Heritage Chapter 5

Alex walked excitedly over to the dress shop. He met Kimi at the front.

"Guess what, Kimi?!"

"W-what?" she asked curiously.

"I met my chara last night!"

"Really?" she asked excitedly. "Awesome!"

"Yeah! Look!" a small black egg with a green power symbol on it lifted out of his shirt pocket. From inside came a girl. Once she turned into human-form, her details were more easier to recognize.

She had short red hair and red eyes. She had piercings in her ears, nose, lip, and brows. She wore black and green headphones, too. She had on a red jacket over her black shirt and red pants. She wore black shoes and biker gloves.

"'Sup." She introduced herself. "I'm Alois."

"Oh, hello! I'm Kimi!" Kimi held out her hand greeting-ly.

Alois gripped it tightly and shook up and down like a maniac. When she was done throwing Kimi, the purple and white-haired girl landed on the ground.

"Y…y-yeah…" Kimi said woozily.

Alex laughed. "Come on, let's go inside."

Halfway through the day, Toushiki remembered an important piece of information.

"Hey kids, didja hear?" he asked them.

"Hear what?" Alex asked.

"It's so big, it came from the other kingdom! The Kings son died, and his daughter ran away!" Kimi stiffened. "Can you believe something like that happened?"

"N-nope…sure can't" Kimi looked over at a worried Kimi with curiosity.

"Well, it's a shame the king doesn't have an heir to the throne – since his daughter ran away and everything."

Their work ended a few hours later. As the two walked down the street to the dojo, Alex brought up the previous subject.

"What do you know about it?"

"…about what?"

"About the princess."


"You can't fool me. You know something. Why don't you just tell me? Don't you trust me?"

"(sigh) alright. I'll tell you."


"I am the princess that ran away. Arlo found me and helped me when I was injured. And then… it all played itself out."



"Look bro, I couldn't give a bigger fuck if you were an alien from Mars, or something. All that matters is, we're friends now. And you managed to make friends of me without me realizing that you were a princess. So, why should I care?"

"…arigatou, Alex-kun."

"No sweat." They reached the dojo, Arlo and Toshiro waiting for them outside. They all walked in to spot Drake leaning against an opposing wall.

"Why are you two here, too?" he asked the two older boys.

"Just here to watch."

"Alright." He responded. He slowly leaned on a wooden sword he was carrying to help himself up off the pale wood floor.

"Today, I guess we'll help you, Alex, control your powers. And Kimi, you're gonna have to make your charas come out."

"Got any advice?" she asked.

"Hm…maybe think about what made you want to have powers in the first place."

Kimi focused her thoughts on the topic at hand.

Maybe her friends were why she wanted her magical powers…no, not really…they helped, kinda, but she wanted her power before that. Because she ran away? No…it just didn't fit the bill. She thought long and hard…

Suddenly, she thought about Arlo – her brother. Maybe…his death sparked a light in her, that made her want to be someone strong…maybe his death was necessary for her to attain her power…

He didn't…do it for her, did he?

In a flash of light, a wall of wind surrounded Kimi, blowing her hair upwards. She continued her concentration.

But then that would mean that he knew about her powers…did her dad know too? What else could there be to this mystery?!

She knew there was only one solution: to go back to the castle and find out.

The wall erupted into super-sonic speeds. In a matter of seconds, Kimi started to glow a blinding light, causing the wind to cease. When the light evaporated, she was holding something in her hands.

"Kimi! Are you okay?" Arlo asked. Kimi slowly stood and held out her hands.

"Look!" she giggled with teary eyes. In her palms she held two eggs.

Upon closer inspection, one egg had a light blue background, with a sun. The other had a dark purple background, with a crescent moon.

"They're so cool!" Arlo commented with joy. Kimi nodded in agreement.

"Good job, kid." Drake said. "I guess now you can join him." He pointed to a frustrated Alex, getting scolded for doing something wrong.

"Whatcha guys doing?" Kimi asked.

