Disclaimer: I do not own The Land Before Time or any of its characters, they belong to Universal. Any OCs are owned by me.

Tension started to grow as Littlefoot and Spike tried to push the bolder on Sharptooth, a vicious, murdeorus beast that killed Littlefoot's mother. Ducky was hiding in a crevice but Sharptooth was on to her. Luckily, Petrie bravely flew in and tried his best to stop Sharptooth, to no avail. Things couldn't possibly get worse, until Sharptooth jumped on the land where Littlefoot and Spike still struggled with the bolder, but luck was on their side as Cera came charging at the, colliding with the bolder, Sharptooth with it, causing to fall in the deep water nearly taking with him, Splash! Forutinately, Petrie escaped and joined his friends in the search for the Great Valley. But unknown to the gang, Sharptooth was standing in the shallow waters, staring at the deep, black, waters where his body laid. Sharptooth let out a loud roar that would've been heard by the whole world if he had been alive. "Enjoy your peaceful lives kids, cuz soon I shall have my revenge!" and so just like that, the evil spirit of Sharptooth dissappeared.

Authors Note: I intended for the first chapter to be short. The other chapters, hopefully, will be much longer. Remember I said hopefully.