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"I finally put it all together, nothing really lasts forever
I had to make a choice that was not mine
I had to say goodbye for the last time
I put my life in a suitcase
Never really stayed in one place
Maybe that's the way it should be
You know I've lived my life like a gypsy"

I slam my fist onto the desk, swearing loudly. I keep hitting the polished wood until my hand goes numb with pain.

Why the hell would I do that!? Why the hell did this happen!? Oh, who am I kidding? I knew this would happen one day. I knew it all along, but I was too scared to do anything about it. I pushed the thought into the back of my mind and locked it there. I convinced myself that there was nothing to worry about, but now look at what happened!


Hinamori Amu. I love Amu. She is the brightest light I've ever laid my eyes on. I felt so damn honored to become her boyfriend. I'll never forget how we first met. Back then, I could only dub it as 'fate.'

"Oh no!"

I hear a girl exclaim from the cash register and I turn my head to see what she was troubled with. Wow, pink hair! I don't think I've ever seen a girl with pink hair.

The girl seems to be rummaging through her wallet, the man behind the cash register tapping the counter impatiently. For some reason, that guy, that impatient guy, really gets on my nerves.

I can only see the back of the girl, but her pink hair makes me want to do talk to her. I walk away from the rack of clothes I was looking through and head toward the register the girl is at.

"Hey Pinkie, what's the matter?"

The girl gasps and whips her head around to look at me.


Such a cute face with large honey-colored eyes. I swallow and retain my cool expression.

"W-What? A-Are you talking to me?"

I smirk at her cute stutter and cluelessness, "Why yes, I am. Is something wrong?"

The girl blushes gently and glances at the man behind the counter. He rolls his eyes and I glare at him. The girl turns back to me and looks at her wallet. Hesitantly, she says, "I.. I um, am five dollars short…" she points to the shirt on the counter, blushing with embarrassment.

I smirk and look at the cute girl, "Aren't your parents around?"

She looks at the ground, blushing a darker shade of red, now, "Y-Yes, but um… Y-You see… M-My mom's birthday is tomorrow and this shirt is f-for her… I d-don't want my mom figuring out what I'm b-buying...," she looks away.

I try not to laugh because this girl is too cute, "Well," she looks at me, "if that's the case," I reach into my pocket and pull out my wallet, "here." I hand her a five dollar bill, smirking.

She blinks at the money in surprise, "N-No! I can't take your money!" She pushes my hand away.

What soft skin…

The obvious sigh is heard from behind the counter and I shoot another glare at the man. I return my gaze to the girl and smile, "Come on, I don't mind," I hand her the money again.

She looks at me then smiles a breath-taking smile and takes the money, "I don't know how to thank you!" She hands the man the five dollar bill and he takes it with a look that says 'finally!'

"Don't worry about it," I gaze at the girl, wanting to see that beautiful smile again. It's like a drug; like I need that smile to motivate me.

She smiles at me again and I try my best not to blush, "My name's Hinamori Amu. What's yours?"

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

"Well Tsukiyomi Ikuto, thanks so much! I hope I see you around sometime soon!" She flashes another beautiful smile, takes the bag that contains the shirt, and walks out of the store waving.

I look after her and instantly know that she's special; that she's the one.

I hit the desk again and swear, filling the empty house with my foul language and harsh emotions.

At least, I thought the house was empty.

My mom dashes into the room and runs over to me, "Ikuto, stop it!" she cries, tearing up. She grabs my hand and prevents me from punching the wood again.

I take a deep breath and glare at the desk, trying my best to calm down and not be tempted to punch her in the face. It's not her fault. There's no need to take my anger out on her. But then again, I suppose there's no need to take my anger out on this desk, either.

"Get out, Mother." I say as calmly as possible, though my teeth are clenched together.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the hurt expression on my mom's face. I see a tear fall down her cheek and more guilt and regret clouds my vision. The tears drip from my eyes as well, and I hide my face from my mom, "Please… Just leave me alone…"

My mom lets go of my hand and takes a step back, then slowly leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

Great. Like I didn't have enough guilt and regret already!

I wipe my damp face with my shirt and allow myself to fall to the floor. I push my back up against the bed and let my head hang between my legs.


After that first day I met Amu, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and being 'fate' that I first dubbed it, 'fate' happened again. I saw her in the park, in the mall, on the beach. The more I left my room, the more I saw her. It truly was fate.

Before I met her, all I did was travel everywhere. I was searching for my dad. He's a famous violinist, and he's been touring around the world. At least, that's what I believe. Everyone I've met who knew him tells me he's dead, but I think he's still alive. I was convinced that I'd find him, but I never did. I started to believe he really was dead, so I gave up. I stayed in my room every day, pissed and depressed that I worked so hard for nothing. But one day, one rare day that I left my house, I met her.

And now, I wronged her. I wronged the one girl I actually cared about. The girl I was convinced I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Maybe it's fate Not the fate like before, but the fate that's telling me to leave and start searching for my father again. Perhaps it's a sign saying that my dad's still alive, just waiting for me to find him? Probably not, but what do I have to lose now, anyway?

I stand up and walk over to my closet, pulling out a large suitcase. I bring it over to my bed and open it. I still haven't taken everything out of it from the last time I traveled. Well I guess packing will be easier, then.

I open my bottom drawer and stuff everything inside my suitcase, not wanting to leave anything behind. I open my top drawer and stare at the camera sitting inside. Looking at the pictures on there will only hurt me further and make me rethink my plan to leave. I grab the camera and place it gently in a pocket in the suitcase, then continue packing. After every article of clothing is stuffed into the suitcase, I zip it up and stare at it.

I guess I really have to leave… I'll find my father, and when I do, I'll live with him in some foreign country and I'll be happy…

Meeting Amu that one day made me realize that I can find the people that are important to me.

~Chapter End~

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