Abbey's POV

My mom and I had finished our conversation and I was laying on my bed thinking about the past few days. Everything had happened so fast. I was glad that Stern was no longer a threat to me and my friends.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I almost didn't hear the knock at my window. I looked over, expecting to see Jesse floating there, but instead it was Rory. My heart hammered in my chest, excited to see him, and relieved that he was okay.

I get off of my bed, and run to the window, opening it for him.

"Rory!" I exclaim. "You're okay!"

"So are you!" he smiles back. "Aren't you going to let me in?"

I had forgotten all about that.

"Of course," I reply. "Come in."

He climbs through the window, and automatically embraces me. It felt good to be in his arms once again. I had missed him so much.

He leans down to kiss me, but I stop him. If I kissed him before I told him about what happened between me and Jesse, I'd feel extremely guilty.

"Rory…" I trail off, not meeting his eyes. "We need to talk."

"Uh, oh," he says. "Is that code for 'I'm breaking up with you?'"

"Not exactly," I say. "Although you might want to break up with me after I tell you this."

Rory looks at me puzzled.

I proceeded to tell him about Jesse coming back to Whitechapel to help us defeat Stern and how the Lucifractor had affected me differently and then how I had kissed Jesse. I left out how sparks were flying.

I finish my story and Rory is sitting silently beside me. He surprises me by leaning in and kissing me soft and slow on the lips.

"Aren't you mad at me?" I ask him, bewildered.

"I'm just glad you're okay," he replies, leaning in again.

His lips meet mine, and fireworks started going off between us. The distance had made our attraction for each other even more powerful. It showed that we both had missed each other dearly even if I hadn't been thinking about it.

Kissing Rory made me realize that I had to end things with Jesse once and for all. The feelings I felt for him were strictly emotional because he was the one who turned me. I didn't love him at all, I loved Rory.

"As a token of our gratitude for helping defeat the Lucifractor, and the wizard who controlled it, you are free to come and go from Whitechapel as you please," Anastasia said to Jesse as she was standing up behind the council's table along with the other council members.

Jesse acknowledged her by inclining his head towards her. He was smiling.

Great, this was going to make it even harder to end things with him.

"You are also reinstated into the council," one of the vampires said.

I was standing in between Rory and Jesse, and I could feel the glee coming off Jesse in waves. It was great for him, but bad for me, because I didn't want to be the one to ruin his good mood. I had a feeling that when things didn't go his way he got angry and someone usually got hurt. Hopefully if that happened, it wouldn't be me.

"You are all dismissed," Anastasia tells us, then looks directly at Jesse. "You, however, are not. We have things we'd like to discuss with you."

Rory takes my hand and starts leading me away, following Ethan, Benny and Sarah.

I look back towards Jesse, wanting to end things right here and now, but I knew it could wait until his meeting with the council was over.

"Should we wait for him?" Ethan asked.

"No," Benny was shaking his head. He still didn't like Jesse even after he helped us. Well, somewhat.

"You guys go on," I tell them. "I need to talk to Jesse. I'll catch up with you later."

They look at me confused.

"I'm going to end things with him," I explain.

Expressions of understanding shows on their faces.

"Do you want me to stay back with you?" Sarah asks. "I've broken up with him before, and it's not pretty."

"Funny," I say. "He told me that he broke up with you."

"Oh," Sarah narrows her eyes. "Did he now?"

"I didn't believe it either," I tell her. "But yeah, you can stay back with me. As long as you stay hidden."

"So we'll see you guys later?" Benny asks.

"Yeah," I say. "If we're not home by tomorrow morning, you know Jesse did something to us."

I was half-joking, but Rory didn't find it funny.

He walks over to me and wraps his arms around me. I could tell that he was uncomfortable with what I was doing.

"Be careful," he said, voice full of worry. "I don't like you being alone with him."

"Everything is going to be okay," I assure him. "And I'm not going to be alone, Sarah's going to be somewhere close by."

"I know," Rory says, still worried. "But I still worry about you."

"Don't. I'll be fine. It's not like I'm going to run off and marry him."

I got him to smile at that.

He leans down and kisses me on the lips, then squeezes me tightly in his arms one more time.

"I'll see you later," he promises. "We'll be at Ethan's."

I smile at him as he kisses the top of my head, and starts walking towards Ethan's house with Ethan and Benny.

Once they're out of sight, Sarah turns to look at me.

"Okay, I'm confused," she admits. "I thought you loved Jesse, and didn't care what any of us thought."

"I only thought that I loved Jesse," I explain. "I realize now that I only felt that way because he was the one who turned me."

"It took me awhile to figure that out too," she says. "But I was still a fledgling when I put things into perspective. The whole Dusk scheme helped a lot. I realized how evil he was."

After my first encounter with Jesse a few months ago, I had Ethan, Benny and Sarah explain to me about how Sarah had become a vampire. I was shocked. I could see why they all hated Jesse.

"What about you and Ethan?" I ask. "Are you guys like a thing now?"

"Don't change the subject!" she says.

"I'm not," I say. "You went on date with him!"

Sarah sighs, deciding not to answer.

The door starts to open and I look over at Sarah, and she nods, disappearing before the door fully opened. A few seconds later, Jesse walked out, smiling. His smile got bigger when he saw me. Great.

He opens his arms for me to come to him, but I stay where I am. I was trying to muster enough strength to stay as far away from him as possible. I wanted to go to him, but I knew I shouldn't. He was like a drug to me, addictive and bad for my health.

"Maybe you do love him…" crossed my mind.

My mind was telling me to break up with him, but my body was telling me to go to him and embrace him with all my might. However, my heart never chimed in its opinion of what I should do.

In the end, my body won out over my mind. I rushed over to him and immediately wrapped my arms around him, looking up into his beautiful brown eyes.

He leans down and passionately kisses me, sparks were flying once more, but even stronger than previously before. His lips still felt perfect against mine.

When he pulls away, I can see the love in his eyes, something I had never seen before. I remembered what my mom had said about me changing who he was. I then realized that maybe she was right. She was always right about these kind of things. It made me wonder if that was also part of her witch's sense too, but she wouldn't admit it.

As I think about that, I could still feel Jesse's lips lingering on mine, and I smile at that.

The problem I had now was Rory. I didn't want to break up with him because I knew it would break his heart. I knew he loved me deeply, but I felt as if our relationship was a candle, burning brightly whenever we were near each other, but it went out as soon as we were away from one another. Sure, there were fireworks when I kissed him last night, but I think that it was only because we had been apart and we missed each other.

I look up at Jesse again, staring into his eyes. Only then did my heart chime in with its approval at my choice.

I knew what I had to do, even if it broke my heart to do it.

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