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The Darkness: Part IV

. just then Amy heard a voice from around the corner, "Aly quick hide in the darkest corner and DON'T move!" Amy heard the rustling of Aly hiding but it was very soft so a normal person couldn't have heard it. She quickly located where the person was at and with a little bit of quick remembering she found where the gap in the wall was. She went up to the window where the man was standing and knocked on the heavy-duty plastic glass. She heard Aly say softly "You've got his attention." Amy went over to the gap and waved her arms, the man forgetting what type of human being she was went in without foolishly closing the door with the special key. Amy easily heard him and tackled him down. She got the key from his pocket, and motioned for Aly to come out. "Amy! That was incredible! Come on the door's this way!" Aly of course didn't yell this out knowing that the organization had voice activated cameras, Amy hadn't figured this out, her being partially blind and all. They silently walked down the narrow hallway when Aly started to tug at Amy's sleeve, she didn't know what Aly meant until she banged her head against a poll of some-sort. doubble spacing Amy duct rubbing her head furiously, she had closed her eyes tight at that moment and when opening them, her eye site seemed to get better. As they kept walking down the hallway she pondered about her eye site she was such in deep thought she didn't notice Aly pulling at her sleeve or the big black thing on the ceiling that she bumped into it again and this time with such force she knocked herself out. Sorry have to leave it there! Please review!