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While Gomez was speaking with Lucius Harry and Wednesday were showing Draco Kitty and the graveyard. "So your parents bought you a lion?" "Yeah they did, he's named Kitty." Wednesday said stiffly not trusting the white haired boy. Harry was currently getting Pugsley. "So what other stuff is interesting here?" asked Draco, quite awkwardly. "The Graveyard, The vault among other things." Wednesday said boredly, Why was Harry keeping her waiting!? Harry came running over to his sister and new 'friend' "Sorry guys, couldn't get Parsleys." "That's too bad, Who will we play electric chair with?" "I haven't a clue Wednesday." They both looked at Draco, matching grins gracing there pale faces. "Hey Draco, would you like to play a game?" Draco gulped.

"Children!" Morticia's voice rang out before Wednesday could pull the switch to activate the Electric chair. "Yes mother?" Harry and Wednesday shouted in unison.

"Dinner!" Morticia's voice called, "I guess we'll have to continue this some other time Draco." Wednesday said disappointedly, Frowning when she took the leather straps off Draco who's eyes were wide while sniffling slightly.

They slowly came out of the attic one by one, Draco last one out shut the door and followed Harry and Wednesday. "My poor boy!" Narcissa said as she saw her little Draco teary eyed and sniffling.

"We were only playing a game." Wednesday said with her lips forming a thin line afterwards, People could be so wimpy!

"I'm fine mother, I just fell while we were playing." Draco lied smoothly, A true Slytherin Quality. "Are you sure?" Narcissa asked still fussing over her child, "Yes mother I'm sure I'm fine." Narcissa, Draco, Harry, and Wednesday walked to the dining room, Harry and Wednesday took seats next to each other and beckoned Draco to sit by Harry. Draco sat by Harry, He trusted Harry more than Wednesday with his well being. Lucius and Gomez came into the dining room a few minutes later, Gomez smoking a cigar and Lucius showing indifference with his facial features. They sat down quietly when Wednesday asked Uncle Fester, "Pass me the peas." "Wednesday manners!" Morticia scolded, "Okay, Now." Uncle Fester passed the Peas to Wednesday grinning. After dinner Grandmama brought out a large black cake with the help of Lurch who was doing most of the lifting. The cake said in White icing, 'Have a deliciously dreadful birthday!' After blowing out the matchs they cut the cake, everyone got a piece with much of the cake left over that would likely be fed to Kitty and The Addams families various other dangerous pets whom they seem to not have an ounce of fear of. "Delicious" Narcissa said, "Whats the cake made of?". Grandmama grinned, "Cyanide, Gurgling Gumble juice, Dragon egg, Lythrin brain-" Narcissa turned slightly green as Grandmama named off the various and slightly repulsive ingredients, The Addams kept eating while Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco complained of being full.

"Thank you for, er, having us Morticia and Gomez." Narcissa said awkwardly. "Your welcome come back any time!" "Okay. Good bye." Narcissa said before apparating away with her husband and child.


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