Chapter 7

The waters of the Sea of Simulation were flat, calm. Lightning flashed in the sky, lighting up the bridge. All of a sudden, bubbles appeared on the surface and then two figures broke the surface. One hid his face while the other was a girl.

The guy dragged the girl to the shore, who coughed up water and groaned. The guy's helmet flew back into his suit, showing a young face with dark hair and blue eyes. The girl had long, dark brown hair and she suddenly coughed, the water of the sea coming out of her mouth. She rolled onto her side, coughing violently. "Ugh….." she groaned and rolled onto her back.

I pried my eyes open, blinking tiredly as I focused on my surroundings. I saw a guy kneeling beside me. "Are you alright?" he asks.

I shivered. "Just cold….." I answered and sat up. I looked at the guy. "Wha…..? I should be dead….I sunk into the sea."

"So did I." the guy replied. "My name is Tron."

"Oh….." I said quietly. "Nice to meet you. Name's Shell." I pushed myself to stand and he did too.

"Can you walk?"

I took a few steps and stumbled a little bit. Tron was about to grab my arm, but I shooed him away. "Don't. I can walk." I said and we both slowly walked to the city.

"Where are we going?" Tron asks.

"End of Line." I answered. "I need….to see Zuse."

"Zuse? You mean…."

I sighed and turned to the confused program. "Tron, I'm a User."

"A User?"

"Yeah. I got electrocuted by my computer and got zapped here." I answered. "I have no way of getting home though. The Portal isn't open."

"Maybe Sam Flynn will come back…." Tron said quietly.

"My world is different from Sam's." I then proceeded to explain to him about the TRON universe. He gaped at me. "I know. The others were like that too when I told them."

"Are you and Zuse…ah, what's the term you Users call it when you're….together?" he tried to think of the word.

I blinked. "Dating?"

"Yeah! That's it."

I sighed. "Dunno. He DID kiss me before I fell into the Sea of Simulation. But a kiss doesn't mean anything. I don't believe in love." And with that, we headed to the End of Line club.

When we entered, I was instantly greeted by Gem. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers. "Shell, we thought you were dead." She said in a calm voice. "We believed the sea de-rezzed you."

I snorted. "Oh c'mon. Do you honesty think a sea is going to hurt me?"

She just smiled. "Come, Zuse is waiting for you."

I blinked. "Waiting for me?"

"He always had known you were alive."

"Oh…." I said quietly. "Makes sense."

We headed up the stairs and into the more private area. The program sat on the couch, head down. "Zuse," Gem spoke.

The program lifted up his head and his eyes immediately widened when he saw me. "Shell! You're alive!" he exclaimed, standing up and grabbing my arms. "But…"

I shrugged. "No freaking clue."

He just smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "This calls for a celebration!" he said happily and then noticed Tron. "Ah! Tron, so lovely to see you boy!"

Tron frowned. I blinked tiredly. Guess he doesn't like Zuse much. I thought.

"Bark!" Flash barked and came running up the stairs, jumping into my arms.

"Flash! My wonderful baby-boy!" I said, giving him kisses. Flash barked and licked my face all over, nipping at my chin and hair. "Yes, I missed you too boy."


All three of us looked to see Kevin, Anon and two other people come up into the area. The other two people were a girl and a boy. Sam Flynn and Quorra. Kevin stopped when he saw me. "You're alive!" he laughed and hugged me, taking me off the ground and crushing my bones.

"My back…!" I cried out.

"Oh! Sorry!" he let go of me. "I have good news Shell! The Portal is open now, so you can come home with us since you have no way of getting back to your own universe."

I blinked. "Um…I don't know….." I glanced between him and Zuse. "What about Zuse…?"

"What about him?" Sam asks, arms crossed over his chest.

I looked down. "I want him to come with."

Kevin gave me a somber look. "I don't know…"

"Dad, I don't think that's a good idea." Sam whispered to his dad. "Zuse betrayed us, remember?"

"Yes, but now he's on our side Sam. I don't think he'll cause any trouble." Kevin whispered back and then smiled to me. "Of course he can come!"

But then Zuse shook his head. "Sorry, can't come. I have to stay and monitor the club."

"But-!" I began to protest, but then he smiled.

"You have your whole life ahead of you Shell. Find someone you'll be happy with. Now, if you will all excuse me…" and without another word, he brushed past me and down the stairs into the crowd.

Tears stung the corners of my eyes and finally trickled down my cheeks. Kevin turned to Anon. "Can you stay here and make sure no trouble comes up?"

Anon nodded.

"Just page me if you need anything. I'll have my computer on 24/7." Kevin finished. "Alright, let's head out." He took my arm and led me away.


We walked up the stairs that led up to the Portal and wind immediately hit our faces. It just looked like a giant beam that disappeared into the sky. Kevin took out his Identity Disk and they walked into the beam. "Shell, come on." Kevin said when I stopped.

I looked at the ground as the wind whipped through my hair. I sighed, a tear slipping down my pale cheek and walked towards the portal. I stepped inside, my hair whipping my face. I closed my greyish-green eyes. Goodbye Zuse.

And then arms wrapped around my middle and pulled me out of the Portal just as the others were beamed into the real world. My eyes widened. "What-?"

"Now, I couldn't just let you leave, now could I?" a cheery voice from behind me asks.

I gasped and looked over my shoulder. "Zuse! Wha-? What did you do?"

"C'mon Shell." he smiled, holding me tighter to him. "The real world. I know how difficult it has been living here, but I promise it will get better! Who knows! No more enemies might appear!"


"Yes my dear?" he purred, nuzzling his face into my neck.

I sighed, relaxing in his grip. "Nothing..." What just happened?

Chapter 8It had been a few days since Zuse pulled me out of the Portal and I was soaking in one of those weird baths. I remember that day clearly...
Flashback, three days ago.
"What...the fuck do you mean I'm half program and half human?"