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Stiles had to piss. That was the first thought in his mind as he fought for consciousness. The second was that someone was laying in his bed. Like, with him. Next to him. Wrapped around him. Slowly peeling his eyes open, Stiles saw that the window nearest him was open. Predator. His mind supplied and he swallowed nervously. Then, he looked down.


And Stiles relaxed immediately, so unbelievably relieved to see the older man alive and...sleeping? His head was on Stiles' chest, arm holding his hips tightly, and legs wrapped around Stiles' own, dozing comfortably. He looked so...cute. Stiles couldn't stop himself from chuckling, even though he had tried really hard not to.

Derek perked up and Stiles ran a hand through his hair; "Derek, are you asleep?"

Squeezing tighter, Derek sighed into the bandages on Stiles' chest. Stiles shivered. "Yes," he mumbled.

"Obviously," Stiles joked quietly, afraid noise would disrupt the mood or something; "Are you okay?"

Derek nuzzled closer and Stiles almost thought he wasn't going to answer. "I went to Deaton, he patched me up."

"Physically, sure," Stiles was stroking Derek's hair and Derek leaned into the touch, "But are you okay?"

Derek tensed. "No."

"Do...you want to talk about it?" Stiles hated the way Derek seemed to retreat into his memories. Away from Stiles, alone. Like he had been for so long. Stiles wasn't going to push this though. Not this. "I can try to..."

"What?" Derek growled, "Fix me?"

"Only if you start peeing on my stuff," Stiles quipped; "and I was thinking more along the lines of helping you or whatever a boyfriend's supposed to do. Listen or something? I just want you to know that I'm here for you..."

"I know you are, Stiles," Derek whispered; "You just pulled me out of a burning house. Wait," Derek jerked back, sitting up and staring down at Stiles with intense eyes. Stiles already missed Derek being in his arms. "Did you...are we—'boyfriend'?"

Stiles' heart dropped. Fuck. "Crap! It just slipped out, I didn't mean to-to," Stiles fumbled for something to say, anything; "I get that whatever we're doing isn't like a relationship or anything so we don't get labels. It's cool. I get it. Just forget I ever said anything!" His cheeks flared red with embarrassment.

There was pause, silent and suffocating. Stiles wanted to look away from Derek's searching eyes. He had no idea what they were looking for.

"I don't want to forget," Derek said, leaning over Stiles so his mouth was hovering inches above Stiles' lips; "This is the best I've felt in such a long time—I don't want to just act like I don't shiver when I hear your voice, act like I can look at you without wondering what its like to kiss you, because now that I know I don't want to go back..." Derek recited Stiles' own words and Stiles felt all the air being stolen from his lungs.

Then Derek moved up and brought his lips to Stiles' forehead, a kiss that was feather light and chaste as hell. It sent shivers through Stiles' entire body. Stiles couldn't think let alone say anything when Derek moved to lay his head back down on Stiles' chest again. Through the insanely loud sound of his heart beating in his ears, Stiles could hear Derek whisper something into his flesh.

It sounded an awful lot like I love you. But Stiles wasn't sure.