Well hello everyone, and yes, I am writing yet another Tales of Symphonia fan-fiction, but this one is going to be very different. At least, I'd like to hope that no one has thought of this before, and if anyone else has tried this before, then I'm sorry, I didn't know. I've had this idea for ages, and so I'm going with it. Anyway, I do not own the characters of Tales of Symphonia, only the OC's that I bring into the story. And before you make the confusing mistake again, none of my OC's are self-inserts.

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Chapter 1 – An Ordinary Day?

Quiet. It was oddly and eerily quiet in the house as Luna woke up and looked around her room. Her older sister hadn't woken her yet, and her little brother had yet to charge into the room and bombard her with his constant hyperactivity. Luna took a deep breath and stared at the crimson walls of her room and after a moment threw the black comforter off of her body. Her pajamas were a dark violet color and she walked over to her dresser. If she remembered correctly, today was the day that she was going to the Anime Convention with her friends. Well, at least something good would come out of today.

Without warning her bedroom door crashed open and in came the one person in the world that she wished didn't even exist. Martin, her step-father, stood in the doorway, glaring at her in her PJ's before he turned and stormed down the hallway. Luna felt like growling at him but decided against it as she walked over to close the door. A streak of color rushed by her and this time she did growl as she turned to look at her little brother. Chris was still only six years old, but he was so annoying and always so hyper.

"Get out of my room, Chris!" She shouted and the little boy stared up at her from the toy airplane in his hands. He stuck his tongue out at her and hopped onto her bed. "I need to get dressed!" Luna cried again as she walked over and grabbed his small wrist before leading the child out of her room. "Come back in a few minutes, moron."

She closed the door and was grateful for the blissful silence that invaded her room with the door closed and locked. Luna walked over to her closet and opened the doors. There, sitting carefully on a hanger, was her cosplay outfit. Her friends had insisted they cosplay Tales of Symphonia characters and then do Tales of the Abyss for the convention. It had been a real pain for Luna to try and make the outfits for herself, but she had managed all the same. She'd had to ask for some help from her mother, but thankfully the costumes were made out of good quality material.

Luna smiled as she began pulling on the Colette costume, for which she would have to add a wig to make it look proper. Luna's hair was more naturally a match to Tear's hair color than it was to Colette's. She had to pull her hair back and wear a sort of swim cap in order to get the wig to sit properly on her head, and it was itchy as all hell, but she tried not to scratch to avoid making the wig fall off.

Briefly she glanced over at her desk, where a thick old notebook sat. Luna walked over to it and flipped open the cover. Inside was the name 'Lyronia' in big bold letters, though the hand script was childish. She smiled softly and closed the cover, remembering back to when she'd first started writing the story. It had been after Josh had first mentioned his two rich friends, Felicia and Morgan, who were brother and sister. She'd wanted to write a story with all of her friends in it, and though she didn't know Morgan and Felicia personally, she included them. But the story hadn't gotten far and over time she'd forgotten about it. With a sigh, she shook her head and walked over to where she had her other costume sitting.

She packed the Tear costume into her bag, thankful that she didn't have to pack a wig for that outfit. Luna was certain she was going to have a confrontation with her step-father again as always, but there was little avoiding any confrontation with the man. He was a total ass and a disgusting pig more than that, but she had to put up with it regardless. She pulled her pack onto her back and unlocked her bedroom door, which slammed open immediately, revealing the familiar angry face of Martin.

Martin was a man in his mid to late forties, with a constantly sour expression and a balding head. His puce green eyes were hell to look into, and his teeth were rotten and yellowed from all the smoking and drinking he did. Luna took a step back away from him but he reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her down the stairs and into the kitchen of their small family home. "Lauren, your daughter is dressing like a freak again!" He yelled and pushed Luna forward to face her mother.

A slender woman with the same light brown hair, cut waist length, turned around and smiled at them. Lauren was Luna's mother, but she was a bit ditsy and flighty at times. "Oh, hello, honey." Her mother's soft, honeyed voice drifted over to them. "Darling, she's going out with her friends for a week. I hardly see that it matters what she's wearing." Her mother said with a bright smile as she moved forward and hugged Luna, but it was brief and Luna barely felt the love from her mother.