"This retard can't seem to get the form of his weapons right," Alois grunted. "You've seen it a million times before! A diamond sword is light blue, not light purple!"

"I'm sorry!" he apologized. "It's really hard!"

"…diamond sword?" Kimi was confused.

"(sigh) lemme explain," Alois began. "Ya see here chicka, I was born from his love for video games. So I'm tryin to teach 'im how to use all the different weapons from his favorite video games. See, a diamond sword is something you use a game called Minecraft. You kill zombies, spiders, and green penises with faces with it. Get tha picture?"

"Uh…yeah…" Kimi never had any experience with games, except for the dating sim games she played on her laptop that she never told her parents about.

Momiji walked through the doors. "You're early," Drake commented.

"Yeah, I wanna work on this stubborn piece o' shit egg that won't freakin' open."

"Go for it."

Momiji joined Kimi and Alex. While Alex was still trying to get the fundamentals of color differences, Momiji sat crisscross on the floor. She pulled out the egg with a pocket watch on it and stared at it intently.

"Come on, come out already…" she mumbled. Kimi sat next to her and laid her two eggs on the floor in front of her.

"Come out…please?"

"They're not gonna come out if you're that soft on 'em, dumbass."

"Oh, then…what do you think I should do?"

"I'm wondering that myself," she got back to staring at her egg. "What can I do to make you come out?!"

"Can I suggest something?" Toshiro spoke up. "Sure, shiro-kun!" Kimi said.

"Well, I had the same problem as you did when I found my powers. I couldn't seem to get him out. But, the power isn't what your lacking, it's what they're lacking."


"What I'm saying is, they lack the self-confidence. So you have to re-confidence themselves, somehow."

"How'd you do it?"

"Well, I convinced Kaname that the world wasn't as cold as he thought it was."

"That makes sense," Kimi spoke up. "Since he's fire and everything."

"K, I'll give it a go." Momiji pulled the egg up to her face. "If you're shy, then just come out." No response. "I promise I'm not mean." Still nothing. "…I'll give you a cookie?"

The chara suddenly popped out of its egg. "Where are the cookies? I heard something about cookies," the female chara said. Tsubasa came out of his egg to meet the new chara.

"H-hi, I'm Tsubasa," he mumbled while sticking out his hand. She held it and shook gently.

"Hello, my name is Manami. Nice to meet you." Manami had on a green dress with pink ruffles for borders. She also had a gray vest with a green gemstone as a button. She had short blonde hair she parted over her left eye, and bright green eyes. She wore grey boots. She also had blonde cat ears and tail. Wrapped around all her limbs and her tail were golden chains of some kind. In her hand seemed ot be the source: a pocket watch.

"Hi, Manami." Momiji smiled at the chara. Manami smiled politely back.

"Hello," she replied.

Kimi was now fully committed. She focused all of her mental energy into the palms of her hands, which she held her two eggs in.

She tried her hardest not to get distracted as she concentrated long and hard on the objective at hand.

She got to thinking again, something she usually does a lot of.

'So, maybe, I should think about what made them come out before?' she thought. She reached deep into her own mind.

'I am your master,' she commanded herself over and over. 'Both of you…please.'

A ball of light surrounded the girl. When it disappeared, two small people appeared. They transformed into a bigger state.

"Whoa, sugoi~!" Alex cried out. Kimi stood up.

One girl had mid-length orange hair in a ponytail, with first red highlights, then yellow inside the red. She wore a black t-shirt with white polka-dots, and a red, orange, and yellow tutu. Underneath she wore light blue leggings and white tennis shoes.

Another girl had her hair down, but wore a headband; the color pink. Her light purple hair and bangs flowly gently. Her bright pink eyes sparkled. She wore a poofy purple dress with darker purple mesh-like material over the waist and below. There were pink ruffles outlining the borders of the dress, and a giant pink ribbon in the back. She wore also brown dress shoes.

