Greetings, sexy beasts from this world and beyond. Recently, the real House of Hades came out.

And I read it.

And finished it.

And these feelings that I have inside of me are trying to kill me.

. . .

***Spoilers here... Skip to the bottom if you want no spoilers!***

. . .

So, on the morning of the 8th, I woke up at 5:30 AM and made my Mom drive me to Walmart so that I could buy the book. I was expecting Walmart to not have it, but when I got there they had like four copies, so I started screaming and freaking out, and my Mom got mad at me. When I got to school, my friend McKenzie was in the band room, and I shoved my copy of the House of Hades in her face an was like, "HAHAHA! LOOK WHAT I GOT!"

So, it took me a little over a day to finish the book. I read it during class and in the shower and eating dinner and at tennis matches that we had to play in the cold rain. Everyone thinks I'm weird and addicted... cause I am!

Dear god in heaven, that book... Jesus Christ on Crutches, it was freaking intense. Every single page that took place in Tartarus had me crying or screaming or going Godzilla on pillows. Like, what the fuck, Uncle Rick? Why can't Percy and Annabeth ever just have a nice walk in the park together with a little making out? I'd buy a book all about that!

But no, Percy and Annabeth are tortured constantly by these freaky monsters. Some we've already met and know about, like Kelli, but some are new, like the *shudders* arai. When they had to battle the arai and Annabeth went blind and all that, I about tore the book in half. Why does everything bad have to happen to them?!

And then, afterwards, there was all that poison inside of Percy and he nearly died, and I was sobbing and clutching the book like a pillow.

But also, they were incredibly strong and brave. Percy killed Arachne, and they had to drink from the Phlegethon, and there was Nyx and A BUNCH OF TITANS! Hell, they even had to fight Tartarus himself. They were hurt terribly and it's a wonder they didn't go insane. But of course, they had some help. . .

Bob! *CRIES* If you've read the Demigod Files, you know about Bob. He was a Titan that Percy washed in the River Lethe. But basically, after reading that small story, I just forgot all about him. He was a very major role in this book. Without him, Percabeth would be dead. He was awesome, and I feel so bad for him. He and that other awesome giant Damasen sacrificed themselves to save Percabeth. RIP HEROES!


Coach Hedge and Mellie got married, and Mellie is pregnant with their child! YAY! In the midst of all the tragedy, that really cheered me up.

Leo was freaking epic, as always. I could go on and on explain how great he was, but I think I should talk about his love interest. So, basically, Khione returned and did some bad things, and Leo ended up on Calypso's island. The gods never kept their promise to let her go. She's kind of bitchy but still awesome, and that can be expected after everyone she loves has left her. Upon meeting, Leo and Calypso hate each other, but by the end of his stay there, she kisses him. It was a great, "AWWWWWW!" moment.

I still don't like Jason or Piper, but they were pretty cool in this book. Their relationship wasn't too mushy. They both realized that they couldn't protect each other 24/7. When Piper outsmarted Khione, it was great, and Jason kind of had to be the leader. I thought it was very noble of him when he stepped down as praetor.

Frank... dear god, Frank turned sexy. He went on a quest with Hazel and Nico, and he got the blessing of Mars. So he killed a hundred or more monsters single handedly, and got a growth spurt and a bunch of muscles. He grew up, but he's still the klutz that we love.

Hazel was so great. She played a very big role in this book. In the beginning, she met Hecate, who showed her all of these different possibilities on how this part of the journey would go. Hazel had to make a choice, and thankfully it was the right one. In the end, she defeated the giant whose name I can't spell, alongside Hecate, who is a boss of the goddess,

And Nico... one of the best parts of the entire storyline. So, Nico has this secret that no one saw coming, until he and Jason went on a quest and met Eros, aka Cupid. Eros forced him to confess; Nico's gay and has had a crush on Percy since he was ten. Nico's always known he was gay, but he couldn't talk about it in the 1930's. It's the reason he ran away from camp and the reason he feels that he is an outcast. Like everyone else, I thought he had a crush on Annabeth, but he liked Percy. You can kind of see the hints of this if you look closely. But I really thinks it's nice that Nico is like this; it's about time we had a gay guy in the children's book besides Dumbledore!

To me, Nico's character felt more rounded and enjoyable, even though he really didn't trust anyone. I felt really bad for him at the end of the book, if you know what I mean. I hope he's okay.

Plus, we had some other great characters, such as Reyna (or should I say Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, aka RA-RA). She flew on her Pegasus across the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean to get to the Argo II so that she could retrieve the Athena Parthenos. Totally brave. Grover and Rachel were in the book, which gave me a very big smile!

I gotta say my favorite part was chapters five, six, and seven, all from Annabeth's POV. It basically was about the landing in Tartarus and their first encounters with the strange world. Not only was it sweet and sad, but it was full of Percabeth. I was reading this one line in class, and I nearly started crying:

Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy's ear. "I love you."

She wasn't sure if he could hear her-but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words.

God... that nearly killed me. And then later on, in the River of Despair, when Annabeth and Percy were talking about New Rome and going to college, and how Percy said he wanted to learn about surfing, I really did start laughing in class. Many people thought I'd lost my mind.

And now, we have one book left called. . .

The Blood of Olympus? I like it, but it seems a tad bit morbid. I'm comparing titles. The Mark of Athena, the House of Hades, and then BAM! The Blood of Olympus. And I'm like, "Well, that certainly escalated quickly."

. . .

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So, in conclusion, the House of Hades was amazing and so much better than my own. I hope you all enjoyed the real book and this FanFiction. Please go check out my version of the Blood of Olympus! It would mean so much. Thank you for all the reviews and support!

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