Martin stared at her. "Going away for a week, huh?" He contemplated that for a moment and then a nasty grin broke across his face. "Excellent. It'd be better if you never came back, but go. Get away from this place." He waved his hand, as if in doing so he displayed the power and authority to dismiss her from his presence.

Luna rolled her eyes and walked to the front door. "Honey, what about breakfast?" She heard her mother's voice call out from the kitchen. Just then a car horn honked and Luna knew that her friends were here. She turned her head for a moment. "I'll just pick something up at Dunkin' Donuts! Bye mom!" She called back and before getting a response, she ran out the door.

"Well, here's the hotel." Josh, who was dressed in his best, and cosplaying as Zelos, said as they approached the fancy looking hotel. "We have the best rooms in the house, courtesy of my father." He was smiling brightly. For his Tales of the Abyss cosplay, he was going to be Guy, which would suit him better then the pompous Zelos cosplay he was starting with.

"Damn, this place is huge!" Kaylee, Luna's best friend since second grade, and the one who dared to cosplay as Sheena and Natalia from the two games, said as she cast a look at Luna. She was glad that she had the hair to cosplay Sheena, and the proper body type to fill the costume the right way. Luna never could have pulled it off, and it made more sense for her to cosplay Colette anyway. "Hey, Josh?"

Josh looked up at her while pulling some of the luggage from the car. "Yeah, what is it my voluptuous hunny?" He said, adding a laugh as he got into character so easily. Kaylee frowned, not good. He was going to go from perverted pig to a complete gentleman who was supposed to be afraid of women. It was a nice contrast though.

Kaylee stared at Josh as he fixed a reddish pink wig on the top of his head, covering his blonde hair that was naturally styled like Guy from Tales of the Abyss. "Aren't we supposed to meet two other people here?" She asked and looked at Luna, knowing that the other girl was wondering the same thing.

Josh looked up and nodded. "Yeah, my friends Felicia and her brother Morgan are supposed to meet us inside the lobby." He said easily enough.

Kaylee sighed and went to grab her luggage, just as Luna went and got hers together as well. Kaylee often wondered why Luna kept her backpack on her at all times, but she guessed it wasn't a bad idea to keep a bag with you at all times. She shouldered her rucksack and followed Josh and Luna into the main lobby of the hotel. Josh's father owned five hotels like this across the country, so it wasn't much of a surprise that he would pull some strings for his son and his friends to stay in a place like this.

There was a girl dressed like Celsius at the main desk, glaring at the clerk, arguing and gesticulating wildly with her hands. Kaylee almost wondered if she would use her ice powers on the guy when she remembered that the girl could only be cosplaying. The guy standing next to her, however, was wearing a very convincing Kratos cosplay. As Josh walked over, the guy smiled and walked over, immediately falling into conversation with Josh. Luna looked like she felt out of place, which wasn't surprising; she was the poorest person in the group.

"Look, come on! All I'm asking for is a private room all for me, and I don't want any staff from this hotel bothering me when I'm in there." Celsius was saying as Kaylee walked over. Josh was still conversing with Kratos while Kaylee helped Luna put her bags on the floor.

Josh eventually turned to look at Kaylee and Luna. "Girls, this is Morgan, and this lovely lady is Felicia." He said, indicating the Celsius girl.

The girl took that exact moment to turn around and notice the rest of them. "Oh, Josh!" she exclaimed happily and walked over. "Can you tell the idiot to give me what I want? Your father is the one who paid for all our rooms, so we deserve our privacy." Before letting him answer her, or protest, she looked at Kaylee and Luna. "So you must be the two high school girls that Josh likes to talk about so much." She smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes, which were blue enough to match Celsius' own. "I'm Felicia."

Kaylee nodded and noticed Luna looked even more uncomfortable. "I'm Kaylee Silva. This is Luna Almiras. She's a bit shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she'll open up a bit more." Kaylee said brightly as Felicia's eyes scanned Luna with disdain, but she masked the emotion by turning to her brother and speaking quietly to him.

