The Possession Chapter 3: Possession of the Ass.

By dirtythings666

His finger trailed down Clare's throat, all the way between her breasts. "Time for the next part of our little ritual. We're almost done, Clare. I can't believe this. It'll be you and me. You'll be mine; I'll have EVERYTHING of yours that no one else will ever get to have!" His face lit up in excitement as he kissed Clare deeply, holding her face so she couldn't move away.

Clare shuddered. It was chilling how delusional he was. Did the word 'rape' ever cross his mind? Of course not. The genuinely happy look in his eyes said that this was 'true love' and it really was for her 'own good' so therefore, it must not be wrong. She wondered if it was considered rape anyway. Although this entire day she's had these mixed feelings of nausea, fear, arousal, and appreciation for Eli, she couldn't pinpoint when exactly she stopped fighting him back and why. No matter how many times she thought it over, she couldn't figure out what made her despise him and want him at the same time.

"I can bend you over my desk, or, you can lay on your stomach on the bed." He nuzzled her cheek. He also didn't list any other options. Losing her vaginal virginity was one thing, but anal virginity was never something she thought she'd ever do. Despite these hesitant thoughts, she heard herself say,

"...I'll..lay on the bed...more comfortable.." She chewed her bottom lip nervously.

Eli crawled on top of her, kissing the side of her nose gently. "Don't be so scared, Clare. I'm not cruel. I'm going to get you turned on before I do it."

She blushed, still extremely tense. Eli grabbed some bottle from his desk, and opened up his drawer where he got the nipple clamps from earlier to pull out a doctor's glove. She must have been wearing a very confused expression on her face, because a smile spread across Eli's as he pulled it on his hand. "I can't just enter you from the back, Clare. I have to get you...warmed up first. And just so I know...I think it'd be best if I tied you up and gagged you. You haven't done anything wrong, but I have a feeling you're going to start being irrational and won't be good anymore. I've got to keep you quiet so that no one from outside manages to hear you, and I've got to tie you so that you won't pitch a fit or something." He shot her an apologetic look.

"No, I don't need to be tied up!" Clare blurted, trying to move away from him. He ignored her and quickly turned her onto her stomach. "ELI, PLEASE! I DON'T NEED TO BE BOUND! I'LL BE GOOD!" She already felt helpless, now he wanted to tie her up too?!

Her hands were bound to his bedpost, along with her ankles at the end of his bed. He made sure her legs were parted enough. She tried seeing how much she could close them, and let out a weak cry when she realized she couldn't. His hand was so soft and loving as it cupped her chin to lift her head up some. He trailed wet, warm kisses along her smooth cheek and down her neck, murmuring against her skin, "It's a precaution, love. When I'm down there, I'll be sure to reward you for how you've been good." She struggled some, fruitlessly, as he secured a ball gag into her mouth so that her protests were muffled. He ran his hands down her back, gently squeezed her ass, and then started rubbing the back of her thighs. "I can see the underside of your cunt from down here, Clare. You were throwing a temper tantrum, yet..." She squealed as he dragged a finger between her pussy lips and brought it up to her eyes. "Look at my finger. What's this?" He rubbed his wet finger and thumb together. "It feels wet. Here, let me see if you notice it too."

He dipped his fingers into her again to get more of her juices, and reached beneath her to rub the juices on her nipples.

"Oh yeah, they stiffened up right away." He snickered. "You're a bit more of a minx then you'd like to admit, huh?"

She shook her head no wildly, but suddenly felt herself tense up and moan into her ball gag when she felt Eli's hot tongue come into contact with her pussy lips. "These are soft..." He whispered against her wet, sensitive skin. "..Do you like that I'm kissing you down here..?" She tried to say no again, but he was already using the tip of his tongue to wiggle her nub. Her breathing got quicker and she squirmed, her legs trembling as they struggled to close. He nuzzled his face into her pussy the best he could since she was on her stomach, and used his tongue to rub back and forth between the end of her clit and her opening.

Clare felt so ashamed as she felt her juices getting lapped up by Eli, it got even worse when his strong hands reached up and grabbed her ass, squeezing. She groaned, trying not to drool from the gag being in her mouth.

He gave her pussy another kiss before she noticed she wasn't being stimulated anymore by his mouth. She tried not to admit to herself that she felt a little empty...and needy. She subconciously wiggled her hips a little, but stopped when she heard him opening that bottle and then closing it.

She squeezed her ass muscles as hard as she could. However, Eli's gloved finger, now lubricated managed to get to her asshole to rub some anyway. He laughed, somewhat amused, "Clare! You can't keep me out that way...and you need to relax, or else it's going to hurt even more."

She gave a little grunt, as if to say she didn't care, and kept her muscles tense...until he finally slipped the finger in, causing her to yelp and try to get off of his finger. "Relax, Clare. Don't try to keep me out. We won't ever do this again if you don't want to, I'll just fuck and lick your pussy all the time, but for now, I have to do this to finish off what we started." He slowly started bringing it in and out.

She whimpered, if his finger felt this uncomfortable, she couldn't imagine his cock. She tried to obey and relax her muscles to make it easier..but it seemed like it was just her body's instinct to try to stop him.

She jumped slightly in surprise when she felt him slip his other finger into her she had a finger in each opening.

