Lady didn't realize she would be staying with Vergil as long as she was when she propositioned him the day before. On their way home they stopped by her apartment so she could pick some necessities and a couple changes of clothes. Dinner was un-eventful that evening, except that she learned Vergil was a fabulous cook. At the moment they lounged on the oversized sofa, slowly settling into a food coma. Vergil toyed with a lock of Lady's hair as she snuggled closer. Soft music wafted through the air.

"You know, you would be pretty easy to fall for, if you weren't such an ass all the time. You really are quite charming."

Vergil chuckled. "Thank you for that back handed complement. I'll take it." She smiled up at him. "I am an ass for the same reason you are a shrew. We cannot allow people to get too close."

Lady hummed and played with the buttons on his shirt. "We live a sad existence don't we?

"Sometimes it has its perks." He smiled and Lady instantly wanted to kiss him. She wondered if he knew how captivating his smile was. A soft moan escaped his throat as she climbed over him. Vergil wrapped his arms around her keeping her firmly in place; one hand splayed across her back the other against the curve of her bottom. Lady kissed his soft lips coaxing them open with her tongue, tasting him as their tongues lazily danced against each other. Threading one hand through his downy hair, the other began unbuttoning his shirt. Undulating her hips, he met her with the same motion. Sucking on his bottom lip, she released his mouth to lean back for better access to his buttons.

He smirked and gazed at her through hooded lids. "Lady, are you trying to seduce me?" She gave him an innocent stare as she continued to work his buttons. He snickered as she sat up and pulled his shirt open.

She scowled down at him. "When did you put this on?"

They had cleaned up before dinner and he was now wearing a t-shirt under his button up. "When we came back."

She untucked it from his pants. "Well, take it off."

Vergil raised his brows and haughtily said, "Ask nicely."

Rolling her hips against his, she leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Please, take your shirt off." And sat back waiting for him to comply. Which he did. As soon as both shirts left his arms her hands attacked his chest and stomach. Lady enjoyed the feel of his muscles constricting under her touch. His skin was warm, where she had always figured he was so frigid. And his scent was absolutely amazing. It was cool and crisp and spicy all at once—uniquely Vergil. She missed the heated stare he gave her as she followed the path her hands took. However, she could feel his need for her growing as she straddled him. Looking up, she froze. Those eyes smoldered a cerulean blue telling her to take it further, to do what she desired. Again she became self-conscious and looked away.

"Don't stop." He rasped, pulling her gaze back to him.

"W-what do you want me to do?" She stammered, now very unsure of herself.

His hands stroked over her thighs, his thumbs coming dangerously close to the apex between her legs. "Whatever you want."

Lady gasped. Did he really just give her permission to have her way with him? She had no idea what to do now. "Close your eyes. Don't look at me." She smoothed her fingers over his face and he closed his eyes, giving a little smirk. "So, umm, what do the other women do when they touch you?"

He frowned slightly. "They don't get to touch me as you do." Lusty blue eyes opened. "Like I said before, you don't know the type of lover I am. I like control."

Lady blushed furiously. "So why are you treating me so differently?"

"It is simple, you are not like them." Vergil grasped her face in his hands, bringing her lips to his. He kissed her hungrily at first, until he allowed her to overtake him, smothering him with desire.

Breaking the embrace, Lady began nibbling at side of his neck. Vergil turned his head to give her better access. A series of small inaudible gasps and low moans left his mouth. She caressed his skin with her fingertips, scratching slightly, causing him to arch into her touch. He was astounded at how the virginal beauty had rapidly become the seductress as she reached between them and palmed him through his pants. A pleasurable growl rumbled from his throat, enjoying her boldness.

Biting her lip, she whispered in his ear with new found confidence that came from God knows where, "I want this," giving him a gentle squeeze, "Can I have it?"