"I don't like her." Luna's voice said, interrupting Kaylee from trying to eavesdrop.

Kaylee looked at the two snobby rich kids and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I don't like her much either. I hope her brother isn't like that." She whispered back to her friend.

Morgan took that moment to turn to them with a warm smile. He walked forward and took Luna's right hand in his left and lifted it to his lips. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Chosen." He said in a voice very similar to Kratos' own from the English version of the game. Kaylee looked over and saw Luna staring blankly at her hand, her cheeks flushing red as a rose.

Josh smiled from the sidelines. "Yeah, Morgan is a real charmer. He and I had a sort of contest to see who would actually cosplay Zelos. Can you tell who won?" He asked, flaunting his pink outfit like it was something to be utterly proud of.

Kaylee rolled her eyes as Felicia laughed sharply. "I can hardly believe you two even wanted to compete over who played Zelos. Seriously, a man who wears pink, pathetic." Felicia said in a mocking tone. Okay, Kaylee was really starting to dislike this girl.

"So, Felicia, who are you cosplaying from Tales of the Abyss?" Luna asked, breaking the tension and silence between the three rich kids. Kaylee was rather thankful for that, but she wasn't sure she wanted to know who Felicia was going to play from Abyss.

Felicia just smiled mischievously. "Oh, I thought about playing Natalia but figured I'm a spoiled rich girl already so why bother? That and Morgan told me that one of us was already playing her, so I gave up on that. Then, I looked at the God Generals and chose to play Sync. His figure is feminine enough that I can pull it off if I wish." She said very matter-of-factly.

Kaylee got the distinct feeling that if the five of them were really in a world like Symphonia or Abyss, that Felicia would be the stuck-up, arrogant villain. There was no doubt that she would play such a character.

Morgan broke the silence next, and pulled Kaylee from her dark thoughts. "I chose to play Asch. Either that or I could have tried to play Jade, but there's no telling how well that would work." He smiled and his sister laughed bitterly again.

"Can we go to our rooms?" Luna asked, Kaylee noticed she ignored the two new rich kids and was looking at Josh, her expression pleading.

Josh smiled. "Yeah sure." He turned to the desk clerk, or concierge, and smiled brightly. "Hi there. I'd like to inform you that this is the Devon party checking in." He said and they all watched as the clerk paled considerably.

"Y-yes s-sir!" The guy stammered and pressed a button. "I've j-just summoned someone to t-take your bags t-to your r-rooms." He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Have a nice stay." He managed to say without stuttering and waved as the five of them walked to the elevator.

Several hours later, it was about mid-day, the group was wandering around the large center where the Anime Convention was being held. Luna was staring around at all the stuff going on, and there were other people cosplaying Symphonia characters. She spotted a very good Lloyd cosplay and took a picture of the guy and his friends while they took pictures of her group. She didn't much like Felicia; in fact, she inwardly despised the bratty rich girl. But then, a moment later she spotted a table covered in plushies.

"Oh my GOD!" She exclaimed and ran over, sifting through the plushies. Kaylee was at her side, equally excited as they each pulled out plushies of Symphonia characters. Luna pulled out a Yuan plushie and blushed considerably as she stared at it. She looked at the man who was selling them. "Umm, how much for these?" She asked, hoping they wouldn't be too expensive.

"They're ten dollars each. My wife is a big fan of the game and makes these. I sell them with her permission, and with the permission of the game company. They even sell them online and order them from her. Trust me, they're more expensive if you order them online." The man said and Luna smiled brightly.

She reached into the pile and pulled out three more plushies, one of each of the four heroes. Martel, Mithos, and Kratos, to be added to the Yuan plushie she was already holding. Luna grabbed her wallet and pulled out one fifty dollar bill. She had a few other ones, courtesy of saving her small allowance and paycheck from work. "Here you go." She said as she handed it over. The man smiled and took the fifty and handed her back a ten dollar bill, along with a Colette plushie. Luna stared at the well made Colette plushie and frowned. "I can't buy more than these." She said.

"No, no. Think nothing of it. This one is on the house, and since you're cosplaying her, I thought you might like it." The man replied and Luna stared at him, wondering if it was a trick.

