All right, Harry, you can do this, just breathe. Remember: Sirius isn't going to kill you.


Harry stood in the bathroom looking at his reflection and convincing himself to tell Sirius he was gay. He didn't have a boyfriend-yet, however, he was trying to win over one Remus Lupin. And the closest he'd gotten to that was almost kissing him when Remus ran into him once and knocked Harry over, and then the man had landed on top of him inches from his lips, so close that Harry could feel Remus's breath on his face. That had definitely been very awkward.


Sirius looked up from his book and smiled. "Harry." He put down his book. "Remus has been forever convincing me to read this, and I have to say it's…interesting?"

Harry laughed. Sirius had never liked reading. Hesitantly, he walked over to Sirius. "I have to tell you something," he informed.

"Of course, Harry." Sirius scooted over and patted the spot next to him on the bed. Harry managed to climb up onto the bed, which had to be at least three feet tall. "What is it?"

"I haven't been…particularly honest…with you," Harry stammered.

"What haven't you been honest with me about?" Sirius asked slowly. This was even more awkward than yesterday with Remus. Of all the places Harry could have come out to Sirius, of course it had to be on a bed.

"My…" Harry said, blushing and looking down at the patterned duvet on the bed.

"Harry, you can tell me anything," Sirius encouraged, gently putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I'm…gay," Harry stuttered.

Sirius stared straight ahead of him. "Oh," he said.

"Oh?" Harry turned his head to look at his godfather. "What does 'oh' mean?"

Sirius hesitated before saying, "'Oh' means my theory is right, that yes you are gay and no you're not just trying to bond with Remus as friends."

Harry grimaced and laughed nervously. "You know about that?"

"It's pretty obvious," Sirius answered, smiling at him. Damn. If Sirius noticed, anyone could have, even and especially a certain werewolf. "And Harry, don't worry about being gay. I realized I was gay myself at fifteen. It's definitely hard but I'll help you get through it, because I love you."

Harry smiled. "Thanks, Siri. Love you too." He hugged Sirius, and there they were when Remus Lupin appeared in the doorway. Harry immediately pulled back, blushed furiously, sprang off the bed, and darted out of the room with a brief "hello" to a confused Remus, more than eager to go help Molly Weasley with dinner.