Based on the song According to You by Orianthi

Andy confronts Luke and compares him to Sam.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rookie Blue. Although I own Sam Swarek in my dreams.

I don't really do songfics, but what can I say as I listen to the radio I can relate almost any song to Sam and Andy and in my head turn it into a fic, so here I go appeasing my muse.

I stood there staring at Luke I couldn't believe he just said that. "So, let me get this straight, you think I'm stupid, and useless as a cop? You think I can't get anything right? And you think I'm being difficult? What the heck Luke?" I couldn't help it I had to know.

"You're always changing your mind Andy. One minute you're flirting and laughing with Swarek and the next you come running to my arms. Or you're running to him for comfort and then running into my bed. What am I doing wrong that I only have half of you? God, Andy why can't you see that as long as you keep yourself in limbo between us your always going to be a mess, you wont ever be able to do your job right. Hell you're always late to parade as it is because you're waiting to talk to him!" I could tell he was on a role but he mentioned Sam like he was the real problem between us, not the fact that he thinks of me as something of a trophy. Even with all of my faults.

"You know, Luke, at least I know were I stand with Sam, yes, he thinks I'm beautiful, incredible and he's admitted he can't get me out of his head. But he has said he'll wait for me as long as it takes. That he respects my decision to stay with you and see where it will go. We can laugh together because we know each other and we know when to stop. Yes, it's hard for us to resist each other sometimes, but we have done nothing. I respected you and loved you too much to do anything with him while we were together. I thought you knew that. I thought you understood me." I turned away from him and took a step towards his office door.

"Why does it sound like you're breaking up with me?" That plaintively sad note in his voice is the only thing that stopped me. Looking back and comparing them they are total opposites. Not just in personality, but in the way they treat me and the people around them. I can't stop now; I don't want to stop now. Sam is it for me and I've been stupid for waiting this long to see it.

"Because I am; because with you I'm boring and moody. We don't go anywhere together and I feel like I can't say anything to you without having you bite my head off about it later. Frankly I don't see myself losing anything by leaving you. All you do it put up with me. Luke, I need to feel wanted, I need to feel like I'm not resented by the man who shares my bed. We've been stupid thinking we can pretend to be happy, uselessly carrying on this relationship and if you don't see it then you're stupid. Because right now you can't do anything right in my eyes and if you try to make this anymore difficult than it already is then I don't think I could ever forgive you." With that I walked out of his office one destination in mind. I had to find Sam and then I had to find a new place to live.