Naruto was enjoying some ramen at his favorite stand when he saw something interesting. It looked suspiciously like Kiba running on the village roof tops bare-ass naked. He threw down his money quickly and slurred down the rest of the bowl he was eating. This was a great chance to have some fun with that dog boy who was always boasting. He followed behind Kiba, keeping downwind so he could sneak up on him.

Meanwhile, Kiba was focusing purely on speed. He didn't understand why his own clothes had suddenly disappeared while he'd been trying to free Shino-who'd also been naked-but now he just wanted to get home as quickly as possible before anyone saw him!

Unfortunately for the dog-nin, Naruto had already spotted him and was grinning coming up with a plan on what to do with such an enticing target. Naruto finally got close enough to him to throw a tripping rope around Kiba's ankles, making him fall onto the rooftop with a small thud. "Hey dog breath, you going out for a walk?" He walked closer to get a good look at the ninja while he still regained his senses. Acting fast he tied Kiba's hands behind his back, making sure they were tight enough that he couldn't perform any jutsu.

"Oof! What the hell?" Kiba asked, dazed, as something had made him fall. Before he could recover himself, he caught the annoying scent of Naruto behind him, and then suddenly felt the guy tying his hands together. "Huh? Uzumaki?! Hey! What gives!" He growled and started to struggle. It was too late to prevent his wrists being binded though so all he ended up doing was angrily flexing his arms.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked behind him. "You better let me go right now!" he threatened, though the glare may have been more effective had Kiba not been completely naked at the moment.

Naruto just grinned. "Tough talk from a tied up naked guy." The trickster ninja gave Kiba's bare bottom a pinch just to show how easy it was. "You are kinda trapped right now, and really naked." He looked down to admire Kiba's naked body, laughing at the boys expense. "Maybe you want to start changing your tune?" Not that it would help, Naruto just wanted to see if he could make Kiba beg. "So where's Akamaru, anyway? And, heh, why are you naked?"

"GRRRR! SHUT THE HELL UP, NARUTO! WHETHER I'M NAKED OR NOT DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I'M STILL GONNA KICK YOUR ASS UNLESS YOU LET ME GO IN THE NEXT TEN SECONDS!" Kiba shouted in a huge rage, thrashing about. Goddammit, of all the people he'd rather not run into while in an embarrassing situation, Naruto probably topped the list! The blond was always so damn eager to take advantage of a guy when he was down. What was his deal!?

The reason, of course, was because Kiba had used to bully Naruto quite a bit himself. Back when they were both in the Academy, Kiba had habitually given wedgies and swirlies to the loud, orange-clad boy. It'd bugged Kiba that such a weak nin was always shouting how he'd be Hokage one day. The bullying had been his way of making Naruto know his place. He recalled one especially good time when he'd hoisted Naruto up all the way to the top of the Academy flagpole by his underwear. He and the whole class had laughed themselves breathless while the whiskered boy had been able only to squirm and moan in embarrassment above them.

Ever since then, Naruto had vowed to one day get even with the overbearing Inuzuka. While Kiba had continued to dismiss Naruto as being as weak as he'd been in the Academy, he'd actually gotten much stronger. And Naruto had bided his time, waiting for the perfect chance to really show Kiba who was really top dog . . . and it had now arrived.

Kiba tried like hell to free his hands, but the moron's ropework was better than you'd expect so he wasn't able to. And naturally, he couldn't form the seal it's take to use the Inuzuka 'four-leg technique'-which would grant him enhanced animal features such as sharp claws that he could rip through the ropes like wet tissues with-either. He snarled as he felt another playful pinch on his butt.

Naruto hummed happily and ignored Kiba's loud protests. "Now I have to decide where I'm going to walk my new doggie." He chuckled at the thought of walking Kiba down a busy Konoha street in nothing but a collar and leash. Crowds could gather to get a good look at the naked ninja doing doggy tricks. "I'm sure people would love to see. Heh, pretty impressive of me, catching you so easily, eh?"

