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chapter 1

Part four End of 1814 and the beginning of 1815

We will beging like Isabel has detailed in her book with the exception of a moment or actually a couple of them that she never knew that happened ...until now; when they were living with the gypsies after they escaped Barcelona and the fury of Rafael Moncada that wanted to marry Juliana but they trick him and locked him in a secret closet in the Romeu's house in order for them to escape. Diego and Juliana had a moment alone in which they planned a lot of things thinking that their lives were going to change; in fact it did

Within a week after they arrive to the Roma camp, Diego was able to slide on the run, he could flip in the air and land on his horse: he was able to jump from one horse to the another and was able to ride with two horses one legs in each one of them at the same time. He used to do this stunts in front of the women or to be more precise in from of Juliana so that she could see him, he wanted to compensate the time and the frustration that he felt for being separated.

According to the Roma Law the men and women where not supposed to see together, they considered women to be impure and not equal. Diego was wearing Pelayo's clothes that consisted of pants until the knees, tall boots, full sleeves blouse, leather vest, and a handkerchief on the head that unfortunately left in evidence his ears... ohh God he really hate his ears and use to hide them under his hair but now they were exposed. He also use to have a musket in the arm. He look so manly with his sideburns well constructed, his golden skin and his caramel eyes that even Juliana used to admired him secretly.

After his stunts Diego took his horse around the camp; that day was spectacular, the trees looked so green and a fresh breeze, it was a tranquility that he hadn't felt and he realized that he hadn't had the opportunity to see the sky... so blue and peaceful before until now. He was concentrated in his deep thoughts of how much time it was going to take them to get to la Coruña, Spain. He was hoping to be able to protect Isabel, Nuria and specially to Juliana. Meanwhile he was calculating the time like many other times before he didn't notice that Juliana approached him.

- Well, it seems that you really adapt fast to the situations in life. I thought that you were another person, but you have prove to be unpredictable- Juliana said with a big smile flirting with him? He couldn't believe that was not the smile that he knew from her.

There was a big difference when he met her with the finest clothing of a young Spanish lady; comparing it with the clothes of the present she could be easily called a gypsy. Her delicated curls were underneath a red handkerchief, white full sleeves blouse, leather vest and a colored skirt; she was the most beautiful and simple girl in the world.

-Is better to take advantages of the situations in life...because maybe it will not happen again... also I wouldn't have learn a lot about our friends the gypsies if it wasn't of the runaway situation that we are in right now. - Diego answered smiling Besides I love to ride horses like this with freedom and feel the freedom while I gallop. In California I used to ride with my dear brother Bernardo everyday like the natives, only when my father was around I was forced to ride like my father does. I didn't have the opportunity to learn everything so this opportunity was perfect and I couldn't resist.- he finished grinning at her.

- Wow, it just seems like it was yesterday when you got to my house, you were a skinny boy with weird clothing- she smiled- but look at you now a grown up man and those clothes are...not bad at all-

In those moments Juliana watched him closely, she saw Diego's strong arms and his muscular belly. She dreamed with the idea of him hugging her tight like the heroes in the novels that she used to read.

-Well thanks.. I guess Juliana- Diego said. It was clear that he was nervous- th the truth is that this clothes are so light better than the Pilgrims Costumes that we were using in disguise. Rafael wouldn't have though that we were using them in Barcelona but they were really uncomfortable.
When he finished speaking he walked towards Juliana how sat in a tree trunk that was separating them and she look at him astonished with the sunlight and watching him from nearly the ground he look like the handsome men of her stories that used to save the damsel in distress and all the dangers and actually he was. It was him who save her and her little family from ruffians when they were in the pilgrims costumes, it was him who used to feed her when she was too weak to do it herself, and it was him who took care of her every night so that nothing bad could happen to her. Him and only him... she wished that he could raise her up and hug her like they used to on the pilgrimage nights when they used to sleep together the four of them, but at the end the two of them were lightly hugging. She never mentioned in the morning or look like actually notice it, but always anxiously awaited the time at night to be near him, unfortunately now it was over in the Roma camp was forbidden that type of approach between men and women.

