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The five Samurai were all outside training. But the one training the hardest was the red ranger, Jayden. He was training hard with the blue ranger, Kevin. Mike, the one in green, was trying to master his symbol power, but he was too distracted by the yellow ranger.

"Hya!" Emily was practicing hard with Mia, the pink ranger. Mike loved the way Emily's hair flew wildly when she fought.

Jayden was really focused, striking his target gracefully. He heard a female voice behind him.

"You always were good with a sword." The leader of the Samurai turned around, and saw a very familiar face.

"Tara!" Jayden dropped his sword and ran to greet his 13 year old sister. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, being student council president at my school, I could pick where we took our field trip. I figured, my classmates could see the beautiful scenery, and I could see my big brother. It's a win-win situation!" The mini-Jayden smiled.

"Excuse me," Mike interrupted. "are we missing something?"

"Oh, guys, this is my sister, Tara." Jayden ruffled Tara's hair.

"I didn't know you had a sister!" Emily grinned.

"Indeed he does." The rangers' mentor stood in the doorway of the Shiba house.

"Gi!" Tara ran over to the man in the oriental robes and wrapped her arms around him.

"Hello Tara. Why don't you come inside?"

"I'd love to!" And with that, she pranced into the Japanese-style house.

"So Tara," Mia sat next to the guest. "Tell us about yourself."

"Well, I go to a special school in London. Since Mom and Dad were so focused on training Jayden, I've had a lot of time on my hands for studying."

"What's it like being the little sister of the hero of humanity?" Mike joked. Jayden socked him in the arm.

"Well, it's kinda weird. It's cool how much attention he gets, but it's really awkward. Me being…" She stopped talking.

"Being what?" Kevin asked.

"Being…" She hesitated. "The replacement Red Ranger. If anything were to happen to Jayden."

"Well I sure hope that doesn't happen." Emily laughed.

"Sorry I'm late!" Antonio ran into the room. "Did I miss anything?"

"Antonio!" Tara sprang up and hugged the gold ranger.

"Hey, kid." Antonio smiled down at her. "Long time no see!"

"How do you know Tara?" Mia asked the fisherman. "She wasn't even born when you and Jayden were friends."

"She helped me with my samurai training before I found you guys. She taught me this awesome move! Check it out!" Antonio leaped into the air, did a triple flip followed by a forearm strike. He stuck the landing and bowed, proudly.

"Wow Tara!" Jayden looked impressed.

"It's kinda my signature move. Antonio begged me to teach it to him." Tara shrugged. Then she flinched and bent over, clenching her stomach as if she was in pain.

"Are you okay?" Emily rushed to the mini-ranger's side.

"Yeah." Tara grunted. "I have to go!" She sprung up out of her chair and bolted through the door.

"Jayden?" Kevin looked at his leader.

"I have no idea what that was." Jayden replied. "She's never done that before."

"Everyone looked concerned, but one-by-one, everyone went back outside to train. Jayden was the last one out.