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Amy was up in her room chanel surfing to see if anything good was on when she stopped at MTV. On the TV screen the Backstreetboys where singing The Call and dancing around like carzy. Amy muttered to herself "It's another re-run might as well watch it." Ofcourse Amy didn't need to watch it she remembered every show she ever watched! She even remembered the baby shows she use to watch, but since she barley ever came acrose one she didn't remember them that well. After hearing The Call two whole times(once in her head and once on the TV) Nancy called her downstairs. Before Amy was able to turn off the TV Nancy yelled "There's a letter for you in to mail!" Amy who barley ever got mail rushed downstairs. "Thanks mom! Do you need me to do anything?" "No honey that's ok, I found what I was looking for." Amy ran back upstairs eger to read the letter only after turning off the TV did she see the adress. It was from Chris. Why would Chris send a letter to her if he could get to her house in five minuets and tell her what he wanted to. Then again Chris might have been at the post office at the time. But why would Chris be at the post office? Amy opened the letter and read it. It said: July 18,2002 5:00 pm Amy! Help! I'm caght in a tim warp every time i go somwhere i suddenly re- aper at my house! Help! Chris

Chris was in truble! only then did she notice that some of the words were misspelled. That was weird even though Chris wasn't the best at school he didn't make that bad of spelling mistakes! Somthing was going on! Something teribly wrong! Amy only then noticed the time exactly 5:00pm! This was getting too weird! Amy put away the letter so that Nancy couldn't find it, and ran to Chrises house. **************************************************************************** ****** To Be Continued! hope you like!please review!