We were up and waiting for everyone to arrive, Takahiro and his family came first thinking they could help, Misaki wouldn't let them, especially Manami who was having her second child. They found out she was a month pregnant at her last doctor's visit. Mahiro was playing with Suzki and then the other guest started to arrive around five. People were talking and I found my brother, his wife, daughter and my father at the door.

I gave him a glare and he noticed the ring on my left ring finger. "I take it Misaki told you everything."

"Why does it matter?" I asked him.

"I never told him to do it; I was just trying to protect him and you." I knew he was right the Usami family would have a field day if they knew Misaki was actually male.

I talked to Takahiro and Hiroki was getting a little drunk. A few of Misaki's friends were there; it was just after six when Misaki called. "Alright time to eat." We all head to the big dining room that Misaki threaten to sleep in his office if I stepped foot in while it wasn't ready.

It was stunning everyone gasped, Misaki really out did himself with everything, it was one of the best Christmas Eve I've had sense Misaki and I have been together and to tell the truth all of my Holidays were better with Misaki in my life. We toasted and cheered and had a great time when the guest left after Shinobu, Nowaki and Manami pushed Misaki to relax and let them clean up, they wouldn't hear of him cleaning up after the work he did.

Takahiro and his family were spending the night so Misaki took Mahiro up and put him to bed. It was later that night as everyone said their good byes and Takahiro and Manami went up to sleep.

I looked at Misaki as he was heading up stairs; he gave me the 'are you coming or what' look. I smiled knowing what he had in mind I picked him up bridle style and carried him to our bedroom.

We started fooling around forgetting completely that his brother and sister-in-law was in the room right next to ours.