War is a wonderful thing. Serving in it is glorious. Lie. He's cursing the man who told him that before a week is up.

We're going to win this thing. Lie. He knows they're dead before the boat lands.

You're a leader now, things will be different. Lie. The only thing that's different are the faces of the dead. And even those begin to look the same after a while.

The war's over now. Lie. He knows it will never be over.

The Albatross is the best ship in the 'verse. Lie. It breaks down a little over three weeks after he bought it.

You're going to regret buying that ship. Lie. He loves Serenity like it's his own flesh and blood.

Bester here is an excellent mechanic, fix anything you give him. Lie. The ship's grounded more often than not. He eventually gets a new mechanic, a little girl named Kaylee.

We're all a family. Truth.