Both girls looked at Kimi and smiled. "I'm Tenpi," the orange one said. "I'm Fuki," the other replied. Kimi lit up with joy.

"Oh my god…this is so cool!" she giggled excitedly. "I'm so happy to meet the both of you!"

"I'm very pleased to meet you too, Kimi-sama," Fuki said. Tenpi sighed.

"You're so boring! Here, let me show you how it's done." She cleared her throat. "'Sup, dawg! How's it hangin' brotato!"

Alex laughed. "She's super AWESOME!" he exclaimed.

Tenpi bowed. "Thank you, thank you."

"Alright kids, I think the introductions need to come to an end. They can continue AFTER the lesson," Drake spoke up.

"Yes, Drake-Sensei," Kimi said. She turned to the two charas.

"So, before I start practicing, I want to know when a good time to practice would be.

"Cause I know that Toshiro's chara likes it when it's hot, so I thought that maybe you guys liked to train in specific areas…?"

Tenpi looked her in the eyes and grinned. "You're smart! You figured it out!

"I like to train in the day," she replied.

"I like to train at night, please," Fuki said along with Tenpi. Kimi smiled back.

"Yes, that sounds reasonable!" she exclaimed. "So, since it's still day time, I'll train with Tenpi, so Fuki, if you want to, you can go back into your egg!"

"Yes, I would enjoy that. I am a bit tired…" Fuki retreated back into Kimi's pocket.

"Alright, Tenpi. I'm ready to learn."

"Can we go outside? I really like the sun, and stuff," Tenpi requested.

"Sure!" Kimi and Tenpi ran outside. Toshiro and Arlo followed.

Back inside the dojo, Momiji and Alex were struggling.

"You moron!" Alois yelled.

"I didn't come out to see you fail!" Manami exclaimed. Botgh individuals sighed in disappointment.

"This is hard, huh," Alex said,

"Yep," Momiji replied.

Both youngsters stood up and brushed themselves off.

"Onii-chan, we're gonna go get a drink down at the convenience store real quick, k?" Momiji sighed.

"Yeah, sure," Drake mumbled. The two charas followed them out the door.

They entered the store, causing the bell to make a 'ching' sound as they stepped into the cool atmosphere.

"It feels so good in here!" Momiji exclaimed.

"You're right on that one," Alex agreed. "It's super-hot outside. I hope Kimi doesn't dehydrate or something."

"We should bring her something, too!" Momiji proposed. "And her friends, as well."

"Sounds like a plan." Alex smiled.

Kimi sweated heavily, panting as she tried to learn the techniques. Tenpi wasn't breaking a sweat.

"Come on," Tenpi encouraged. "You gotta try harder if you wanna get it!"

"O-okay!" Kimi said confidently. She regained the required position.

She remembered what Tenpi had told her before. She reflashbacked the whole conversation.

'So, you gotta stand like this,' Tenpi lightly spread out her legs, turning slightly. Kimi did the same.

'Then, you have to speak this "chant",' she explained. 'But it's only to release the character change. We'll work on character transformations later. Anyway, you have to focus all of your power, and speak the incantation set to my chara.'

'What is it?' Kimi asked curiously.

'Alright. It goes like this… "Bring forth the light that shines upon this dark world"…it's kinda dramatic…'

'That's okay,' Kimi responded.

Kimi turned slightly. After closing her eyes, she focused her power. While she was focusing, she thought about music; she slightly sang the incantation.

"Bring forth the light that shines upon this dark world…" she felt the strange wall of wind again. She felt the sudden instinct to turn rapidly in time with the wind. As she stopped spinning when the wall vanished, she carefully landed by doing a quick flip and landing on the…air! She noticed something different about her hair. She felt, noticing it was now in a ponytail – it was in a clip the shape of the outside flames of the sun, like how a child would draw it. She turned to Tenpi.

"Good, good!" Tenpi congratulated. She gave a small clap and smiled broadly. Kimi blushed proudly.

"I-I feel different," she claimed.

