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Summary: Not like the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Tamaki desperately wants to marry Haruhi, except she could really care less. So, after her father's disappearance Haruhi goes on the adventure to find him, with Tamaki tagging along with the new friends they meet on the way as well as the feelings they develop with each other.

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The sun rose out on the horizon, as the rays stretched out and shed light on the land and the small town. On the outskirts was a very small farm. Haruhi Fujioka was soundly asleep in her bed and only turned over the opposite way when the sun shined in.

"Haruhi!" A voice shouted from outside her door. Grunting, she rolled out of bed and swung open her door to see someone wearing a dress with a sweater and with heavy make-up adoring their face.

"Hi Dad." Haruhi yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her cross dressing dad came home early in the morning after working all night at the cross dresser bar and usually in his salutations always woke her up.

"Were you bothered at all last night?" He fussed, embracing her in his arms. "Did that pest come around last night while I was gone?"

"No Dad, everything was fine." She huffed and jus trudged away. "I'm going to start breakfast." Ranka watched his daughter walk to the staircase and smiled to himself. His little girl worked so hard and then his smile changed into a scowl. It's such a shame she has to put up with him though.

After enjoying breakfast with his daughter, Ranka went upstairs to get a few hours of sleep while Haruhi looked around the house. She usually kept a tidy order around her house, after the death of her mother, she insisted on doing all the house work, cooking, and shopping for her father to make his life a little easier. There wasn't much to do, but Haruhi made a few mental notes of what to clean. So that was what she did most of the morning, doing all of the chores and finished up around noon. When she opened the cabinet, she found them nearly scarce and bit her lip.

"I guess this means I have to go to town and pick up some groceries." She muttered to herself. "Oh! I also have that book to take back."

Running upstairs to her room, Haruhi put on a fresh shirt and atop it she put on a pink sundress. Looking outside, she noticed the tree was already turning into orange and yellow colors contemplating that she better dress warm; she pulled a pair of pants on under her dress. After going into the bathroom, Haruhi combed quickly through her long hair and lastly went down to her father's room and opened the door a crack.

"I'm going to go to the grocery Dad."

"Alright," He yawned, rolling in bed. "Just be safe."

"I will." Haruhi whispered closing the door as she scurried downstairs. Once she opened the front door, the first thing she noticed a large bouquet of roses placed on the door step.

She didn't even need to look at the heart shaped card to know who it was from as she stepped over it. There wasn't a long walk to town, and she arrived there very quickly. Although Haruhi was surprised to see only now the stores were starting to open. People were beginning their daily work or shopping; Haruhi smiled politely and tossed her long hair over her shoulder.

"Morning Haruhi!" The town baker greeted. She smiled and waved 'hello' but walked on. Haruhi wasn't the sociable type and knew herself how the townsfolk looked down on her for her father's choice of dress, her solitude, and the second to largest was how she was trying hard to broaden her studies. Walking down to the bookshop, she entered as a small bell rang.

"Ahhhh, Haruhi." The owner greeted when he looked over at her with a smile. "Are you done already?"

"Yeah, it was a very good read, just like you said." Haruhi smiled handing him the book she had in her hand and took to looking at the shelves. "But since I still have nothing to read, can I borrow this again?" She held up a book that the owner immediately recognized and chuckled to.

"That one again?!"

"Well I have nothing to do but read this unless I get accepted to the school I applied to."

"Oh a smart girl like yourself will surely get accepted. But you've read that about ten times."

"It's my favorite," She said with a smile and a glint in her eyes. Looking from the book to Haruhi, the shopkeeper smiled.

"In that case it belongs to you." Her head shot up in shock.

"No, I couldn't." She replied, shaking her head."

"I insist Haruhi. You're the only one who's picked up that book and its taking up space in my inventory. But, you should try and be a little more sociable instead of reading too much. There's an adventure or romance like this," He said tapping the cover of the book. "Out there for you."

Haruhi smiled and bowed her head in thanks as she left the store, saying her goodbyes and stated for the market. She wasn't there too long, until she finished her shopping and was walking home with two white bags full of groceries.

Great! Now I only have to do a little laundry and then I'll be done for the day! She thought to herself with a cheerful smile that made her un-aware of the violet eyes following her.

"Are you going to try and approach her again Tama-chan?" A short blonde asked up to the taller violet eyed blonde haired man.

"When at first you don't succeed Hunny." He said coolly but then held his palm up to the sky with starry eyes. "Try, try again!"

Hunny looked up to his cousin, Mori, who just shrugged. The two were good friends of Tamaki Suoh who was the some of the town's lord. Other than Hunny and Mori, Tamaki was the most desired man of all the young ladies interests except Haruhi.

"The one and only girl I will marry will be Haruhi!" Tamaki declared holding a finger up with a determined expression on his face.

"But she's-"

"The most adorable girl in town." Tamaki stated with starry eyes.

"No, she's-"

"Absolutely perfect for me?"

But Tama, she's-"

"The moment I met her! It was as if cupid's arrow hit me once she moved to town. Once I realized my skills of charm wouldn't woo her, I felt a special connection and since promised to marry her." Tamaki explained.

"She's gone." Mori sad simply. Tamaki, finally looking over, noticed Haruhi's figure was gone down the road as he hesitated.

"Wait for me Haruhi! I want to walk you home!" He wailed running after her. Hearing the annoying voice, Haruhi looked up to the sky, asking herself why me? Tamaki caught up to her and swung around to be in the way of her path home.

"How is my delicate little nerd doing?" He asked with a charming smile. Over time that was a teasing nick name he came up to call Haruhi upon occasion.

"Good morning…Tamaki-senpai." Haruhi too came up with a nick-name for him, although that as all she called him considering he was the class above her when they met.

"I see you did your grocery shopping." He said observing the bags of groceries to see a book peeking out. Out of curiosity, he pulled it out and gazed at the cover.

"What's this?"

"My book." Haruhi answered grabbing it back and holding it to her chest.

"What's it about?" He pried, peering at it over her shoulder.

"Well, it's about…a girl…and a boy."

"Do they fall in love?!" Tamaki shouted with his eyes glowing with a starry eyed fantasy.

"Yes." Haruhi muttered while hiding her face behind her book.

"Did you receive my roses that represented my love?" Tamaki asked, draping an arm around her.

"Yes, but my father's allergic." She lied although in honesty she didn't like roses that much. Tamaki's face paled as he turned away and hid behind a tree that casted a shadow over him to show his woe. "Well, until next time."

Haruhi took the opportunity while he was being over dramatic, to walk home. Soon realizing Haruhi wasn't fussing over him and apologizing, he looked over to see again she fled. Sighing, he got up and looked out to the small house nearby, he truly did like Haruhi and all he wanted was her to give him a chance. Although he always assured himself that his persistence would always win.

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