"Are you sure? I really can't afford it. I need the rest of my money for other stuff." She said but the man shoved the Colette plushie into the bundle in her arms.

"I insist, young lady. This one is all for you." He said and turned to look at Kaylee as she bought a Zelos plushie, a Sheena plushie, and a Yggdrasill plushie of all things. Luna hadn't seen one of those in there. She shook her head and smiled as Kaylee walked with her away from the plushie stand.

"So what did you get?" Kaylee asked, conversationally as they walked, looking for Josh and the others.

Luna smiled as she looked at her plushies. "I got Yuan, Kratos, Mithos, Martel, and the guy just gave me a Colette plushie." Luna replied as she pulled her bag from her back and opened the top. She shoved four of the plushies inside, but kept one out. Kaylee was smiling when she looked up and Luna looked down at the Yuan plushie, a blush spreading across her face. Even though it was just a game, Luna had a very big crush on Yuan, evident by the plushie she was holding close to her chest.

Kaylee frowned after a moment. "Wait, the guy just GAVE you a Colette plushie?" She asked and stared at her friend.

Luna nodded. "Yeah, he said it was on the house, and that since I was cosplaying her, I might like to have it." She felt her cheeks grow hot again.

"What is it with guys and you? Half the time someone tries to flirt with you in some way, or give you something free. Why doesn't that happen to anyone else I know?" Kaylee asked and Luna shrugged. "Normally your luck is really rotten, but when it comes to guys, and especially guys you aren't interested in, you have all the luck in the world. Why is that?"

"I have no idea." Luna replied shaking her head.

"Hey, Luna, Kaylee!" Josh's voice called out from almost halfway across the room. "Come over here and look at this. It's amazing!"

Luna glanced at Kaylee and the two smiled and ran over to the area. Kaylee pumped her fist in the air when she made it there first and Luna scowled at her friend for a brief moment. Then they both noticed what Josh had wanted them to see. There was a painting on the wall, depicting a very large tree, with four people and some kind of animal standing in front of it. It looked more like a picture than a painting.

"I see you've found my masterpiece." A man's voice said and the group of five turned to look at him. He was very tall, slender, for a guy, with long blonde hair tied back behind his head. His green-blue eyes looked at the five of them with interest. "Interested in Tales of Symphonia I see." He added a smile and gestured to the painting again. "So am I."

Luna then stared at the painting in awe. "That's…" When no one else spoke, but everyone was looking at her, she continued, "that's the Giant Kharlan Tree." She said and her friends all had a chorus of 'No way!' as they too went back to staring in awe of the painting. "Those four people are Kratos, Yuan, Mithos and Martel. And that's Noishe." Luna said and then looked at the man who was smiling brightly.

"Yes indeed. I painted this myself and I'm showcasing it here at the convention." He said as Luna looked at his hand. "I see you've noticed my Cruxis crystal." He said with a smile. "I assure you it's not real, but I wanted to show my love of the game in a different way than cosplaying."

Josh looked at him. "You would make a very good Yggdrasill, though." He said, smiling easily.

Luna's eyes widened and she backed away from the blonde man, her eyes darting to the picture. Suddenly, she had a very bad feeling. "Guys, I think we should go." She said loudly, and the others turned to look at her, but she was focused on the man, whose eyes darkened as soon as she was the only one staring at him.

"What are you talking about, Luna?" Josh asked.

She didn't get the chance to respond to them as she watched the man put his hand up to the painting. A dark, swirling vortex appeared there and she felt a pull. She was going to warn the others when the vortex swallowed three of them, leaving Luna standing there with only Felicia. Moments later, however, they too were pulled through the dark energy.

"Have fun." The man's voice said, but it was so far away, Luna barely even heard it. All she could focus on now was her unfathomable fear of dying in the void. Surrounded by nothing but darkness, of course she was afraid, but what else could she do?

She couldn't see any of her friends, and Felicia seemed to be gone now. Luna was alone, alone in the darkness as she felt another pull. This one was stronger than the first and the next thing she knew, her entire body felt as though she'd been run over by an eighteen wheeler truck. Luna couldn't stay awake any more and she lost consciousness.

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