Chapter 1: this isn't me!

"Hailey! your package came in today. come pick it up." "coming mother!" Hailey a 13 year old girl who just hit puberty, but not much of it though, had been waiting all month long for her order from amazone. Though the seller was unidentified, she really didnt care (I know right?). She ran down stairs from her room to claim her anticipated order. "By the way, what exactly did you order pumpkin muffin?" "ug mom Im 13, you can stop calling me that." "Okay pumpkin." "ug, Ill be in my room mom." Hopefully you got the OBVIOUS message that Hailey's mom just cant and simply wont let her grow up, just too much affection, but then again it's her mom, so go figure.

Hailey got to her room and commenced to open the package. "Just what I ordered. Cant wait to put it on!" See Hailey is actually a BIG fan of disney and she was extremely excited for the new PIXAR movie W.A.L.L.E, so she bought a shirt that was comemorated to the motion picture. It was a white T-Shirt with the letters B&L in white in a red oval outline. As she took the shirt into her lap, inspecting the quality of the purchase of nearly 40 bucks, she wanted to make sure it would fit right for her size. She was a fairly balanced girl when it came to her figure, but she wanted to try it on just for giggles.

She first exspanded the bottom opening and began to stick her head through the neck hole, then came her arms through sides. When she had the cothing completely snug against her body, she felt a small tingle go up her. "Wha? ah mustv been just a small shock from the fabric, I mean it does kinda itch." But then she felt the tingling sensation again, but this time a bit more noticeable. "Yowch! what the heck?" It was then she saw the beginning effects. "Whats going on?... HOLY CRAP!" Her body began to float in the air, probably bout 4 inches off the ground. Wierd thing was, she couldnt see her feet, niether could she feel them. It was like they disappeared. When she looked down to see if she even had them anymore, all there was, was a silver metalic round material spreading around her dangling legs. " NO WAY! OMG! MOM HELP ME!" But the process continued, but at fastening pace now. As the material spreaded further upward, her legs began to shorten into stubs and fused into a bowl like form. Then her body began to take the effect. She felt her waist shorten in width and would rise upward. Her sides began to stretch along with her stomach outward with metal material taking place of her once organic body. Her breasts disappeared into the the structure, but by the time it reached her heart she had already blacked out. After the body came her arms. They seperated leaving an oval crater in the sides that once connected. They lost all of thier organic form and was replaced with metal. Her arms then thinned out and exspanded on the top and front axis. Her hands then thinned into the material and seperated into seemingly non-connected parts, from her palm seperated was her fingers. Then finally came the final step, her head. It came straight off her neck, which then formed into an oval crater. Her head began to lose all hair and skin and was replaced with a metal plated face, which began to shape into a melon like shape and structure. Her entire face darkened into a screen which emulated blue neon-like eyes in the shape of an oval. Her head then hovered a couple of inches away from the crater that once was her neck. "Hailey? what is it sweety? Hailey?" As her mother ran up the stairs, Hailey's new body began to glow and just like that, she, now an EVE bot, was gone.