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Playing Philanthropist (Part 2)

There was a long, awkward pause when the blond lead our guest from the room. Wordlessly, I started looking around at the towers of boxes. It was truly magnificent. There were couches, bags of clothes, grandfather clocks, an old birdcage, and easily dozens of boxes. Such is the basement of a spoiled, fickle child and his shopaholic mother. Had they been poor, I had no doubts in my mind that they would be on that hoardering show.

I thought I recalled there being mattress back in the corner, and sho'nuff, there it was, backed a foot or so into the cardboard jungle against the far wall. I started to drag it out, sighing inwardly at Cartman's incessant laziness. It was less heavy and more just big, though, so I didn't mind it too much.

"Let me."

I was shouldered aside and stumbled back a little, watching with a small amount of awe as the fatass started on the chore himself, dragging the old, somewhat lumpy-looking mattress into the middle of our open space. I blinked in amazement, flinching instinctively as the weight of the object thumped loudly against the cold concrete ground. The brunette turned and stalked to one of the nearby boxes, deftly tearing it open and digging out several old blankets and quilts.

He shot me one of his patently charming smiles. "Help me out, damn lazy hippie!" he laughed. This was not a Cartman I saw often, so playful. Like children playing parachute, we snapped the blankets into the air, guiding their steady descent onto our new bed. Layer after layer, a soft nest was built, but that awkward silence persisted. Our movers and shakers otherwise occupied, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

The brunette sat slowly, patting the space beside him in an invitation I was a bit hesitant to take. I bit my lip, plopping gracelessly down beside him.

Neither of us ever claimed to be tactful.

"Have we even kissed yet?"

"I don't think so."

It surprised me, at first, how soft he was. His lips, his shoulders, his thick arms around my back. It took me a moment to reconcile his cruel persona with his form. I remembered why we called him fatass. He was better than he was when we were kids, yeah, but still fluffy. I sank into him, further shocked by how inviting it was to be pressed into, essentially, a giant, warm teddy bear. I didn't protest being led to lie on my back, determinedly not giving up my hold on his lips and we collapsed into each other. He tasted like spearmint gum.

I let him have control, obeying urges to take off my shirt without a word, letting him nibble and suck at me. I say let-I could've overpowered him, probably, but I was quite interested in this oddly gentle side of the great brute. It was as though he had been given a new toy. Not like with Kyle-with Kyle he'd been greedy and desperate, as though presented with water after days in the desert. He grabbed, took, bruised and ravaged the redhead, but I, he took the time to examine.

Tracing his fingers over my abdomen, Cartman glanced up at me, as though gauging my reaction. I smiled. He smiled back mechanically, then focused his attention on my pants. I was maybe a little uncomfortable with the situation, but I was a teenage boy and someone wanted to touch my dick, so I didn't protest as I was stripped naked.

He skimmed his fingers over my erection, only at half-mast. Absentmindedly, he inquired softly, "Do you think I can get the Jew to suck my balls?"

I patted him on the head, trying to hide a snigger. "Maybe one day." I assured him, trying to match his whimsical tone.


I have a set of friends outside of these guys, other ghetto kids from the same side of the train tracks as me.. I let myself relax more with them. I could never tell Kyle, but I secretly love just letting go, talking like I'm from the hood, sagging, smoking pot and bullshitting with my homies. I carry my wigger card secretly, yes, but proudly none the less.

Every now and then, I am posed with a question. "Main, why you hang wit dem crackas?"

I usually just grin at them and shrug and say, "Iono man, they cool. Y'know what 'm sayin'?"

In truth, it's these moments.

Kyle and I paused at the top of the steps, staring down at the pair below us on the newly made up bed, Stan doing his best at serious and Cartman cuddling the jock's legs and staring at his dick like he was in love with it. I really didn't know what to say, but that's never stopped me before. "Master Cartman." I drawled.

He sat up quickly, a scowl twisting his features. He eyed us up and down, both soaking wet, Kyle in a towel (his clothes in the wash) and me with my pants thrown hastily back on. "Strip and kneel!" he barked, pointing to a patch of concrete just past the bed.

I winked at him and he flushed. We both knew that I'd been his best friend too long to be fooled by any attempt at covering his embarrassment. I let it slide. Naked is fun.


I stood in front of my harem, quite pleased with myself. Just the thought that these toys were mine and mine alone was enough to make my pants tighten and mouth water. I started running through what I wanted to do to them. "Has our guest been cleaned thoroughly?" I asked idly. Kenny's shit eating grin was all the answer I needed.

I stalked over to the cocky blond, grabbing his chin and tilting his head back. "Did you fuck our guest?" I demanded, voice lowering. Kyle blushed and again, my answer. I tightened my grip. "Did I give you permission to fuck my new toy?"

Ken shook his head, lips parting, no doubt to offer me an excuse. I grabbed his lower lip between my thumb and forefinger. "Did you cum in him?"

"Yessir." He winked at me again. Part of me wanted to laugh.

"Stanley, why don't you fuck your disobedient coworker back into submission? If you do well, I might let you suck my cock later." I was definitely pushing a lot of limits, but this was way too much fun to restrict myself.


I'd really done in this time. It had been a full year since the last time I subbed and I was a bit nervous, to be honest. At Stan's quiet order, I crawled onto the bed, centering myself and looking to him for further orders. His grey eyes were sharp yet soft, not unlike his voice. "Spread your legs for me. Good boy. Clasp your hands together and put them on the mattress above your head. Good."

