"Rose, are you sure you want to get married now? You're only 21, you still have your entire life ahead of you," said Hermione swirling her spoon through her soup.

Rose ran her hand through her hair, "Mum, you were married by the time you were 23. That's only two years age difference."

"A lot can change in two years Rose—"

"Like what?" she asked, daring her mother to say anything against them. She'd had enough of that from her father.

Hermione redirected her path, "You're still a kid, no matter what you think."

"For crying out loud Mum, Lily was dead by the time she was 21 and she was married with a son!"

"Rose," she warned, "those were special circumstances and you know that."

"She was still happy."

"She was in the middle of a war."

"You weren't, Ginny wasn't, Luna wasn't, Audrey wasn't. From what I can tell you're all very happy."

"Rose if you love him now you'll love him in three years."

"But what if I'm dead in three years?"

"Do really plan on being dead in three year?" she asked in annoyance.

"Not really. But it could happen."

"Well, you're defiantly your father's daughter."

"And is that a good thing or a bad thing," she asked with a smirk.

"I'm not quite sure," her mother replied honestly. And it seemed that was the end of their conversation.

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