Anime 4th of July rules

A Loud BANG! Caused Dante to wake up, it was Independence Day; he was unprepared so he wrote up some rules

1: No waking me up with fireworks next time I'M TRIYNG TO GET SOME SLEEP!

2: Mantrix, don't throw firecrackers at peoples Butts, kiwis etc. it's not funny it's painful

3: Goku tell Vegeta to stop launching bottle rockets at Krillin

4: Firecrackers can only be lit by toa of fire

5: If you wake me up again I'll use the bottle rockets as weapons to fry you.

6: Don't leave the burgers, hotdogs or steaks on the grill or they'll catch the porch on fi-!

"Come in." said Dante as Goku walked in "Hey dude." He said "I'm just writing some rules to make sure you guys don't get hurt." Said Dante and Vegeta said "For once, I agree, you need rest, I'll do the rest." Said Vegeta as Dante walked to his bed and Vegeta continued rule six

6: Don't leave the Food cooking overnight or it'll burn and someone's gonna get hurt

7: Tahu can't be Uncle Sam, he keeps losing his temper and we end up with a mound of paperwork and an Injured Matoran.

8: No one is to wake up Dante with fireworks when he's asleep in bed

9: Krillin if someone fires bottle rockets at you I have one word: DUCK!

10: Tracing the full moon with sparklers: Good Chasin' people with sparklers: Bad Burning people with Sparklers is worse

At the end Vegeta wrote "To Be Continued tomorrow." And walked out the door