Kiba was so busy growling and struggling that at first he didn't hear most of what Naruto had said. "Grrrrrr! There's no way you could've pulled this off on your own, numbnuts! Only reason you caught me was 'cause you got lucky!" he yelled in defiance.

Kiba was frustrated as hell. Bad enough that circumstances had lead to all his clothes getting eaten off his body by Shino's whacked-out bugs, but now Naruto was taking advantage of his weakness. He knew he must have looked like low-hanging fruit running through the village like he'd been-which the blond just couldn't resist snatching. Yeah, Kiba was pissed at Naruto for taking advantage of him while he was vulnerable, but even moreso at himself for how easily he'd let it happen.

Finally, though, his efforts were starting to tire him out. He settled down with an annoyed "humph!" . . . then turned his head around looking surprised as Naruto's words finally sunk in. "Wait, what did you just say?"

Naruto was glad Kiba was finally paying attention, rather than foaming at the mouth like an angry beast. He wanted Kiba to be very aware of how helpless he was and how much control Naruto had. "Oh I was just saying that I want to take my new doggie out for a walk around the village. You know, seeing the sights and the crowds." He let that information sink in as he kneeled in front of Kiba. "Does that sound fun boy?"

He loved the look of shock and horror on the ninja's face when he started to understand what Naruto was planning. "But until I pick a route to take I think I should inspect my new doggie to make sure he's in good shape." Naruto gave Kiba's undefended rear another pinch, then started to knead it slowly, liking the perkiness of Kiba's bottom.

Take him for a walk? What did that mean? Naruto wasn't planning on . . . parading him down the street like this, was he? Kiba flushed again in anger, as well as nervousness now, as Naruto so smugly teased him with possible humiliations.

"I don't know what you're planning, Uzumaki, but you better forget about it right now," Kiba told him, trying to maintain his calm as the obnoxious loudmouth now began to 'play' with his butt. He grimaced as he felt his tight buttocks shifting and rolling under the blond's touch. He wanted dearly to get loose and punch the guy's lights out, but he was growing increasingly aware of just how helpless he in fact was. He was roped up like a steer, and with all his clothes gone he didn't even have his ninja tools on him anymore. Like it or not, he was pretty much at Naruto's mercy here.

"I'm no one's damn dog . . . and quit playin' with my ass!" he gave another defiant, though clearly increasingly impotent, struggle, his buns seemingly writhing against Naruto's palm.

Naruto gave Kiba's bottom a hard smack for his sass. "You aren't really in a position to giving threats, in fact before our little walk I'm thinking you need a spanking. A little negative re-enforcement for being such a naughty puppy." Naruo pulled the naked struggling boy over his lap and gave him a few good hard test spanks right on the cleft of his ass.

"What? You can't be fucking serious!" Kiba protested as he was dragged over Naruto's lap just like a naughty boy. He couldn't do anything to stop it, and could only squirm and growl as the guy started spanking him sharply. "O-Ow! Now this is taking things too far, Uzumaki!"

Kiba was no stranger to ass-beatings, but only at the hands of sensei or older members of his family. Naruto was just a guy his own age! The dog-nin wriggled and writhed as his bottom heated up, knowing the cheeks were probably turning red from Naruto's hand. "I'm gonna make you PAY for this, dammit! Yargh!"

"Big talk, just like always Kiba. In this case, your bark is definitely worse than your bite!" Naruto laughed and increased the ferocity of the smacks to Kiba's ass, making sure to cover the whole of it. It was starting to turn a very prominent shade of red, very baboon like. The shifting and squirming of the humiliated ninja only made him spank harder, he didn't want to stop until Kiba was begging for him to stop.