She tried not to moan, but it was happening anyway. She looked pathetic and she knew she did. Eli was mostly fully dressed, two of his fingers buried in her private parts as she laid naked and tied up on his bed, moaning and drooling on a ball gag like a helpless animal that belonged to him. He was aroused and amused, she knew aroused because his voice seemed to take on a slightly deeper tone when he was turned on. She knew without looking that his pants were tight with a boner.

His finger being in her asshole was strange, but oddly, with him finger fucking her in both, the friction was really starting to feel good. She even began bucking her hips against his fingers. Eli licked his lips, and then gave her a little smack on her ass after pulling his fingers out.

"Why, Miss Edwards, I didn't know you were such a little whore.." She cringed at the way he said 'whore.' He was right. She really, really was enjoying all of this.

She whimpered and lifted her hips up to him. She was aching with his fingers...she wanted to cum so badly. He crawled on top of her so that his hard cock was rubbing against her bare ass through his jeans as he whispered into her hair. "I'll make sure both holes are stuffed again, and I'll let you have a nice orgasm, if you tell me one thing that I want to hear."

Clare nodded numbly, hardly aware she was doing it. Her hormones were running things now...not her brain.

"I'm going to take out the ball gag..." He grabbed a fistful of her hair gently to lift her head up more as he spoke behind her ear. "...and I want you to tell me that you want your boyfriend's dick in your tight ass." His eyes were crazed with arousal. She gave a muffled response, a positive one.

He unfastened her ball gag. "Say it." He said harshly against her skin as he nipped at her neck. She gasped, "oww..Eli..!" He smacked her on the ass, "Say it, or you get silenced again."

"Okay, Eli," Her voice was small and unrecognizable to herself. "...I.." She prayed to God over and over again in her head, begging for forgiveness, before she said shakily, " boyfriend's..." She felt her pussy clench some as his dick rubbed against her. " my...tight ass..." She hung her head in shame. He kissed her head. "Good girl."

Clare gasped in surprise as she felt something long and thick slide into her cunt. "Eli?" He patted the back of her thigh, "It's a nice dildo that I bought for you. I bought you so many nice things; did you really think I'd forget this toy for your pussy?" He switched it on, and it began buzzing inside of her...Clare began to moan instantly. The tingles it was sending through her body were intense. "ELI!" She gasped, squeezing his pillow with her hands as he yanked off his own pants and boxers to lube up his cock before she felt its slick head rubbing between her asscheeks.

"Hold on, love, I'm coming to fill you up.." His hands grasped her hips to lift her up more, as he slowly began to enter her. She cried out in pain, feeling a confusing mix of pleasure from the dildo snug in her warm pussy, to the pain of Eli taking her ass virginity.

"It hurts! It hurts!" Tears formed. Eli looked guilty for once, rushing to lean down to kiss her eyelids and wipe her tears with his thumb. "Shh, I know." He whispered lovingly, pushing in a little bit further but not moving much after that. "It'll'll be sore tomorrow, but I'm going to take care of you. I'll take care of you every day for the rest of our lives. I'll love you, do anything for you, spoil you rotten.." He gently took her hand so she could squeeze his as he pushed in to where he was in all the way.

"What if I tear?!" She cried more, he continued to kiss her, replying with, "You won't, love. I used plenty of lube and I am going very slowly. I won't hurt you inside like that."

She sobbed into the pillow as he slowly pulled in and out of her, trying not to moan from how tight she was, because he knew she was in a lot more pain than with her pussy. After a few minutes of his slow pumping, she felt her muscles loosen up a little more and the pain was beginning to fade. He heard her sniffling happening less. He kissed the back of her neck, testing the waters by starting to pump a little faster, causing his bed to creak.

She wiggled from the amazing buzz of the vibrator and the motions of Eli going in and out of her body. She breathed in and out slowly, relieved that the pain was finally subsiding. "You ready for me to fuck you for real, now?" He whispered huskily into her neck. She nodded, "Yes, I think so." He grabbed her hips to lift them off the bed.


The rhythm of his hips picked up considerably, as he violated Clare over and over again. "Fuck," He said between heavy breathing, "I always thought you had a nice really works..out...that your-" He groaned some as he fucked her harder, "it works out that you have such a round tush...perfect cushion for my hips...see?" He pulled out and slammed back into her. She gasped in pleasure, clawing at his bed sheets and panting. "Eli! I'm so full!" It was true, felt so stuffed up by his cock and the dildo.

He chuckled, continuing to fuck her. "Good...I like it that way. Maybe sometime we can get Adam to come put his dick in your mouth while I'm filling you up down here. You'd make a really good slut, Clare." She couldn't seem to pay much attention to the little voice in the back of her head that told her she should be humiliated...his kinkiness wasn't freaking her out. It was helping bring her to orgasm.

"Eli, how do I feel inside?" She was beginning to sweat, the tingling in her pussy intensifying as she built herself up for climax.

"Like your body was made for me all along." He fucked her hard, she knew she would bruise. "Not for Fitz," He slammed into her hard, causing her to scream, "...and DEFINITELY," his hands gripped her asscheeks, "Not for JAKE, either." When he said Jake, his nails dug into the skin of her ass, causing her to yelp.

Clare finally felt herself boil over as Eli's hot cum filled her to the brim. His groans of pleasure were so carnal, so fucking sexy. She tilted her head back and moaned his name loudly, her body spasming before her limbs felt odd and they couldn't help hold her up anymore, so after Eli pulled out, Clare collapsed onto his bed.

She was weak and sleepy again like earlier, her eyelids drooping. Eli was breathing heavily beside her.

Soon they were both asleep.

End of chapter 3