I turned my head to the side, watching Cartman pull over a chair and urge Kyle to settle into his lap. Stan's fingers brushed across my ass and I inhaled slowly through my nose, so deeply it hurt my chest. "You will be silent." he murmured, moving closer behind me. The tips of his digits touched down on my shoulder blades and he began to slowly scrape them down my back, leaving red lines and a tingling sensation behind. I squirmed just a little, receiving a warning tap on the hip. Clenching some of the blanket in my hand, I focused my eyes on the other half of our group.

Kyle was faced away from me, arms wrapped tightly around the brunette's neck, face buried hidden. He shook and moaned and it only took a moment to figure out why-Cartman was impatiently working fingers into his entrance, thrusts sharp and shallow.

My back was burning and over sensitive by the time Stan stopped. He pulled my hips back and I felt him lean over me, his chest to my back, trailing kisses over my spine. I whimpered just a little and he pulled back, smacking my ass lightly. "Shhh!" he teased with a quiet laugh. "Don't disturb our master."

His kisses trailed lower and lower, over my lower back, my ass cheeks-he bit me here, lapping at the smarting wound slowly. His lips and tongue left me, and I was only disappointed for a second before the warm, wet muscle laved decisively over my entrance. I moaned out loud, the sound echoed by my ginger. For the moment, the noise went unpunished as Stan's hands tightened on my hips and his tongue swirled around the tight ring of muscles he was focusing his attention on.

My poor cock was dripping with precum, hard as rock. I shifted my hips a bit, feeling the starts of climax tighten in my abdomen. The noirette must've sensed it, or maybe just guessed, because he pulled back just barely and growled, "Don't you dare cum."

I whined but tried to bear down on the sensation, biting my lip and looking to Cartman for a distraction from that hot tongue starting to push inside me. His face was the picture of frustration, face a little red as he tried to comfort Kyle. The redhead was trembling, Cartman's manhood halfway inside and impatiently waiting for the go ahead. The redhead shook his head and keened-his partner looking ready to die with need.

Ready to burst, I groaned as Stan pulled back and straightened up. The tightness of my balls and heat in my stomach were getting increasingly hard to ignore as I balanced on the edge of orgasm. You could hear the raven's smirk in his voice when he spoke. "Ready for my cock, Ken?"

Kyle suddenly cried out. I looked over at him and saw that he'd finally gotten it in. He took several deep breaths before he started to move, riding Cartman slowly. His moans and whimpers filled the air in seconds, underscored by the brunette's soft groan and unintelligible whispers. He looked at the boy in his lap as though he were looking into the eyes of an angel, full to bursting with desire and awe.

The unmistakable sound of spitting brought me back to my own activities. The noirette was slicking his cock, I presumed, suddenly insanely excited. I wanted that inside. No, I needed it. I wanted it to ache and I wanted to cum all over Cartman's sheets from the feel of Stan fucking me.

One hand clenched on my hip, Stan pressed the head of his cock to my entrance firmly. "Ready?" he asked again, less sharpness to his tone. I pushed back on him suddenly, crying out as the head of his erection popped inside. I clenched down hard on it instinctively, a spike of burning pain shooting up my spine. I started to push myself up onto my hands, only to be stopped by Stan ordering suddenly, "Stay down!"

I retook position, a long moan pouring from my lips as I was slowly impaled. It hurt deliciously as the teen pressed his pelvis against my ass, fully embedded in me. I clenched and unclenched repeatedly, trying to adjust to the divine feeling of being so full. Fingers brushed against my arousal, teasing the underside cautiously as Stan waited, panting softly.

"Please just fuck me." I whined. Evidently this was all the prompting he needed, because the moment the words left my tongue he pulled out and slammed back in, setting a mercilessly fast pace. The sound of his hips smacking mine was almost louder than his passionate moans. His cock brushed repeatedly against my sweet spot, internalizing my pleasure further. I felt as though I might simply die, I couldn't breathe, every fiber of my being sang with the feeling of being thoroughly fucked. I came hard with a shout, orgasm ripping through my entire body as I jerked helplessly under my assailant, nearly sobbing as wave after wave washed over me.

I went limp, whimpering and boneless as Stan continued to use me brutally. For a moment I thought for sure that he would never stop, but all good things come to an end and eventually he stilled inside me and came with a gasping moan.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me as I fell onto my side and curled up into a ball, grimacing as my arm swept over my mess. Somewhere above us, Kyle giggled, the sound somehow echoing my satiation. I glanced up at him. Seeing him curled up in Cartman's lap (both a little sweaty and smeared with cum), hugging his neck and grinning at me made me laugh, too. I couldn't help it, I was so happy. The giggling subsided, though, and I sat up.

"I'm hungry." I complained.

Cartman groaned irritatedly, gently shoving the redhead off his lap. Stan sighed. "You and your stomach, I swear. Can't you wait?"

I flopped over on my back, pressing the back of my hand to my forehead with a dramatic wail. "No! I'm wasting away to nothing! I'm going to die if I don't eat soon!"

The brunette groaned loudly. Kyle, stretching and smiling sheepishly, offered, "I'm kinda hungry too."

Cartman winked at him. "You should make us some bacon, bitch."

Stan mmmmmm'd as he sat up, a faraway gaze in his eyes. "Bacon sounds amazing."

Kyle just pouted.


Read, shlick and be merry. Or something to that effect.