"Argh! Enough already!" Kiba yelped despite himself at a particularly good smack to the base of his butt. He flexed and twisted over Naruto's legs. "I'm-Ouch!-serious Uzumaki!" His back arched as he reared up, still trying like hell to undo the knots binding his wrists. "Oooh! You got no right to spank me!" His legs kicked out in protest as his tight buns wobbled every time they got a good, solid smack across them. "Owww! C'mon, it's starting to really burn!" This last statement was followed by Kiba gritting his teeth as he realized he'd admitted the spanking was having an effect.

"Awwwww is your bottom sore? Well if my dog can learn to beg then maybe the spanking will end," Naruto teased. He would see just how strong the other ninja's pride was. His assault on Kiba's rear became more random so the dog-nin wouldn't be as prepared for each spank. Naruto had received many spankings over the years, but had also given many as well, so he was an expert at the task.

"Ahh! Oooh! Yoww! Dammit, Naruto . . . !" Kiba let out more yelps as Naruto showed no mercy. He squirmed in pain, unable to anticipate when or where the next spank would land. Even Kiba, who had a rather tough bottom by village standards, couldn't hold back his cries as Naruto worked him over. Luckily they were high enough up so nobody on the street heard them-yet.

"Argh! All right dammit, name your price!" Kiba finally said, pissed at himself that he was giving in like this. His rear practically sizzled underneath Naruto's touch.

"I'm glad you're so willing to bargain all of a sudden." Though pleased at his victim giving in, Naruto kept the spanking up while they made the deal to give Kiba a reminder of his place. "You naked on a leash with me walking you around the village for . . .. no less than an hour." He wondered if Kiba was desperate enough to take it. As added incentive he landed some particularly hard spanks.

"Owwwww! WHAT? You've gotta be-aaaaugh!-KIDDING me!" Kiba exploded, jerking his body in anger under the hard-hitting hand. He growled and groaned as his pride automatically refused the offer, making his ass pay as the spanks heated up. "There's no way I'd-OWW!-let you!"

"Then I guess you won't mind if I spank ya for the rest of the day!" Naruto teased with another merciless slap, knowing he had Kiba between a rock and a hard place.

"Owwwww, dammit!"

As the spanking went on and on, Kiba could feel his willpower start to weaken. His ass was in total pain, and burning hotter every second. And Naruto was clearly willing to keep spanking him until he agreed, however long that took. Kiba gasped and groaned in his bindings as he lay helpless and red-bottomed over the lap. "Only-nngh!-half an hour!" he started to bargain. "And I get some underwear!"

Naruto grinned. "An hour with underwear that I get to pick. Final offer," he said, sounding very serious. Clearly Kiba had no choice, but Naruto kept the spanking up until he agreed. Any normal ninja's hand would be very sore by now, but his heightened healing abilities made it so he really could spank the boy for hours if needed. "Tick tick Kiba, deal's about to end."

"ARGH! Okay okay, yes I accept!" Kiba yowled, figuring that a little humiliation was better than the shame of actually crying over Naruto's lap. He squeezed his eyes shut to keep the tears from leaking out. Damn that Naruto . . . where the hell had he learned to spank like that!?

Kiba was gratified when the burning slaps to his ass finally ended at least. Another few seconds and he knew he'd have started howling like a dog in heat with a full moon out. But as the pain in his firm red buttocks slowly faded to simply an uncomfortable burning, Kiba's breath hitched as he realized just how much embarrassment he was likely in for. His shoulders slumped. "Aw shit, this is gonna suck . . . "

Naruto loved the shift from relief to anxiety. It was like a wave through Kiba's body, shifting him back to the embarrassed naked state Naruto was getting to enjoy seeing. "Majorly going to suck, but now we have to go get your underpants for your special walk." Naruto stood up and wrapped a length of rope around Kiba's neck. "This can be your practice leash until we get to my house. Come on boy. " Naruto led him over rooftops to his apartment.

Kiba ground his teeth as the blond continued to insist on treating him like a dog. He wished his own dog was here, Akamaru. His boy could free him in two seconds flat, and then they could teach this moron a good HARD lesson on how it felt to get your ass beat. Unfortunately for him, today was Akamaru's monthly vet appointment. So while the big dog was getting his shots, his master was in the lurch.

