Chapter 6: The END?

Hailey opened her eyes to see the cloaked man standing in front of her once more, clapping. "Well done. For your first mission that is." "Sooo do I get my body back?" "hmm yes you do, BUT you are not finished with your purpose." "Wait! You mean to tell me that I have some kind of adventure involving me being that robot?" "No. I mean you will be other things as well. it will be the same process as before." "Oh. That sounds really weird." "You have no idea what weird is young one, but you will evntually. Now I will send you back to your home in human form, and dont worry, your family wont know a thing." "Well thanks I guess." " Until the next time... Hailey" Then there was another flash and there she was, back in her own body on her own bed. "Hailey you were screaming for me. What is it pumpkin?" "Uh nothing mom, I just saw a spider." "Oh. well just making sure you were alright. See you at dinner Hailey." She simply blushed that her mother actually used her name that time. As she left Hailey simply muttered "Yep, nothin at all."