I wake breathing heavily and fast. My almost six-foot frame contorted- my legs pulled in close, almost to my chest. It is still very early in the morning, I think, but I'm not going back to sleep. Because it is here, in real life, my dream is about to come true, and I'm about to escape my nightmare.

I look at the picture to my side. In Abnegation, we don't get to have pictures, but my mother somehow got a picture of herself. She gave it to me two days before she died. A little before that, she gave me a blue sculpture to hide- something else I'm not really supposed to have.

In a few hours, I'll be leaving this room for the last time. Everyone told me I was all my father had left- but he's about to be like me- left with nothing. I decide to get up and I clean my room up- leaving the blue sculpture out for my father to see once I'm gone. I slip the picture into the back pocket of my gray pants and button up my gray shirt.

When I took my aptitude test, I was told that I was something very dangerous- Divergent. That means that I could belong in more than one faction. For me, I could belong easily in Abnegation or Dauntless. For me, this choice will be easy.

I leave that house quickly, only risking a glance at my father's face before boarding a bus alone.

The bumpy ride to where I choose my destiny seems too long. I feel other Abnegation eyes burning holes into my clothes, like they know- they know- I'm about to betray their faction, and never look back.

Keeping my eyes down, I follow another Abnegation girl about to choose her future until I end up in the right place. I squirm in between the others until I am in my alphabetical order. Eaton is between Durham and Esting.

We go in reverse order, each sixteen-year-old cutting their hand, and dropping their blood on the element that represents their chosen faction.

"Tobias Eaton." This is it.

I walk carefully up the aisle and someone presses a knife into my palm. I don't know who. My vision is hazed.

I don't even flinch when I let the blade penetrate my skin. Dark red oozes onto my skin, and I walk directly to the flaming coals. My blood makes a sizzling and dripping sound when it falls.

I am a Dauntless initiate.

I am no longer Abnegation.

I am no longer my scared self.

Maybe I'll even be strong.

No matter what, I am free.

Finally. Free.


I wake to a start by the crack of a whip. It's just my imagination of course, but my

whole body is tensed and I've broken out into a cold sweat. I look at the small clock next to my bed: 1:36….P.M. I usually don't sleep in so late- past breakfast and lunch, but I really don't have much to do until later- when the Dauntless initiates will be coming to the compound for the first time. I run a hand through my hair, it's not as long as the other guys here in Dauntless, but I've let it grow out a little. I sit up and cold air hits me in the chest. I swing my feet down to the wooden floor, and stretch, the muscles in my back tight from a workout I did yesterday.

I walk down the dark corridors of the Dauntless compound toward the members' entrance. The initiates have probably already jumped on and off their first train by now, and will be waiting on the rooftop to see who will be the first to jump off the roof this year. From the roof, they will only see an opening in the cement below, and will not know about the net I stand by now.

I hear a few gasps and know that the first jumper has gone. A girl with blond hair hits the net. She's so small that she barely looks sixteen. She peers back up through the hole she fell through and begins to laugh uncontrollably. She laughs so hard, I almost join her. Along with a few of the others, I reach a hand out toward her shaking body. She grabs my hand, curling delicate little fingers around me. She struggles across the net, and almost rolls right into the floor. I catch her and notice her gray clothes. Abnegation. I release her arms once she gets her feet under her.

"Thank you," the little Abnegation girl says.

"Can't believe it," Lauren says behind me, another instructor. She looks at the girl, "A Stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of."

I feel a twinge, Lauren doesn't seem to respect her, but I do.

"There's a reason why she left them, Lauren," I say. I turn to the girl. "What's your name?"

"Um…" she stops herself, like she's forgotten, or she doesn't want her name.

"Think about it," I say, a smile tugging at the edge of my mouth. "You don't get to pick again." I pull my glance away from her for a second.

"Tris," she says, grabbing my attention again. It seems like a nickname or something, but I don't ask.

"Tris," Lauren says, echoing her. "Make the announcement, Four," she says, turning her gaze to me.

A crowd of Dauntless behind us whoops, but does not drown out the sound of a dropping, screaming initiate. The crowd's noise morphs into a laugh, then back to rucketous yelling.

I put a hand on the Abnegation girl's back, which stiffens. "Welcome to Dauntless," I say to her.

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