Vergil sat contently in his living room. The fire place roared as he basked in its warmth. He was into his second book of the evening when there was a knock at the door. Vergil didn't get visitors, none that ever returned anyway. This one was rather persistent. Huffing a sigh, he set his book down and languidly made his way to the door. He definitely was not expecting this particular guest.

He leaned against the door frame. "Lady. What brings you here to darken my doorway?"

Lady was all business. "I need a favor."

Vergil raised his brows. "Why not ask Dante, I'm sure he owes—"

"I want you to take my virginity." She said with a straight face.

Vergil was stunned silent. That was the last thing he had expected. He moved back to allow her entry.

"Thanks." She said as she breezed past him.

The dark twin shook his head. "You want to run that by me again?" He gestured towards the living room.

"You heard me." She sat comfortably on his couch. "I want you to take my virginity."

Vergil sat in the chair across from her. "Yes, but why me? You and I have never really gotten along. Why not ask Dante? He's always had a 'thing' for you."

"This is true, but for Dante it would be more of a conquest than anything else. Plus, I'd have to hear about it for the rest of my life." Lady crossed her legs and took off her glasses.

"Point taken. Why exactly are you in a hurry to lose your purity after all this time? If you don't mind me asking." The blue devil interrogated.

Lady looked pointedly at him. "Vergil, I'm not getting any younger. I'm curious to know what all the fuss is about. I want at least one night of passion. Plus, it would get all these zealots off my back about being 'pure with priestess blood flowing through my veins.'"

Vergil stood and strode to the liquor cabinet. "I don't know if I can help you."

"Why not?" Lady turned to watch him take a bottle and two glasses from the shelf.

"You want one night of passion."


He presented her with a tumbler of brown liquid. "I don't do just one night." Lady stared at him, mouth agape with tinted cheeks. "If you are looking for a quick romp, then go see Dante. He goes through women like he does pizza."

Lady took a gulp of the liquid courage. She was nervous enough asking Vergil to do this for her. She couldn't even believe she was asking him, but at the time he seemed like a logical choice. But maybe he didn't have sex with women. Oh God, she would feel so stupid if she just put herself out there for no reason. Taking another big sip, she watched him return to his chair. "So, you don't have sex?"

A devilish smirk played across his lips. "I have an abundance of sex Lady. I just don't bed a woman whenever the urge strikes. But when I do, I take her for several days at a time. If you want passion, I will give you passion and then some. But if you are looking for just anyone to be with just to do the deed, then I cannot help you." He brought the glass to his lips taking a sip he licked them slowly afterward. He sat patiently waiting for her to make the next move. Vergil admitted to himself that he had always been somewhat attracted to Lady because of her tenacious fire. But they often butted heads which is why he found it interesting that she would come to him. "You did not answer my question." When she looked at him perplexed, he added. "Why come to me?"

Lady relaxed a little after taking another long sip of her drink. She didn't know what it was, but it was smooth. "Because I knew you wouldn't make it into something that it wasn't and I wouldn't feel used and dirty afterwards."

He placed his head in his hand. "I am touched that you think so highly of me." He drolled.

"Well will you do it or not?"

Vergil paused, more so for dramatic effect. "I'll do it on my terms. Do you think you are up for that?" Devilish mischief danced in his eyes. "You have no idea what I am like in bed; think about your answer before you give it." He finished the drink, setting it on the table in front for him. "I will promise you this; I will definitely make it worth your while."

He watched Lady squirm for a minute. I am going to destroy you and leave you begging for more, little lady. Was what she read in his eyes. Never one to back down from a challenge, she gracefully lifted herself from the cushion and made her way towards him. Lady stood inches from his knees and held out her hand. "Deal." She said confidently.

Vergil lightly grasped her wrist; bringing the inside to his lips he kissed it tenderly. "Deal." At the small gesture, she felt a warmth bloom in her stomach. "Here, let me help you out of you jacket." She hadn't realized she still had it on. Vergil reached for the zipper and slowly pulled it down. He stood up and pushed it from her shoulders. They breathed each other in as he took her jacket. He moved away to hang it on the coat rack by the door. Lady stood still and watched him as he turned around and walked back to her. It was like she was seeing him in a different light. His strides had a swagger to them she hadn't noticed before and his eyes were a blaze with an ice blue fire ready to consume her. Suddenly she felt a bit over heated. Vergil stood in front of her again, his eyes searing into hers. He reached for her glass, brushing his fingers against hers. "You're glass is empty. Would you like some more?"

Lady grew flush at his proximity. "What are you doing?" She asked, it came out barely above a whisper.

"I'm seducing you Lady. I'm not going to rush into fucking you." He brushed his thumb across her lower lip tilting her head upward. He brought his lips down to hers. "You wanted the experience; I'm going to give it to you." Vergil pressed his lips to hers gently. Suddenly her knees grew weak he caught her before she fell. Lady felt a little light headed and was fairly sure it wasn't from the drink. "Hasn't anyone ever kissed you before?" She shook her head. "Well, tonight will be a night of firsts then." Taking her glass he set it on the table next to them. "Close your eyes." Her eyes fell shut. Sliding one arm around her waist and threading his fingers through her hair he connected their lips once more. She timidly kissed him back. Parting his lips he urged her to do the same as he ran his tongue across them. Obeying his request, she found she liked the sounds open mouth kisses made. This time he used his tongue, coaxing her to do the same. He tilted his head deepening the embrace. Bringing her arms around his neck she held onto him, fearful her knees would buckle again. She liked Vergil's kisses…she liked them a lot. Lady let his tongue dance on hers as they explored and tasted each other. After several minutes Vergil pulled back.

