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Playing Docter

Occasionally, very, very occasionally, it seemed as though there was simply nothing to be done. It was a unique sort of boredom that could only be wrought from much, much too much time spent together. Their games of pretend, bets, races, and other such things all took place outside, and it was raining. Kyle always got sick when he went out in the rain, so they stayed inside.

They'd played video games for a while, but the power went out, typical of thunderstorms like these. The crashing overhead had long since faded into background noise, unable to break the monotony. The flashes of light illuminated the room again and again in black and white. They didn't say a word. The only sounds to be heard were long sighs and the occasional rustling of paper from Kyle's book.

Kenny had had about enough of it. Spread eagle on Kyle's so, so soft bed, face shoved into the comforter, his voice sounded a bit more muffled than the norm as he said the first thing that popped into his demented little fourteen year old brain.

"Let's play doctor."

Silence, for a moment. Nothing but the rain on the roof in the darkness of Kyle's bedroom. No one moved. Cartman huffed from his position on the floor, not taking his eyes off the ceiling. Kyle merely continued to read. Seeing as how no one else would shake their lethargy long enough to respond, Stan took it upon himself to shoot the blond down. "That's stupid, Ken. Little kids play doctor. We're in high school now. Freshmen."

Kenny sighed, rolling over on his back and letting his hood fall off his head. "So? It could be fun. Didn't Ike go on a doctor kick last year? We could use his props."

Kyle rolled his eyes, finally glancing up from his book long enough to fix the hoodrat with an emerald look of disapproval. "What are you, five? Afterwards, why don't we play house? I can be the mommy, Stan can be the daddy, Cartman can be the creepy uncle, and you can be our adopted Chinese baby!" he suggested, sarcastic excitement dripping from every word. "And Creepy Uncle Cartman can molest you, and then Stan can commit suicide and I can run off and move to Russia, leaving an orphaned Chinese baby behind in America. Then you can grow up and track me down to tell me you murdered my brother in law, the creepy uncle."

The other three stared at the redhead, watching him color slightly at their scrutiny and wondering where the rant had come from. After a few tense seconds, though, he threw his hands in the air, shouting in exasperation, "Fine! Let's play doctor. I'll go get Ike's stuff." And with that, he shoved himself to his feet and stomped out of the room.

Kenny whooped. "I get to be the doctor!" he called. Cartman immediately began to whine that HE wanted to be the doctor, but was quickly placated by the promise that he could be the head nurse. But then Stan also wanted to be a nurse (probably sensing that the patient was gonna have a bad time), so by the time Kyle returned with a bag of half play stuff and half actual medical equipment from his brother's closet, he was the only person left to be a patient.

"Why couldn't Stan be the patient?" the redhead whined, pouting as he watched them empty the bag on the bed and start rifling through things. Kenny got the flashlight from the nightstand and pointed it at the pile. "I'm even Jewish," he continued a moment later. "I should be the doctor. Stan, you be the patient."

Stan shot his super-best a wide smile. "Imma psychiatrist!" he announced proudly, taking note of the medical supplies. There were two stethoscopes, a play one and a real one, three toy needles of varying degrees of realism. Forceps, tweezers, scissors, bandages, medical tape, thermometers both real and fake, some of those things they use to look in your ears and mouth, the things that check your blood pressure... Just a ton of stuff. There were even a couple of white lab coats, a clip board and a hospital gown.

Kenny squealed as he shrugged on the lab coat -it was a little small on him, given how tall he was- and Stan was quick to do the same. Cartman, however, picked up the hospital gown. He smirked. "Excuse me, sir." he said in his most professional tone, deepening his voice. "Mr. Broflovski, is it? The doctor will see you in just a moment. Could you put this on?"

He handed the blue material to the redhead, excepting to have it thrown back in his face. But Kyle merely sighed, an amused smirk on his lips. Kenny just seemed so excited, going through the equipment and bouncing like a child. "Fine." he relented easily, laughing at the bubbly blond who was clapping in excitement. "I'll humor you."

The other three filed out the door and closed it, barely able to contain their excitement. Kyle smiled to himself, happy to be making them happy, and stripped down to his boxers. He slipped on the gown, tied it in the back, sat on his bed next to the pile of supplies and called in a thick British accent, "Dr. McCormick, are you there?"

An awful German accent responded as the door was pushed open and the boys came back in. "I will see the patient!" He announced. Stan snorted at the voice.

"Ihr Akzent ist schrecklich." Cartman grumbled, but it didn't seem to shake the excitement of the group. The three contemplated their patient for a long moment.

"I haven't gotten a check-up in years." Kenny admitted after a long silence. "I just remember getting a sticker. Dr. Fatass, what do you propose we do first?"

So attracted to the idea of being in control, Cartman did little more than grumble under his breath at the name, glad that he had at least dropped the accent. "Um, Hm. First, what seems to be the problem, Mr. Jewrat?"

