Hey everyone! I was listening to one of my favorite bands Shinedown, and wanted to write a story with a similar story line to one of their songs, Call Me. I'm not entirely sure that this is what the song is about, but the song definitely inspired this story. Enjoy!

I do not own the song Call Me by Shinedown, nor do I own Shugo Chara.

"Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Send me on my way still smiling
Maybe that's the way I should go
Straight into the mouth of the unknown…"

"Yo, Ikuto," Nagihiko grins as I walk into the dark room, "Glad you came. I just traded for some more stuff, so come give this a try." I make my way to the boy and sit down next to him. Nagi hands me a small rolled up piece of paper with things mushed inside. Nagi lights the one end, and I put the other end in my mouth. I inhale the smoke, then blow it out after a moment.

"So why were you late, Ikuto? I've been waiting for a while! Ha, I've gone through three already." Nagi takes out another paper roll from a small bag and lights it.

"I was on the phone with Amu…," I mumble and look at the ground. I sigh, then breathe in with my lips placed on the paper roll.

"Hm..," he hums in reply and exhales a puff of smoke.

"Nagi, I feel like I should tell Amu about me doing this…"

He looks at me, a stern look on his face, "No way, man. She'll overreact and make you stop. She might even call the cops on us!"

I stare at the floor of the dark, rundown shack, "I doubt she'll do that."

"She might," he replies and inhales again.

I sigh and quickly change the subject, "Where'd you get this from this time?"

"Kukai got them from his girlfriend. Can you believe it? Turns out Utau gets this stuff from her fans."

I chuckle and exhale the smoke, "It's good shit, this is." The paper roll disintegrates, in the air and I place my hands behind my head.

"Here," Nagi hands me a small zip lock plastic bag, its contents closed tightly inside, "And here's the paper I wrap around it," Next, he hands me another bag with a couple small sheets of semi see-through paper. I grab the bags and shove them in my jacket pocket.

"Thanks," I murmur then cough.

"So when does Amu expect you back by?"

"Soon, I think. Her parents invited me over for dinner, and she wanted to spend a little time with me before they finished cooking."

"How romantic," Nagi rolls his eyes and stands up, "I better get going too. I met this girl named Rima at the train station the other day, and I asked her out. Let's see how this goes!"

"Luck, man." I stand up as well.

"Thanks. See you tomorrow. Call me if you run out of stuff before then." He stuffs his stash into his backpack then walks toward the door to the shed. He opens it and walks out.

I stare at the door for a moment, the wave my arms in the air, trying to spread out the smoke still lingering in the room. Once it's evenly distributed throughout the room so it's barely visible anymore, I make my way out of the shack.

On my way to Amu's house, I stop by a convenience store and buy a pack of mints. I pop two in my mouth and wait until they dissolve. I put the mints into my jacket pocket and continue walking to Amu's house. Once I finally make it to her house, I ring the doorbell and wait about ten seconds until the door opens and the gorgeous face of my girlfriend appears, smiling.

"Yo," I smirk and she lets me inside.

"Hi," she smiles up at me and I can't resist placing a soft kiss on her forehead before Ami runs over to greet me.

"Ikkuuu!" she wraps her arms around my legs and giggles. I smile slightly and pat her on the head as a 'hello.'

Once I free myself from Ami's grip, I place my jacket up on the coat hanger and Ami runs into the kitchen to help her parents with dinner. I smirk and grab Amu's hand. She blushes and we walk into the living room together, then take our seats on the couch.

"It's good to see you again," she murmurs and I can't help but frown. She looks at me confused, "What is it?"

"Now I wish I don't have to go searching for my father, again." I look at her.

"You're not leaving again soon, are you?" She asks.

"Next month…," I avert my eyes and Amu stares at me.

After a moment of silence, Amu speaks up again, "W-Well, it's not for another month, so let's spend as much time together as we can!" I look over to her and almost sigh in relief to see her smiling face, yet her eyes are on the verge of tears.

"That's right. Don't cry…," I lean in closer to her and lift her chin upward. She smiles and pushes back her tears, only allowing one to slip down her lovely face. Using the hand that isn't holding her chin, I wipe the tear from her face. She blinks in gratitude and I lean in closer. She closes her eyes first, and I follow right after, pressing my lips against hers. Warmth spreads throughout me and I insist on opening my mouth. She does the same, and we slowly allow our tongues to touch. Her mouth is so sweet, with a hint of rice flavor-probably what she last ate. After a moment, Amu pulls away and smiles at me.

"Your mouth tastes like mints," I nod and she giggles. She is absolutely adorable, "Can I have one?"

"They're in my jacket pocket," I mumble and Amu slowly gets up.

"I'll be right back, then!" she skips out of the room and I smile as she goes. I can't believe I snatched this beautiful, perfect girl. I'm so lucky.

I put my feet up on the coffee table, which Amu's family thankfully doesn't mind that I do, then look around. Although I've been to Amu's house before, each time I come it changes. I notice new pictures on the walls-mostly of Ami, but a couple of Amu. I stand up and walk closer to the pictures, then smile as I see Amu and her sister holding hands. That one is new. I look for other new ones of Amu, and see one of her smiling at the camera while sitting on a park bench. She's so cute.

My sixth-sense tells me that someone has entered the room. I turn around and smirk when I notice that it's Amu, but once I see the serious look on her face, my smirk vanishes. I wait for her to tell me what's wrong, but she continues to stay silent while staring at me. After I while, I start to walk toward her, "What's the matter?"

She begins to glare at me, stopping me in my tracks. I ask her again, but she still doesn't reply.


She finally cuts me off, "What were you thinking!?"

Her question catches me off guard, but once she shows me what she's holding behind her back, I understand. The weed.

"Amu, let me explain, please…"

"Ikuto, why in the world would you have this? You, of all people! Why didn't you tell me!?" Tears form in her eyes, just on the verge of spilling over.

I walk over to her, panicking. I knew I should have told her earlier! No, I should have quit! What was I thinking!? "Amu, please…"

The second I get closer to her, she drops the bag of weed and grabs my shirt. She pulls it closer to her, causing me to bend down as she smashes her lips against mine. Her actions surprise me, and I stare at her as she continues to kiss me. Isn't she supposed to be angry?

No, wait, she is angry. This kiss is not filled with love; it's filled with anger and sorrow. She pulls away and stares at me. The look on my face makes my heart want to break. I did this to her. Me.

Amu picks up the bag of weed and pushes it against my chest until I finally take it hesitantly. Her eyes fixed on the floor, she murmurs, "Please leave."



The sorrow and sadness in her voice causes guilt to wash over me. I take a step back and look at her sadly, but her gaze is still fixed on the floor. I sigh and take a step forward, gently grabbing her neck and pressing my lips against her forehead, then pull away and back up, walking out of the room.

You stupid idiot! What is wrong with you!?

I grab my jacket on the way out and slowly put it on, then subconsciously walk out of the house, my mind occupied with other thoughts than what I am doing.

I'm so sorry, Amu.

~Chapter End~

Aww, oh no! What's gonna happen next? I know that this might not be what Shinedown intended the story to the song starts, but this is the way I'm interpreting it. I hope you all liked it! Do not worry, there are more chapters to come!

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