"Why did you stop?" Lady sounded breathless.

Smirking, he kissed her swollen lips again and moaned softly, enjoying the softness of them. "Because you need to breath." Vergil led her to the couch and refilled their glasses. Sitting the opposite side of the couch, he beckoned her to him. "Come here." She hesitated. "I won't bite, that is, unless you want me to." Lady drew her brows together, suddenly suspicious of him. "You are the one who started this game. If you are playing hard to get, that's fine. I prefer it that way." He started to lean towards her and she lost her nerve completely. Downing the drink she set it aside as he came closer. Searching her eyes, he didn't find the fear he thought he would. "Are you uncomfortable? Would you like to stop?" He started to pull away when she grabbed his shirt, crashing their lips together. She explored his mouth; he let her take control for a moment before dominating the kiss. They soon found themselves lying on the couch. Vergil ran his hand up one leg bringing it around him. He slowly glided his fingers over her stomach up to cup her breast through her shirt. Lady gasped at the sensation and arched into his touch. He kneaded the flesh gently as he kissed along the side of her neck. Lady moaned softly. "Just think how it would feel if you were stripped." Moisture pooled between her legs. She knew Vergil could probably have her naked within seconds if he chose. He was holding back, for now. Something told her by the end of all this, he would have her any which way he wanted. But for now, she was glad he slowed it down. Sitting back he pulled her onto his lap. "You know you can touch me." He took her hand and placed it on his chest. "I want you to."

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…she saw his glass out of the corner of her eye. Slamming the liquor back, she moved her hand over his chest. Vergil brought her other hand to his stomach. She could feel his muscled chest and abs under the soft material of his shirt. He watched Lady as she grazed her fingers over him lightly, he held her thighs, thumbs slowly drawing small circles on them.

"Do you like that?" Vergil nodded. Lady fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. Finishing with the last one, she gazed at his pale marblesque skin. Her hands moved on their own accord. Lady watched as his abs contracted under her touch. She hadn't realized he had managed to get her shirt up over her head until he fingered the strap of her bra. Suddenly, she was very self-conscious. Lady withdrew slightly and went to cover herself.

Vergil stilled her hands and pulled them away from her. "Don't. You are beautiful Lady. Embrace it, do not shy away from it."

"Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all." She said sheepishly.

Without a word, Vergil picked her up and headed towards his room. Once there, he flipped on the light and set her before a full length mirror. "Look at yourself and tell me what you see."

"I see scars and bruises, two ugly mitch-match eyes, my hips are too big…" she trailed off, her voice held a hint of self-loathing.

"Now do you know what I see?" She shook her head. His eyes connected with hers in the mirror. He traced a few of her scars on her stomach and arms. "I see strength, determination, beauty, sensuality, uniqueness, heart…fire." His lowered her strap from her shoulder and kissed it tenderly. She closed her eyes. Vergil put his mouth near her ear. "Don't close your eyes, watch." He lowered the other strap and kissed along her neck. Lady watched uncertainly as he unhooked her bra and took it away from her. He ran his hands over her arms and stomach before bringing them to her breasts cupping them, he squeezed them gently. Lady gasped as she leaned back into him. "They are perfect. I can't wait to taste them." Vergil spoke as he licked the outside of her ear. He replaced his hands with hers, continuing to kneed the flesh. He skimmed his hands over her skin until they rested at the top of her jeans. Slowly he undid the button and the zipper before sliding them down her legs. He caressed them lightly as he then hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties. Lady looked down at him. Kissing the side of her hip he pointed to the mirror. Focusing on her image, Lady watched as he rid her of the last of her clothing. She stood naked in front of him, massaging her own breasts. The blue devil stood behind her, gazing at her in the mirror. "You are breathtaking, temptress." Vergil pressed himself to her back. He stood only in his boxer briefs. "Can you feel what you do to me? I dare you to look at yourself and tell me you are not beautiful." Lady could feel his arousal pressing against her backside. Vergil nudged her legs apart slightly as he snaked his hand between her thighs. Lady tried to clamp them closed. "Relax, it won't hurt. I just want to make you feel good."

"Vergil, I—"

"I want you to watch yourself release." He whispered huskily in her ear as his fingers slowly began to taunt her swollen bud. Lady panted and moaned. Vergil brought his hand over her breast and fondled the mound, teasing her nipple. "Don't hold back." He brought her hand between her legs, mimicking what he was doing to her. "Feel how wet you are?" Bringing his fingers to his lips he languidly pulled them out of his mouth. "Like honey." Lady gasped and keened. "Don't fight it, let it take you over." Vergil sucked at the nape of her neck as she came by her own hand. Crying out, her knees buckled and Vergil held her against him. Coming down from her euphoric high she watched her breasts heave as she rested limply against him, her cheeks flush in the afterglow. "Say it, Lady." Vergil kissed her hair.

"I'm beautiful." For the first time ever, she actually believed it.

The half-devil picked Lady up and cradled her to him. Bringing her to his bed he laid her down, sliding in next to her. She watched him pull up the sheets. "We're not having sex tonight?"

He chuckled at her eagerness. "No, not tonight. There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow. Plus, you've had quite a bit to drink."

Lady turned on her side towards him. "Was that part of the seduction?"

"No, you did that yourself." Vergil gave her a small smile. Lady smiled back. "We haven't even gotten to the good part." He smiled a little wider as her eyes grew a little bigger. She couldn't wait.