The wonderful story of the fearless hero of the Americas known as the brave and bold ZORRO. His life has been revealed by Isabel friend of Diego a.k.a Zorro. Isabel wrote about his life, when he was young and his exploits as the hero of California. But, even when our dear Zorro was love by all the women, in his teenager life, he suffered as any other person; his first love which was not the most happiest one that he remembers, it was actually a tragic love, the love that he thought it was never going to end.

But it says that if something is in the dark stays in the dark.

Farewell, our story starts like this: Our precious Diego de la Vega, son of the richest yeoman on Ciudad de Los Angeles, Alejandro de la Vega and Toypurnia or like she was baptized Regina. Regina was a mestiza warrior that used to fight, so that her fellow natives had their lands. This two characters so different like the sun and the moon, met in a battle and fell in love. They decided to unite their lives and without knowing they gave birth to the person that became the salvation and the legend of the new world.

The life of Diego could be read in the story of Isabel Allende, who is the real owner of this plot stage, but in this story we would know what she hide from us, with the only reason of not upset the life of the lady, Juliana de Romeu, who was eternal love of her dear friend El Zorro.

Juliana, Isabella and Nuria's companion Romeu girls escaped the fury of Rafael Moncada, a young man obsessed with Juliana who would do anything so that she could be at his feet and in love with him. Rafael was evil enough to make the authorities arrest the girls father with the charges of frienchified. Well, the girls escape with Diego planning to travel to California, of course we have to let ourselves know that they were in Spain when all of this happened and not partying like I though in the beginning... I will stop talking now before something unavoidable happens... falling asleep of boredom with this pathetic summaries with lack of fun and action. Well lets follow the story now, so that you will be witnesses of the love that our hero felt for that gentle young lady that could not avoid hurting our dear Zorro.