Vergil leapt up with her so quickly she didn't realize it until he carried her through the bedroom door. Setting her on her feet, he removed her shirt a lot slower than he cared for. All he wanted to do was fuck this pretty little thing into his oversized mattress, and God help him, if it wasn't her first time he'd do just that. He willed himself to calm down, his eyes burning deep into hers as she ran her hands over his chest and shoulders. Deft fingers unclasped her bra pulling it down slender arms. Lady fumbled with the button on his pants, becoming a little anxious. They soon joined the mounting pile on the floor, hers were next to follow.

They stood gazing at each other, both slightly panting with want. Lady reached up and pushed a tendril of his hair back into place. Vergil caught her hand on the way down, kissing, then gently biting the inside of her wrist. She gasped as a chill ran through her. He smoothed his hand up her arm while placing it around his neck. He learned down brushing his lips across her shoulder. Kissing her neck, he inhaled deeply. Lady's scent reminded him of country apple orchards, with a hint of vanilla. He nuzzled the crook of her neck letting out a satisfied sigh as he nipped and kissed at her heated skin. She tightened her grip at the back of his head. Turning hers slightly to grant him more access, Lady caught sight of their reflection in the mirror. She watched as he lazily dragged his hand up her side to caress her breast. Her head fell back and she moaned, still unable to look away from their image. Slowly, Vergil turned them so they were facing the mirror.

Licking the outer shell of her ear, he asked the same question he'd posed the day before. "Tell me what you see?"

Her arms came up around his neck, his fingers played across her hips, both still standing in their undergarments. Their eyes connecting in the looking glass. "I see perfection."

"As do I." He reached for her chin, turning her face towards him, he kissed her lips tenderly. Rotating in his arms, Lady deepened the embrace. Vergil picked her up and brought her down onto the bed. He could honestly say he had never wanted a woman so badly in all his life, but the need to make her first time something special she would never forget nor regret, pushed his needs and wants to the wayside.

"Let me make love to you." Vergil whispered caressing her cheek. His eyes were soft, beguiling and full of tenderness. Something she never thought him capable of, but had shown her repeatedly over the last twenty-four hours. Lady nodded. He smiled, kissing her lips again. "You are so very special."

Lady gasped as his touch set her skin on fire. He ghosted his lithe fingers over her breasts, peaking her rose colored nipples. He lavished one, then the other with his hot mouth. Teasing the sensitive buds with his teeth; squeezing the perfect mounds in his hands. Vergil planted light kisses under her breasts and across her flat stomach. Lady's breath hitched, that warm feeling began spreading between her thighs. His tongue ran from one hip to the other as he slowly tugged down her lacy panties. Discarding them completely, he settled between her legs, kissing along her panty line before parting her with his tongue. Lady cried out his name and squirmed under his ministration. She tasted divine upon his lips. The heady scent of warm apple pie smothered in homemade vanilla ice cream made his mouth water and he was rapt.

Enthralled, he realized he could never get enough of her; her moans and gasps only antagonized him increasing his desire for her. This would most likely present a problem in the near future, seeing as he was too caught up in the moment, for now he chose to ignore it. Lady whimpered at Vergil's attention, her breath coming in short pants. Still he wouldn't stop. The need to taste her release on his tongue drove him as she began to shudder. Gazing up at her with those electric blue eyes were enough to push her over the edge. He drank from her as he watched the pleasure wash over her features. The flush of her cheeks, her mismatch eyes glazed over, pupils blown wide, her lips parting in a perfect little 'O' as a songful cry spilled from her throat. Vergil not only wanted her, he needed her.

Removing the last article of his clothing, Lady heard the unmistakable tearing of foil, a moment later Vergil crawled up over her. She knew what was coming next and her nerves began to take over. Caressing her cheek once again, he could sense the anxiety mixed with her desire for him. "You can still say no." He whispered, searching her eyes.

Lady hesitated only for a moment. "I want this. Please, Vergil."

