. Milkshake .

She thought it absurd.

Hidden away once more in a filthy cave, another great dirty hole in the ground, while Loki prattled and certain death loomed, she could think of only one thing.


She'd had only the one, but she'd liked it and thought it terrible to die having never tasted another. Ridiculous really, since in all her years of existence she'd never once tasted the strange mortal drink. That had been the other Leah.

A Leah that had been Loki's companion and sometimes friend. A Leah that had stolen his milkshake and cared for his hellish puppy. A Leah that had protected him from mortals and demons alike. A Leah who'd share childish banter and secrets with him. A Leah that had died.

She remembered it all in the way one remembers a vivid dream upon waking. Memories of another life, emotions that were not her own, suffocated her, blurring the line between who she once was and who she'd always been.

She felt like a thief living this gift of a stolen life. A thief with a sweet-tooth that even impending death couldn't quench.


She decided, if they survived, they would go back to that diner. They would sit in that booth and they would have milkshakes. She would scowl at his teasing, scoff at his colorful stories and safeguard his secrets.

She thought it absurdly wonderful.

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