The Lost Wing
By La Fata Aurora

SYNOPSIS: /SephirothxOC/ As Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz joins the Lifestream following the events of Advent Children, a separate manifestation of the One Winged Angel finds himself in a secluded settlement south of the Crater.

Chapter One: The Awakening

I knew, ever since I was a child, I was not like the others…


First class SOLDIER…

"Hey, are you alright?"

Hero of Wutai War…

"By all that's Holy, please don't die on me!"

My head fucking hurts.

"Look, Mister! We're almost there! I know it might look like its still a mile down the road, but I promise you, if you just held on a little more, just a little more, I can still manage!


"But you have to work with me!"

"Ugh…" He furrowed his forehead at the small, determined voice. Pulling movements jogged his scrambled mind into focus, and slowly, he managed to identify each limb of his body.

One. Two. Three. Four. Good. Looks like everything is still intact…

"I'm sorry…Please bear with it a little bit more."

He felt something cold hit his shins. Somebody tightened their hold on him, and the coldness sank deeper, becoming icy, and then wet. It bit him into a shrill. He furrowed his forehead again, and he felt the coldness sweep over his face, but softly this time, like a breeze. He shuddered a bit at this, cracking his eyes as open as his headache permitted.

"We're almost there." Green eyes slowly made out a small assuring face, her bluish mouth open, gasping small white puffs of clouds. The wind blew once more and wisps of silver hair fell on his face, and somehow, its swinging, almost hypnotic play, made him dizzy, forcing him to close his eyes again.

"Don't force yourself. It's okay." The owner of the small face reassured him. They trudged further down the snowy ground, and she carefully led him away from any slippery spots. "I'm assuming you have the Geostigma…and this cold is not making it easier, so save your strength. I'm…I'm able to use Materia, so we should be able to get by."

Warm. Something warm enveloped his back, and slowly, it reached his chest, down his abdomen, before spreading all over his body. Materia, she said. It must be a Cure spell.

"Who—?" He flitted his eyes again, but this time, the small face was turned ahead, and he could see her biting her lower lip in concentration. He sighed heavily, having difficulty forming his thoughts, "Who are you?"

She glanced at him, "My name is Kaena. I found you near the Crater. Just what were you doing there on your own?"

Crater? For the life of him, he couldn't even remember what that is!

"No matter. Just like what I said, save your strength. Based on your symptoms, it looks like you've been lying back there in the snow for hours." He felt this 'Kaena' tug him to the left in a smooth motion, "Watch your foot."

"I don't remember anything."

"I'm not surprised." Kaena frowned, "I'm guessing you're still in shock."


"Sephiroth." He echoed, the dryness in his throat finally hitting him.


"Sephiroth." He said again. Kaena looked at him worriedly.

"Sephiroth. Is that your name?"

The silver haired man thought for a moment, searching deep within his consciousness for an answer. He doesn't have an answer. However, if there was one thing he was sure of, the name felt familiar, and he's pretty sure that it held some meaning for him.

"I don't know."

"Well, if it is the only name that you could remember, I guess its only safe to assume that it is indeed your name."


"Presence…I feel—"

And his green eyes drooped close. Kaena quickly grabbed him as his weight pushed down heavily, unconsciousness once again taking over.

"Oh no!" She gripped onto him wildly, whimpering with concern. Mustering all of the strength that she could bear, Kaena started to run when 'Sephiroth's' face began to drain with blood.

"FATHER!" She screamed to the empty field, stepping over as much distance as she can. She pulled the unconscious body with her side, her heart thumping wildly as his rapid breathing hit her face.

"FATHER!" Kaena screamed again, panic bringing tears to her eyes. She looked around and her heart sank. Nothing. It's still too far away. They're still far away!


She stumbled, and they both fell on the snow. Quickly pulling herself up, Kaena saw Sephiroth's lids quiver, his green eyes rolling back on his head.

"NO!" She lifted a gloved hand. Shaking, she snatched it off, gently cupping his cold cheek and closing her eyes.

"Father…I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm doing but you said that if I try, I could do this." Kaena squeezed her eyes shut, tears falling from the corners of her eyes, "Please! I need to help him! Please tell me what to do!"

Open up the Lifestream, Child. Just like I taught you…

"But how? I don't know how!"

Yes, you do, Child. You have the power. Set yourself free, and you shall see…

Kaena bit her lips together. Anxiously, she took her hand off of Sephiroth's cheek, clasping it together with her other hand. Then she bowed, lowering her head enough to convey her sincerity.

"Please…hear me, please…I beg of you…"

A/N: My first shot at the very complicated world of FF7! Although please excuse me as I haven't played Crisis Core and Dirge. There might be some inconsistencies in the next chapters, so please do not hesitate to tell me if that happens! R&R Please! Thank you!