Without noticing it she made a long sigh of love. Diego was surprised and he sat near her, instantly forgetting about the rules and the took her hand in his.

Juliana Quickly blushed but didn't took away her hand.

-Juliana, I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but I have never found enough courage to do it, well I have never dared after a long time since we were younger remember, you always thought it was a game. There has never been a correct time for this - he smiled nervously for which Juliana answered him with her angel smile that was so normal in her- I want to tell you that I love you like I have never expected of loving someone; Since the first moment I saw you and I can't or want to forget you, if I can get to have a hope with you. Give me an opportunity and hope Juliana of making you fall in love with me and I will be the most happy man on earth- said Diego at the same moment that he kissed Juliana's hand.

Juliana was surprised for the confession and looks at him with her cat eyes, she looks at the man that in that instance kneels so he can look her in the eyes and that have give her a delicate kiss on her hand, that man looks at her with love in his eyes, with those caramel eyes that filled her with peace. Finally she was going to confess what it was inside of her romantic heart.

-Diego, I want to tell you that you have been the most important person after my father's death because you have help us and support us without you being part of my family and that I really appreciate it. Also I want to thank you for being so gentle and for making feel the most important person in your live and even when I never told you your poems were beautiful because they came straight from your soul. The truth is that this situation of all of us running away, make me change my mind about the way I used to look at you and now I know that I have finally found the love of my life- Juliana said with a longing look that cried out for a hug.

Diego saw that look and he understood that she was asking him for support and he hugged her tight and that trunk that physically was the one separating them was now putting them together. The two of them hugging with their bodies strongly bonded to each other, they could now feel each other's heartbeats at the rhythm.

A sunbeam illuminated them, Diego was in the glory his beloved has told him that she loves him, finally she accept him. After a few moments they separated and they look into each others eyes. Diego could feel the warm breath of Juliana and she could feel his, the two of them were join in a sweet and long kiss.

Diego could not disrespect Juliana it was not even in his mind and Juliana knew that so it was her who took the initiative by taking him from the collar and pull him towards him. She put her hands softly behind his neck; he as an impulse put his hands in her little waist pulling her towards him until there was no more space between them. He left one hand in her waist while the other was hidden in her black curls. It was a kiss that lasted a few minutes, but for them it was the most beautiful in their lives. Yes, Juliana was kissed before by Rafael he stole one kiss from her but she didn't count it. It was not even worth the comparison since not even in 10 thousands years that kiss was going to be as good and sweet as the one that Diego just gave her. They pulled away to catch some breath but they stood almost in the same position, by now Diego without noticing made his way across the trunk and now was in the same side as Juliana. Both of them experimented a tranquility that they have never felt before.

-If Nuria see us she is going to kill us- Diego said with a happy smile, he could look like a clown and not even care because Juliana was with him now. - well actually, I think all the gypsies will kill us if they see us too.

-I don't care about anything Diego before I used to, What it really matters in my life is to not be away from you, never. is the first time that I vulnerable and is because of you. I feel myself unable to do anything if you are not with me and I would not be able to handle if they separate us.

Diego couldn't believe it, if that was a dream he didn't want to wake up ...never. He didn't have her a few inches away like before but she was actually in his arms with her head in his chest, that simple act made him the most happy person in the universe and he imagine crazy ideas of what would be his future with her.

- Do you want to get a ride around? - Diego asked

-Of course!- she reply sounding like a little kid who just got a candy.- And you are right... they should not see us or they will kill us or expel us from the camp.
After that Juliana didn't said anything and it seem that she was thinking of something.

- You know I will tell Amalia that I want her and the leader of the Roma, Rodolfo to marry us under their law and when we get to California we will marry in God's law.

-For God sake Juliana!- Diego exclaimed

-What happen? You don't want to marry me? -she suddenly ask nervously and sad.

- I wished with all my life but I am the one that is supposed to ask you not the other way around- he said while separating himself from her so that he was able to kneel again.

-Juliana de Romeu will you like to be my companion, my wife for life in which we will see many sunrises and be together forever?- Diego said a little nervous because he didn't knew if they were the correct words, but sincere because everything that he just said was the pure truth. ...