A/N sorry I haven't updated in a while, haven't had time since school started but now that I do I have time considering it's the thanksgiving long weekend, up here in Canada, so I am going to use this time to my advantage and write yet again another HM story I'll try and stick with this one enjoy!

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Hawkeye pierce sat in his childhood home in crab-apple cove Maine, reviewing his now perfect life by reading his recently new published book while his wife put their children to bed. His guests now asleep, he sipped his martini, he read the title 'our life after Korea' by Benjamin franklin (Hawkeye) pierce, he sat his martini down on the table beside the couch and opened up the book

Chapter 1

He walked through the crowded Portland airport, searching for his father, not seeing him he went and stood by the door and set his suitcase down. He didn't notice the man who approached him from behind, he laid a gentle hand on Hawkeye's shoulder "hey stranger come here often" Hawkeye was instantly jostled from his wandering thoughts about his 4077th 'family', he quickly spun around a smile grew on his face "dad!"

The two pierce men embraced in a huge hug "oh son, I missed you, I'm glad your home" a couple tears of joy trickled down Daniel pierces face, he wasn't afraid to show his emotions unlike his son who inherited that from his mother.

"Oh dad I missed you to but I'm home now to stay, don't worry" he pulled back from his father's embrace and looked him over,

"Hawk, I am going to worry I'm your father it's my job, you will understand when you have children of your own someday" he watched his son cringe at the mentioning of children

"What's wrong?" he asked picking up his sons suitcase

"Nothing, dad really" he put on the best smile he could "now could we go home, I want to eat a piece of cake" he said remembering the talk, in OR about what the first thing the doctors and nurses would do when they came home

"alright son" he agreed, even though he knew something was terribly wrong with his son, but he wasn't going to push him this was not the time to do it, they walked out the doors and over to the old red rusty Chevy truck that sat outside waiting, Daniel opened up the passenger side door for his son to get in.

"Actually dad … I thought I should drive!" he said walking to the driver's side,

"And why is that?" he asked confused

"I want to see if I remember the roads, and I would love to drive a vehicle with a roof again" he laughed lightly, as his father joined and he climbed in to the truck slamming the door and leaning back inhaling the scent of his truck, the smell of pine and leather filled his nose.

He opened his eyes to see his father watching him smiling, he smiled back and held out his hand, "keys"

Daniel dug into his pocket and pulled out a set of worn keys and set them in his son's outstretched hand "keys" he slid the key into the ignition and turned it, his smile got bigger as the truck roared to life, he backed out of the parking stall and took off enjoying the smooth ride back home.

15 minutes later

His father broke the rather enjoyed silence "so how are you son?"


"Just okay?" he asked kind of shocked

He nodded his head, staring out the windshield to the long road that led into crab-apple cove, "you miss them don't you Hawkeye?" he knew what his father was talking about but he didn't want his thoughts to wander again, too late "who?" he asked

"You know your friends from the mash" he asked his sore eyed son

He sighed remembering his best friends, even Charles, but one stuck out the most in his mind, Margaret, god he was still mentally kicking himself for letting her go without telling her.

"You miss her more, I know it"

He still played dumb "huh?"

He sighed and shook his head at his son's stubbornness "hawk, really?"

He sighed as he pulled into the long drive way that led up to his house, he turned the truck off and sat there staring out at his child hood house, he smelled the ocean air as he pushed open his door, he stretched inhaling the smell his face burst into a huge joyful grin, he completely ignored his father as he ran back behind the house, he rushed to the back gate at the end of the huge yard of the magnificent Victorian style house that sat on the cliff overlooking the ocean, he leaped over the white fence discarding most of his clothes bypassing the small forest to his right, he clasped his hands together and jumped straight off the cliff and dove into the water. He shot straight up to the surface, he whipped his hair out of his eyes as memories of him doing that as a child filled his mind, he was finally home. He watched the sun set over the waters horizon as the fish swam and danced around his body, he closed his eyes and smiled he opened them again relaxing into the warm water "it's beautiful" he then looked down at the dog tags that hung on his neck still and Margaret yet again filled his mind, he grabbed them as they half floated on the water, he then looked back up at the sky "beautiful just like her"