"Good," Tenpi replied. "It's perfectly normal if it takes a while to get used to it."

"O-okay," Kimi said. She looked at her feet, and lifted one up to glance at the sole. There were tiny, white flames emitting, somehow not burning the sole. It was like wearing rocket shoes, only you couldn't tell – it looked like she was running in air, flying…

She excitedly started playing in the air. She danced, spun, sang, leaping from place to place. Tenpi giggles in amusement.

"She sure does find ways to have fun easily," she mumbled to herself.

"Hey, Sun-chick!" she heard from a distance. She looked up to see Alex and Momiji.

"That's Tenpi to you, gamer boy," Tenpi followed up.

"Where'd Kimi?" Momiji asked. "We brought her a drink."

"If you're lookin' for that knucklehead, I think you should look up." Tenpi extended her fore finger towards the sky. Both children looked up in amazement.

"Holy crap, dude!" Alex yelled to Kimi. "You're flying!"

"Oh, hi Alex-kun, Momiji-chan!" Kimi called from above. She hopped down, like an alley cat jumping from wall, to trash can, to box, to pavement.

"Here, Kimi…" Momiji handed her a strawberry soda. She giggled in excitement and grabbed it eagerly.

They all opened their sodas, Tenpi as well.

"So, looks like you're progressing kinda fast, huh?" Momiji commented.

"Cause I'm super amazing!" Kimi said back. She felt…different when she said it.

"Never thought I'd hear that come out of your mouth, bro," Alex commented playfully.

"That's right, I need to warn you," Tenpi said. "You two listen as well, it concerns you, too.

"It will definitely take an extended amount of time to get used to character changing; even if you have been going the pace you are, this step is almost virtually impossible to breeze through.

"So, I need to tell you – sometimes, certain actions bring out this 'other personality'. I could imagine in Toshiro's case, if it were winter, he probably character changed without chanting anything, and freaked out. You might also blurt out something you didn't think about hard enough, so be careful, k'?"

"Yosh~" all three teens replied. Tenpi grinned and finished off her soda, placing the empty can on the ground.

"Well, I'm just as tired as you, so I'm gonna go back," Tenpi stretched and returned to small form. She retreated to her egg and placed herself into Kimi's pocket.

Kimi sighed, exhausted. She hadn't ever really worked this hard before, things were just done for her. It was different but…she kinda liked it…

"We should all go back to Onii-sans real quick," Momiji stood up. Alex followed, along with Kimi, trudging behind the two. They slid open the door and stepped inside the bamboo-forest.

"You're back," Drake said across the dojo. "Bout time."

"Sorry, Anheria-sensei," Alex said apologetically. "We got caught up in the moment, and…"

"(sigh) Whatever. Momiji and Kimi are here too, correct?"

"Yes, Onii-san."


"Good, Kimi's here." He stood up and approached the three. When he was able to signify who was Kimi, he signaled her.

"Here." Kimi curiously followed the man into another room.

"Stay here." He swiftly pulled a cloth up to her mouth. She fell into his arms, as he slowly lifted her into a tall section into the closet. He closed the doors to the closet, then the room.

He walked back out and shifted the key between his sweaty fingers. He threw them in the sweldering fire.

"Wh…where's Kimi?" Alex asked. He looked at him distrustingly.

"Onii-san, what's going on?" Momiji pleaded.

"She's taken care of," he answered.

Alex rushed up to him and grabbed his collar with force. "Where the hell is she? What did you do to her?!"

He looked straight-forward, as if distracted by something. "None of your concern."

Alex was fed up. Without realizing it, his clenched up fist found its way to Drake's jawline. As Drake stumbled backwards, Alex stormed out of the room, where he locked up Kimi.

"KIMI! KIMI, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" when he received no response, he stomped out of the dojo.

Momiji looked from one male to another before deciding. "Alex…!" she followed him out the door. Drake grabbed his jaw and grimaced.

"It's best if they don't know…" he muttered.