Kyle sighed, flopping back on his back and declaring pitifully, "I just feel so frail these days!" Dr. Cartman nodded sagely.

"Let's start by checking your heartbeat, Hm? Stan, why don't you start moving the supplies to that desk over there?" the brunette suggested after a pause. As Stan rushed to obey, with the help of Kenny, Cartman grabbed a stethoscope and pulled the gown towards himself a little to get at the teen's chest. He put the ends in his ears and listened carefully as he pressed the ring to Kyle's skin. The redhead gasped at the contact of cold metal but quickly relaxed again as he let Cartman listen to his heart.

The steady thrumming of his heart seemed normal enough. "Breathe in," he instructed. "Cough." Kyle did so, politely covering his mouth. Cartman pulled back, satisfied. "Everything seems to be in order, Mr. Jewrat." he informed his patient with a small smile. "Unless my assistant or the doctor would like to give their opinion?"

Kenny bounded over, leaving Stan to carry the last few items to the desk and set up the flashlight for optimal ambient lighting, a gigantic smile on his handsome tan face. "I wanna do it, too!" he announced, none of the professionalism Cartman had used. Likewise, where Cartman was careful not to touch him, Kenny laid his hands over Kyle's chest unabashedly, looking positively fascinated by what he was hearing. His eyes fell on Kyle's, sparkling blue, and Kyle couldn't help but melt a little at the awe and amazement they held.

"Your heart sounds strong." he murmured as he pulled back, still holding eye contact. Kyle shivered a little, but then something was being strapped tight around his arm and Cartman was checking his blood pressure while Stan asked him questions like, 'What's your relationship with your mother like?' and 'Do you ever get anxious or upset for no reason?'

Twenty minutes later, he had been psychoanalyzed and was receiving a 'shot' in the arm. He couldn't help but smile as Kenny spread a Band-Aid with Pokémon on it on the spot and Stan offered him a lollipop.

Cherry. He hated cherry. When the 'doctors' turned their backs to examine their supplies some more, he threw the candy away.

"We forgot to take his temperature!" Stan gasped. He picked up a long, slightly thicker than usual glass one with a blunt tip. "He could be dying of fever!" Kenny and Cartman gasped theatrically, and Kyle quickly pasted on his best frightened expression.

"Say 'Ahhhhh!'" Kenny demanded playfully. Kyle parted his lips to oblige but quickly slammed them shut as the thermometer approached. The blond looked at him quizzically and then at the thermometer.

"That's a rectal thermometer, dumbass!" he complained. "It's got a red tip." Kenny inspected the thermometer. It did, indeed, have a red tip... Suddenly, Kenny felt like he was on fire, throat dry, face and stomach hot.

He swallowed hard. His voice was a little rough when he spoke. "I guess you'll need to roll over on your stomach, then, huh?"

Everyone in the room froze, the words hanging over them like a rain cloud waiting to reign destruction upon the quartet. Something in Kyle told him he should just laugh it off, but there was a charge in the air that made his laughter fall flat, forced and choked. "Don't joke like that." he muttered, cringing back as Kenny approached him quickly.

"I mean it."

Something about his tone ignited a sudden desire in Kyle's chest-the desire to obey. It was foreign and heady and frightening. He shivered a little, hesitation written all over him and his uncertain eyes, and the moment seemed to stretch on and on.

Cartman's voice was higher than usual. "Y-you heard the doctor. Get on your hands and knees."

Overcome by some part of himself he had yet to encounter prior to this moment, protected by the sounds of the rain and the low lighting, Kyle did as he was told, the gown spreading out beneath him as took up the position he'd been told to, shivering in the cool air and exhaling shakily. Trying to bring the tone back to light and playful, he whispered, "Yes sir."

Kenny bit his lip, glancing at Cartman and Stan, who were staring at the pair in fascination. He gestured them forward with a jerk of the head and they, too, obeyed, approaching the side of the bed carefully. The blond was the first to climb onto the bed with him, kneeling in between Kyle's legs, but he was soon flanked by his nurses.

He passed the thermometer to Stan, who took it with trembling fingers, and reached up to tug down his patient's boxers. All four of them inhaled sharply, Kyle dropping his head. The three 'doctors' stared at Kyle's smooth thighs and ass, watching his ring clench and relax again and again in nervousness. Kenny reached down to rearrange himself in his pants, pretending not to notice as Stan and Cartman did the same on either side of him. He tossed his head to move his overlong hair out of his eyes.

Ken took up the most professional tone he could possibly muster. "Thermostat." he demanded, only to be met with snorts and giggles from the three teens around him. "What?!"

"It's called a thermometer, Dr. Dumbass." Stan chuckled, handing Dr. Dumbass the 'thermostat'. Kenny rolled his eyes, turning back to his silently laughing patient and placing his hand on his pale lower back, feeling the ridges of his spine beneath his fingers. He leveled the glass rod with Kyle's entrance and carefully prodded at it. Predictably, the redhead jerked but quickly fell still, seemingly accepting his fate.

