Sequel to Different!


Sakuno Ryuzaki was standing outside of a bakery as she examined every nut and bolt, making sure nothing was wrong. She unlocked the door and entered allowing herself to be greeted by yesterday's cupcakes, cakes and pastries. She left her self be carried into the kitchen by the aroma. She would have to open shop soon as it would be lunch in just a few hours. Sakuno busied herself with trivial matters as she looked around for her pen to write down the day's pastry making.

The chiming of the bell on the front door singled that one of the employees was there.

"Sa-chan!" yelled out a familiar voice as it made its way to the kitchen. "A-ah Tomo-chan, have you seen my pen?" asked Sakuno as she ducked underneath a long steel table. "Its right here." replied Tomo as she fished into the bucket, "Sa-chan you are as clumsy as always."

Indeed she never out grew her clumsiness since she was in middle school, but on the contrary the rest of her grew. She was a bit taller than she was in high school and she had much more confidence, only stuttering when necessary. She found an odd liking to the beach, even though her love was stolen from her there. She found talking to people form the past just hurts her (except for Tomo). Sakuno, now as 24-year-old women, was busy getting HER bakery ready for the lunch hour rush. After hard years of culinary school training she was able to open up shop. The reason Tomo worked there was due to the fact that she never had a plan for life and wanted to live life day by day. This ended up with no stable job, terrible income, and on the verge of losing her apartment. Luck for her Sakuno had already established herself as a businesswomen and allowed Tomo to work there and live with her. They were best friends after all.

"Arigatou," thanked Sakuno as she grabbed the pen from Tomo's hands and started to feverishly write down the day's to-do-list. Happily smiling, Sakuno gave Tomo a copy, putting stars beside the things that were necessary.

Today is good day, thought Sakuno as she started around her kitchen.