Chapter 2: Preparation

Dwayne grunted as he punched a sandbag. It's been three years since Taskmaster killed his parent's right in front of him and after waiting three months he started to use some of the money that he's earned to get some of the best Martial Art tutors that money could buy to teach him. He did it in secret from Andrew Chord his guardian but eventually Aaron and Sil found out.

(A few days ago)

"Are you crazy?!" Aaron asked once he found out Dwayne's plan.

"No I'm just angry." Dwayne growled clenching his fist, "I don't expect you to understand but if you saw what I saw you would want to do this."

Sil put a hand on Dwayne's shoulder, "You're being blinded by rage Dwayne your parents wouldn't want that-."

Dwayne shrugged her hand off, "What would you know?!" He shouted, "You still have one parent!"

Aaron got in front of Sil "Hey don't yell at her!" He snarled.

Dwayne turned away from them and walked away.

(Present Day)

"They don't understand." Dwayne muttered as he abused the sandbag, "They will never understand!" He finally ripped it open in the same rage that he's been feeling for three years.

For those three years he's wondered where the other so called heroes were when his parents were murdered. He did research on that.

Daredevil was in Hell's Kitchen dealing with one of the Kingpins men. The FF was in another dimension. The Avengers were in another Solar System altogether. Spider-Man was fighting the Green Goblin a few streets away.

Then there were the kid team that are the same age as him The Power Pack they were nowhere near the site at all.

"What good are they?!" He snarled when there was a knock on the door.

"Dwayne?" It was Andrew so Dwayne breathed deeply to calm himself down before he opened the door to see his guardian.

"Yes?" He asked with a forced smile.

Andrew looked uncomfortable, "Can we talk?"

A few minutes later they were in the Living Room, "Okay Andrew, what do you want to talk about?" Asked Dwayne

"Aaron and Sil told me what you plan to do-." He didn't get any farther.

Dwayne rolled his eyes, "So instead of trying to talk me out of it, they go to an adult? Figures." The he looked at Andrew, "And I suppose you're here to tell me to snap out of whatever mood I'm in?" His question sounded like a challenge.

Andrew looked serious, "Actually I came to help you." Now Dwayne looked surprise!

"Excuse me?"

"I know that it's hard for you to see that at your age and I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel the same way. But I'm too old." Andrew sighed in sadness, "You on the other hand aren't, but I have to ask do you really want this more than anything in the world?"

Dwayne looked at him dead in his eyes, "Yes I do!"

"Then in a week an old friend named Tai will be here, she's one of the best fighting instructors in the world and she will teach you everything you need!" Andrew stood up, "I really hope you thought this through Dwayne."

"I have."

The next few days Dwayne has been training himself to prepare for Tai's arrival and when she came he was surprised by what he saw.

"You got an old woman to come here and teach me how to fight?" He deadpanned, "Andrew I could easily take her out."

Tai for her credit smiled deviously, "Oh is that so Mister Taylor?" She had a gleam in her eyes, "Why don't you try to?"

Dwayne was doubtful because he didn't want to hurt her, "Are you sure?"

"Yes pretend I am this murderer that I've heard so much about or you can give up and go home." The way she brought up his parents murder made Dwayne lunge at her but then she went from being an old lady on a cane to using the canes end to hit his gut before she grabbed his arm, twisted it and in a second he was on his back with the cane pressed against his throat.

There was only one thing going through Dwayne's mind at this moment.

Did I just get my ass kicked by an Old Lady?!

Tai smirked, "This old lady has more bite than you think young Taylor." With that she helped him up, "So are you ready to begin your training?"

Dwayne looked at her, "Yes mam." He said respectfully.

To Be Continued…