. Reunited .

"I may be gone for some time."

Staring into his vibrant green eyes, words spoken millennia ago whisper through her mind like Niflheim mist. Surprise gives way to guarded hope. Tentatively she cups his chin, as she once had for a distressed young boy lost to her long ago.


He smiles, one not of malicious mischief. An unusual look on the hated god she has parried with many times through the ages.

"Sorry Leah, I guess I was gone slightly longer than expected. Perhaps we should celebrate my return with a milkshake? Your treat of course, you still owe me for the one you stole. That is, if you still have time for your BFF?," he presses hopefully.

Despite herself, the Queen of Hel smiles. Yes, she could certainly spare a moment for an old friend returned.

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