you ignore his stomach and begin to wrap the gauze around his back, where the bleeding is occurring.

You hear hisses and moans of pain coming from Danny.

"Shh.. Dan-Dan. It's okay..." You whisper soothingly into his ear. "Only a few more seconds, and then you can rest." A murmur answers you dully from the injured boy.

True to your word, you finish the task.

"Danny, I have to carry you to my bed so I can wash these sheets." You warn him as you carefully pick him up bridal style once more. He cringes at your touch, but lets you carry him regardless.

You set him down on your bed and pull the covers over him. He closes his eyes and moans. You hate to see him in so much pain, so you stroke his sweaty forehead and began to sing softly to him,

"Lights will guide you home

And ignite your hopes

And I will try to fix you..."

You continue to sing 'Fix You' by Coldplay and stroke Danny's fluffy black hair. His face contorts to somewhat of a smile as he drifts to a feverish sleep.

You sigh and without even thinking, kiss his forehead. A blush colors your cheeks as soon as you realize what you have done, but don't regret it a bit.

"Good night, my ghost boy." You whisper. You swear you could almost hear him whisper back,

"Good night to you, my gothic angel."