(First Moonlight story. I discovered the show only after it was canned. But now that I've seen all the episodes multiple times, I'm extremely mad! If only they had waited one more season and they would have been a smash hit with the whole vampire craze. Stupid CBS for canning it AND Three Rivers! Poor Alex. One of the hottest guys around and he can't seem to catch a break! Anyway this is what happens after the door closes behind Mick and Beth in the series finale.)

"I love you too Mick. So much," breathed Beth as she felt his lips continue to make out against hers.

"You know how long I've waited to hear you say that?" asked Mick.

"Twenty-three years?" questioned Beth kissing him hard.

"Ok maybe not that long," laughed Mick as Beth pulled of his shirt.

"Wait does this work?" asked Beth.

"What?" asked Mick pulling off Beth's shirt and tossing it aside.

"You know?" whispered Beth.

"Oh you've never made love with a vampire. Right," said Mick leading Beth to her room.

"No vampires. Maybe a werewolf or two."

"Funny. But other than Coraline I've never been with anyone else since I became a vampire," admitted Mick, "We'll just go with it."

The rest of their clothes were thrown to the floor and they passionately began to make love. They were both quiet for a few minutes other than hard breathing to try to catch their breathes, "So, how was your first time with a vampire?" asked Mick euphorically.

"Incredible," moaned Beth happily, "So now's the part where you go home to your freezer right?"

"Or if you want me to stay here, I have to turn the thermostat down to freezing," laughed Mick pulling on his clothes.

"Ok good night Mick," said Beth.

Mick leaned in and kissed her hard, "I love you Beth Turner."

"I love you too Mick St. John," said Beth affectionately as Mick walked out the door.

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