The patient let out a low keening noise and tensed all over as the cool glass was slowly pushed into him. Kenny didn't relent until there was barely an inch left sticking out, watching in fascination as the muscles of Kyle's rectum spasmed.

"H-hand me my chart while we're waiting." Kenny choked out, and after a long pause, Cartman moved to grab the clip board to give to the doctor. Kenny pretending to study it for a minute, making an occasional 'Hm' sound, until he finally tossed it aside with a clatter and haltingly informed his patient, "It... It would appear, Mr. Broflovski... It would appear that you're, uhm... Over-overdue for a pr-prostate exam."

Kyle audibly squeaked, dropping to his elbows and inadvertently shoving his ass farther in the air, all so that he could chew his nails. Anxiety threatened to overcome him as he squirmed under his three best friends' gazes until he finally managed to strangle one word from his throat-"Okay."

Kenny just barely bit back a groan. "Gloves." he ordered, directed as Stan. "Cartman, find some lotion." They did as told, and within moments Kenny was slowly removing the thermometer to be set on the nightstand and was eagerly pulling on latex gloves.

Kyle didn't jerk this time as Kenny slowly caressed the opening he'd just violated with a thermometer. He pulled his hand back, squeezed some fruity-smelling hand lotion onto his fingers, and, before he could talk himself out of it, shoved a digit into the patient's tight, hot ass.

Kyle gasped. Kenny bit his lip and Stan outright moaned, gaining a heavy-lidded, smoldering look from the brunette.

There was a fumbling moment in which Kenny tried to recall his seventh grade health class, but goddamn it, he'd gotten a low C in that class... He twisted his fingers and hooked them, and sure enough, Kyle practically screamed, collapsing onto his chest with his violated ass in the air. He shook for a moment. Without a doubt, it was the single hottest thing any of them had ever seen and all three toyed with the idea of taking out their erections as Kyle spread his legs a bit and grabbed fistfuls of the sheets, arousal just visible between his legs in the low light.

"Let me..." he trailed off, voice weak. "Just let me check for irregularities."

Kyle laughed breathlessly, muffled somewhat by the blanket he'd buried his face in. "Big word, Doctor." he teased lightly, but he quickly lost his wit as Kenny's latex-clad fingertip began to slowly rub his sweet spot, making him moan and tremble uncontrollably, an indescribably intense pleasure washing over him. He almost sobbed at it, clenching and unclenching his fists in the sheets. Kenny didn't relent, however, even as he slowly reached down to unbuckle his belt.

Within moments, Kenny had freed his cock, letting it proudly bounce out from the confines of his pants. Entirely without shame, he grabbed it and began to stroke, his low groans quickly blending in with Kyle's ecstatic cries.

Stan and Cartman exchanged a glance, seemingly holding a conversation with their eyes. After a moment, Stan nodded and Cartman inhaled shakily, both of them hesitantly following the doctor's example.

Kyle was lost, writhing and bucking and Kenny refused to relent. He was making sounds he'd never heard anyone make before, raw and harsh, and his boys were all moaning with him, and oh-oh my-

Kyle began to spasm uncontrollably, a scream tearing itself from his throat as he shot his load onto his sheets without so much as a finger laid on his cock. He collapsed, gasping, and Kenny bent over him, tugging his finger free and planting his hand on his back as he arched. Within a few moments he, too, was cumming, some of it landing on Kyle's leg and god, the entire thing was quite the sight.

Stan fought the urge to look up at Cartman as he sped up his wrist, feeling his balls tightening as his own orgasm approached. Before he could remind himself to move, he had cum over Kenny's lab coat and Cartman moaned as he did the same.

For one long, blissful moment, it was just panting and gasping and thunder. Then the power turned back on.

They cringed collectively at the light. When their eyes adjusted, though, what they'd done hit them like a freight train. Kenny and Kyle in particular were sweaty and smeared with cum, but the other two were no better, red and rumpled and hurriedly trying to tuck away their sex. Kenny pushed himself up with a groan as Cartman slid off the bed to stand facing away from them, hands in his hair, shoulders tensed.

Stan merely stared at his super-best with wide eyes as the poor redhead tried to recover from his first prostate orgasm. Kyle seemed to be struggling to push himself up but neither Kenny nor Stan could bring themselves to help. Eventually, though, he managed it on his own and tumbled off the bed, standing only to stumble on his jellied legs.

"I'm going to take a shower." he announced in a terribly small voice, not looking at any of them. "Clean everything up."

He was gone in an instant and a moment later, they heard the shower starting up. Kenny flopped over on his back, unaware of the soiled back, and sighed contently, shamelessly showing off his flaccid sex. He met Cartman's eye as he turned around and smirked. "Let's do that again." he proposed. No one seemed willing to argue.

I'm really, really tempted to turn this into a BDSM foursome love/lust story. Thoughts?