Hey there! Here's a new oneshot I cooked up one day after watching my favorite parts of the 1994 film Leprechaun 2, which is a favorite film of mine since I have a liking for Ireland, which is mostly because of the color green, the Leprechaun, and the fact that the Irish are, by nature, storytellers, of course. Hope you like it as much as I did writing it, of course.

Disclaimer: The geniuses at Trimark Pictures own the Leprechaun film series. I own the songfics, oneshots, crossovers, stories and poems I cook up from time to time.



Good fortune.

Whatever those unsuspecting mortals call it, the Leprechaun knew he had it in spades. Plus, the pot of gold he kept with him was quite something as well.

Luck. That was what some of those mortals believed in. Well, he'd show them that luck was not all it was cracked up to be. And neither was immortality. People were so greedy when it came to money - well, at least most of them, anyway. And as for mortality, they were always trying to keep that at bay. But they would never succeed. He knew that all too well.

Death to he who sets a Leprechaun free. Steal his gold, it will corrupt your soul, you see. For many a moon the legend has grown, death toll increases, solution unknown. Beware the evil wanderer in search of his loot, lest you suffer the wrath of his golden flute. Flee while you can, the future's not good- for no one is safe from a Lep in the Hood!
-The Leprechaun, Leprechaun in the Hood

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