NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I want to thank anyone who reviewed or even took the time to LOOK at my story. I really was happily surprised with how well took to my…strange story. Haha. Thank you so much . THIS particular story takes place RIGHT AFTER THE SCENE IN SEASON 10 EPISODE 37 Jesus Etc. Part 1. It's the near-ending scene where Clare is talking to Fitz at The Dot, and Eli comes in, gets pissed, and has this edge in his voice when he's asking if Clare was leaving with him or not.

FINAL SIDE NOTE: Once again, I will put before all of my stories of this nature that this is a FANTASY. An adult fantasy. If your relationship is like this in real life, then it is considered ABUSIVE and not a healthy relationship. THIS MAY BE A TRIGGER IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. Please call the national rape hotline if you ever need someone: 1-800-656-HOPE.


"Are you coming with me, or not?" asked Eli, a look of displeasure evident in his dark green eyes. Clare looked towards Fitz, then back at Eli. "S-sure...yeah." She felt awful for Eli having to show up when she happened to be talking to Fitz at The Dot. He seemed so angry. He doesn't really think her and Fitz were...flirting or anything, right?

The car ride back to Eli's was silent. The hearse was filled with this thick tension that sent chills down Clare's spine. Eli's eyes remained fixed on the road, his hands grasping onto the wheel so tightly that his knuckles were pale. She had attempted to speak to him a few times, hoping that she could get him to at least snap at her that he didn't want to talk. ANYTHING would have been nice. This silence was almost louder than anything she's ever actually heard.

As Clare opened her mouth in preparation for another attempt at conversation, she was jerked forward by the sudden stop of the hearse. They had finally arrived at Eli's.

"Go upstairs to my room, shut the door. I don't want you talking to anyone. Sit on my bed and wait for me." His voice seemed to chip away at her. Clare gave him a dirty look. "Eli, I am NOT your slave! I can't be with you if you're going to talk to me like that, angry or NOT!" Her hand reached for morty's door handle, put before she could pull it, a strong hand clamped over hers.

"Clare." Eli's voice was eerily soft.

She stared at him, her breath quickening.

He turned to look at her, his hand still keeping hers from getting out of the hearse. A smile teased his lips. "You don't leave people just because you don't like things they say. Julia tried to, and look, now she's...gone." His voice seemed to crack a little on the word 'gone.'

Clare gulped. "Eli..." He pulled her hand from the door handle, and brought it to his lips to kiss them as his eyes bore into her own. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up with his stare. Something was very off.

"I'm sorry, Clare. I won't let you make the same mistake as Julia. I have to be a little harder on you than I was her. For your protection..." He took his free hand to cup her cheek, his thumb gliding across her bottom lip. Clare blinked a few times before finally shaking her head, as though trying to break this strange "spell" he was having over her.

"Eli, you don't boss me arou-"

His hand left hers and grabbed her face. He leaned in close, his teeth gritting with each word, "But I *must.*" He relaxed some, swallowing hard, keeping her face close to his. "My Clare...I can't have you ending up like her. What kind of boyfriend would I be? I highly suggest you listen to me. Honestly, what choice do you have? You're mouthing off to me like you have options available to you. Look around, Clare."

He released her face, and Clare's eyes remained big as they slowly scanned around her. Him. Her. Morty. It was much closer to evening and not many people seemed to be out.

She shivered and faced him, trying hard not to scream or panic. "I am leaving." She tried again to grab the handle, and Eli grabbed her hand, and pulled her over onto his lap, his arms securing hers. She struggled and kicked and started to scream. He kissed her hair and put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. "Shh. I know you don't understand why this has to happen, but I do Clare. You will thank me later. I love you. Try to get away from me...then you can leave." He whispered into her neck, kissing the soft skin. She tried. She couldn't even wiggle all that much, he had her so tightly pinned. She could just feel the start of bruises on her arms. She felt sick as he placed kisses all over her. He felt her go limp and he nuzzled her. "Are you ready to be good and make it much easier for me to do my job?"

"Yes, Eli," She said quietly, choking back a sob. "Just don't hurt me. Please." He released her and stroked her hair. "We'll talk about that Clare, okay?" He kissed her lips. " my room, Clare." His expression was serious and unrelenting. She nodded shakily. She knew there just wasn't an out for'd be more dangerous for her to try to fight him off. He got gentler when she quit fighting.