That was all the reassurance he needed. He kissed her deliberately, affectionately as he prepared to enter her. She stiffened and held her breath. Her eyes still squeezed shut. Vergil softly bade her to open them. "I want you to look at me. Relax and breathe. If you tense up, it will hurt more." He skimmed his thumb across her bottom lip. "I promise to be gentle."

His tone, more so than his words, were comforting. Bit by bit she began to relax. Ever so gently he breeched her walls, letting her get acclimated to being stretched. Her brows furrowed, surprised by the pain and pressure.

"Do you want me to stop?" He whispered as he wiped away a stray tear. Shaking her head, he pulled back and gradually eased inside her before filling her completely. "Still ok?" He ran his fingers through her hair. Lady nodded, losing the death grip she had on his shoulders.

"Kiss me." He encouraged. She brought his head down to hers with trembling hands and captured his lips. Carefully, Vergil began to move. Soon the pain Lady felt ebbed and was replaced with pleasure. The warm burning sensation filling her stomach once again. She panted hard, moaning loudly as his cool fire consumed her. Wrapping her arms around him, she dug her fingers into his back.

Vergil kissed and nibbled at her neck sending chills to clash with the warmth collecting between her thighs. Cupping her breast he thumbed her nipple to hardness. Leaning down he rolled his tongue across the pert bud drawing it into his mouth. Fingers threaded through his hair holding him close as she breathed his name. Lavishing her other breast he pulled back to watch her arch into his touch and writhe beneath him. Lady wrapped one leg around his, signaling she was ready for him to move a little more. Her breathe shallow and skin flush. He would die a thousand deaths to see her like this every day for the rest of his existence. Vergil was in trouble and he knew it. Yet, all that mattered was the here and now; he would deal with consequences later. He increased his movement, slightly, still wary of her discomfort. Rolling his hips she cried out louder. A low moan left his parted lips as she matched his motion. Lady repeated it, just to hear him moan again. She was amazed at how perfectly they fit together as she took all he had to offer.

Vergil's passion filled eyes locked hers as her hand gripped the back of his neck. Her name fell from his lips as his hand tightened on her hip and gave a small thrust upward. Lady arched again screaming his name. Her legs began to tremble as he repeated the motion again and again. A high pitched keening sound left her throat as her muscles convulsed around him. As she pulled him closer, his rhythm faltered. Moaning once more, he couldn't resist the pull of release any longer.

They lay panting and spent. Lady continued to hold him tightly as he breathed into the side of her neck. The spicy scent of apples wrapping around him in a comforting haze of bliss. She could still feel him pulsing inside her and smiled to herself. Vergil gazed down at her after regaining his breath. Brushing her hair from her forehead, he kissed her glistening brow. "Are you alright?"

Lady smiled up at him and kissed his lips tenderly. "Yes, I'm fine." He shifted slowly as he withdrew from her. "Oh! A little sore though."

Kissing her again, he smiled. "The second time won't be nearly as bad."

"Second time?" Her brows rose.

"Yes, as in, after the first. You do remember me saying that I was going to take you more than once?" Forever, if I can help it. A wicked grin spread across her face and he chuckled. Vergil excused himself to the restroom, returning minutes later with a hand towel and a basin of warm water.

"What's that for?" Lady queried, not quite ready to move.

He took a seat next to her setting the items on the bed. "I'm going to clean you before you fall asleep."

Yawning, she tried to protest by saying she wasn't tired. Vergil politely ignored her.

Spreading her legs, he cleansed her gently. Lady started when she saw minute traces of blood, then remembered that it was supposed to be normal. The warm water was soothing to the sensitive area. Then it dawned on her that Vergil was cleaning her. Through her sleepy and post coital haze she drew her brows together.

Noticing her stare he addressed her. "Is something amiss?"

"I'm still just flabbergasted at how gentle and kind you can be." She smiled.

Setting the bowl on the ground, he laid down next to her. "Well let's not tell anyone, shall we? I do have a reputation to uphold."

Lady laughed out loud. "I don't think anyone would believe me anyway." She cuddled close to him.

"Good, then my secret is safe."

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