He cursed himself again as he was made to lead the way back to Naruto's apartment, hoping that no one saw him up there jumping around in his birthday suit. Not that he had much to be ashamed of-he knew he had a killer body-but it was the principle of the thing! Dammit, if only Naruto hadn't seen him when he had, Kiba could've been home by now and putting on a change of clothes with no one the wiser. Just his luck that Naruto had spotted him, and now he was forced to go along with his scheme.

He wouldn't back out, though. As an Inuzuka, his word was his bond. Even if it was made to get out of a royally painful butt-spanking, Kiba was obligated to it. So he'd act the part of Naruto's dumb mutt . . . but he would definitely get payback one day.

He just hoped the guy wouldn't make him wear anything TOO embarrassing.

Naruto was watching Kiba out of the corner of his eye. It was obvious how embarrassed the other ninja was and how much anxiety he was in now. Yeah Naruto knew that his friend would prefer something to cover his naked body, specifically his very noticeably red bottom. Unfortunately for him Naurto was not in a giving mood. He pulled out a skimpy jockstrap, one with tiny straps in the back so most of Kiba's ass would be very visible. "Here you go, Dog Boy. I think this will do nicely for your little walk."

Kiba's mouth fell open as he beheld what Naruto had chosen for him. "What? NO WAY, man!" he said. He held it up by the tiny straps, standing naked in Naruto's messy apartment. "My whole ass is gonna be hanging out if I wear this!"

Naruto shrugged and folded his arms behind his head, seeming to expect Kiba to put up a fuss. "That was the deal, that I pick out the underwear. But it's up to you, dog breath. Either you put it on like a good boy, or I flip you back over my knee right here, and this time I won't go easy on you." He smirked at the naked and red-assed dog-nin. "Which would you rather do, spend an hour being lead around in the jock, or be unable to sit for the rest of the week, and I tell everyone why?"

When more threats didn't seem to be taking hold however, Naruto decided to change tacks. "Or . . . hey, you said Akamaru was at the vet today, right? Wouldn't it be funny if something happened to him over there? Like, say . . . if I left you tied up here and then went over and gave him a quick shave so he looked like an old lady's poodle. That'd be funny as hell! And I bet it'd take his fur weeks to grow back, right?"

Kiba's brows furrowed. "Wait, you're not saying that you would . . . "

"I'm not saying anything at all." Naruto grinned. "Just that, if you don't put that jock on in the next five seconds, who knows what might happen to your poor unsuspecting mutt?"

Kiba seethed and scowled at the smirking prankster. Threats to himself he could take, but to Akamaru . . . hell, he couldn't let anything happen to his dog. He growled, glowered, and quickly slipped the jockstrap on. It was a difficult process, since it was so tight. "You're a real sick bastard, Naruto."

Naruto shrugged. "Call me what you will dog boy, but you are going to have to deal with the fact that I'm in charge of you for the next hour, and that you're about to go practically bare ass around Konoha." His smile widened as he saw Kiba squirm with embarrassment at the upcoming walk. Naruto placed a leash on the blushing ninja. "Okay dog boy, get on all fours and lets start this walk!" He gave Kiba's butt another hard slap to get him motivated.

"Youch! Goddammit . . . " Kiba groaned, but did as he was ordered. There was no way he was letting Naruto get his hands on Akamaru, even if the price was his dignity. All through their academy years, Kiba had often bullied and poked fun at Naruto. He would say that Naruto was stupid to think he could ever become Hokage, and then give him a hard wedgie when the teacher wasn't looking. Now it looked like all that past behavior was about to bite him in the ass.

Kiba got down on his hands and knees and started crawling. His face was already bright red and they hadn't even left Naruto's apartment yet. The jockstrap he was in was so tight, you could pretty much make out the outline of his bulge through it.

This was NOT gonna be fun . . .