Clare was familiar with this side of Eli, but she had never before seen it overwhelm every other part of who her boyfriend was. Had he finally lost it? Had she finally lost HER mind for not fighting as hard as she possibly could right now? They say that when a person is in a bad situation, they have a 'fight or flight' response. Apparently, her person seemed to lack such instincts. It chose to do neither, as she exited the hearse and dragged herself to the house.

She was waiting on his bed, her leg bouncing anxiously. He finally entered the room, closing the door behind him. Clare's eyes widened as he approached her slowly. He paused in front of her; his eyes seemed to look her up and down decidedly.

"Eli..." She whispered. "What you saw. Fitz and I were just tal-" Eli held up a hand. Clare fell silent.

"Clare," He crossed his arms, "I know you didn't do anything." She felt her shoulders relax. So, he wasn't angry? But...that scene in the car...

"However, there IS an issue that needs to be fixed here, Clare." He kneeled down to make eye-level with her, and she had never felt so...small before.

"What...issue is that?" She asked, trying not to get teary eyed. Was he going to break up with her? It'd hurt, but in the end it would be better if he let her go instead of terrifying her like this. A tear must have escaped her eye, because Eli's thumb gently swiped across her cheek. "The issue of you not being officially mine."

Clare gave a confused frown. "Um...I thought..we both agreed...that we are boyfriend and girlfriend..?" He laughed, "Oh, sweetheart. Those are just words." His laugh was eerie in the sense where he really seemed amused by what she said, as though it were a child that said something extremely ignorant.

"You belong to me. I shouldn't have to feel concern when I see you talking to Fitz, or any other fuckhead, for that matter. You are mine. It is about time I finally cracked down and do what I need to do to take possession of you…if I don't. You know what may happen.." His eyes looked mildly daydream-y at this point, and she knew that look. He was slowly losing himself in the land of Julia.

Clare gulped, "ELI, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" She stood up, starting to panic. He pulled her into a gentle, loving embrace, and kissed her hair. "Shh, shh, Clare. Don't you..." He gently pulled her away from his body to look at her, stroking her cheek. "...Want to be mine just like Julia?"

Clare's eyebrows furrowed. "Like Julia? You said you needed to this so that I WOULDN'T end up like're saying..Eli, you're making no sense." He kissed her and placed a hand on her back, rubbing it. "Clare, don't you get frustrated at how much that bitch dominates our relationship? I loved her then, and she isn't with us anymore, yet...she manages to help soil us." He had a strange glint in his eyes.

Clare gave a heavy sigh. She hadn't realized how shallow her breaths have been since she got inside. "...Sometimes, yeah, it does bother me." She bit her lip.

Eli smiled lovingly, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "I love you. Let me show you how much I love you...let me take ownership of you as I did her. Mark you as mine. It was something Julia and I did to make it an even deeper official than simply saying we're together. I want to wash her out, Clare. I want to take you instead."

Clare was lying on the bed, trembling. She knew she truly had no say in this. Eli's eyes talking about doing whatever he did to "own" Julia were so dark, so loving, and so delusional. She knew that he loved her AND he loved Julia...he just had this very selfish side that said no one else could love her, and that no one back then could love Julia either. He was currently kissing her neck, as he whispered to her, "This will be a painful process...but you belong to me, Clare. I love you. I love you like no one else will ever love you."

"Eli...what all are you going to do?" She asked as his fingers went to work at unbuttoning her blouse. He sighed, as though a part of him really didn't like doing some of this. "I have to take EVERYTHING, Clare. Your mouth...and then.." He slipped his hand between her legs, "here," he whispered, then a finger slipped passed her vagina and gently probed her anus. "...and then here. Then, when we're finished, you are going to lick from a cut that I make, and then I have to give you a little nick so I can lick yours."

She didn't let him explain any further. She quickly struck him in the stomach, causing him to temporarily grab his torso, and allowing her to attempt to bolt from the bed and almost out of the room. She was so close, but not close enough. He grabbed her quickly, and yanked her back to him, throwing her over his knee. "Clare! Why would you try to run away?!" He slapped her on the ass, causing her to yelp and squirm to avoid more. "You told me you LOVED me! This is not what people do when they love each other! They WANT to be bound together and so that is what we are going to do!" He had tears in his eyes as he smacked her ass a few more times. "You can't just wander this fucked up world without anyone there for you, Clare."

She was whimpering and sobbing from her spanking, shaking mildly from the adrenaline before from her attempt to run. He sat her back up and held her. "It's okay, Clare. Your punishment is done now. You can't pull that shit anymore though, okay?" He held her face gently and kissed her nose. Clare nodded, still sobbing a bit and finally accepting that she won't get out of her with the virginity...virginitieS that she had when she walked in.

Clare was naked. Her wrists were bound together with silver duct tape, and she was seated in front of Eli, who was standing. "We're going to go ahead and do your mouth first." He ran a hand through her hair. "The way it works, is that you suck me off...I cum and you swallow every bit. Do you understand, love?"

Clare nodded slowly.

"Scoot a little closer, Clare. I want you to rub your cheek right here on this lump in my pants." He rubbed his package through his black jeans. Clare blinked and gave him a look that asked for mercy.

"Don't worry, hon. I know that you don't have any experience with this stuff. I'm sure you'll do're so beautiful, by the way."

She blushed, and finally leaned forward, rubbing her cheek against his denim-covered cock like he asked. The boner felt stiff and at times pulsed as she rubbed against it. She pulled away, looking at him for the next instruction.

"Did you feel how hard you have me? Not many girls can do that to me." He unbuckled his jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers. His dick bobbed out, bigger than she had originally imagined, and stiff. He patted her head. "That's going to be inside of you soon." She shuddered.

He took her chin and gently held her face as he brought the head of his dick to her lips, gently rubbing the smooth surface against her prettily swelled lips. "Now, remember, if you bite me...that spanking will look like nothing compared to what I'll do if you try to ruin this, okay? I know it won't be all fun for you, but it's necessary." He nodded as if to confirm what he's saying as true.

Clare whispered, "Okay, Eli...I won't." She was so nervous. She took a deep breath to prevent herself from vomiting from her nerves.

"Open up." He commanded,

She obliged, opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head of his dick. She felt him shudder from the heat of her mouth. "Deeper, princess." He said, reaching down to rub her breasts some. She slowly glided her wet mouth further down his shaft...but then got to a point where she started to gag, and she pulled away, coughing.

Eli snickered and kissed her forehead. "I had a feeling this would seemed sensitive, especially for a first-timer. I bought you something for when this occasion would arise, though." He smirked and opened up the door in the nightstand next to his bed, pulling out a tube of something.

"I'm going to put some of this in your mouth...swallow it, and it's this gel stuff that will numb your throat so you can get it all in without having issues, okay?" Despite everything, she felt mildly grateful for this. She opened her mouth and let Eli use his fingers to put a glob of it in, and she swallowed. Eli jerked himself for a moment to retain a boner and then brought it to her mouth again.

Clare opened up her mouth, once again venturing down the hot shaft of his cock. As she got towards the end of it, she heard Eli's groans of pleasure. She bobbed her head slowly up and down, testing out using her tongue on the underside of his cock as her lips moved. His louder moans and a twitch in his hips showed that she was doing it right.

She never thought moans could sound so hot, especially when it's someone She was pleasing him so much, and this thought made her emit her OWN moan, with her lips still around his dick. He shuddered and spoke down to her, "haha...I felt someone enjoying herself? I'm getting closer to finishing so that we can move on to the main course." He smirked as she continued to suck, trying to imagine what cum even tastes like. She'd know soon enough.

Clare tightened her lips, gliding her mouth up and down even quicker, and finally...she began to feel Eli's cock twitch multiple times, the muscles in his body were tensing. A loud groan came from Eli as a hot spew of cum shot into Clare's mouth. She grimaced and tried to pull away to spit. It was so bitter!

Eli was panting for a split second but caught her before she spit, "No, Clare!" He grabbed her head and held it, using one hand to take her hair to tilt her head up, the other hand over her mouth. "I know it isn't very good tasting, but you have to swallow it, Clare. Every bit." She struggled some and finally decided to just swallow it. Eli saw her throat starting to gulp some down and he removed his hand from her mouth to stroke her throat. "There you go. Every drop."

She took a deep breath after he released her, and leaned her head against his bed. She felt oddly tired from so much happening already. Fear seemed to take up a lot of energy, as did tension.

Eli picked her up and laid her down on his bed. "Aw, are you tired?" He kissed her brow. "Guys usually can't cum as often in a short amount of time as some fangirls say in their, don't worry. You get to rest before we have to move on." He removed her duct tape. "Don't get any ideas, I'm staying in the room with you and I won't be asleep. When you wake up, I'm going to have you call so that she knows you are safe and sound with me." His hands were rubbing all over her body, and he was kissing everywhere.

Clare was clutching onto him as he cuddled her, as though this person who is holding her against her will was still her savior.

Safe and sound with me.


End of chapter 1.