It was Tara's last day before she went back to school. She was walking to her bus, when she heard a familiar, or rather, 6 familiar voices behind her.

"Tara! Wait up!" Jayden yelled. She stopped cold. "What happened yesterday?"

"I'm so sorry, Jayden! I never wanted you to find out like this!" She started sobbing.

"Hey, it's cool! We just want to know what's up!" Mike comforted.

"I was jealous when you became Red Ranger and I didn't. Long story short, I ran away into the forest, met Serrator, and became half Nighlok."

"Yeah. Mia filled us in on that part," Antonio responded. "We meant what happened with the whole 'turning on Serrator' thing."

"Oh. He made a mistake." Tara smiled.

"What kind of mistake?" Emily asked.

"When he tried to suck my purity out of me, it didn't work."

"But we saw something come out of you!" Kevin looked confused.

"Something did come out of me. My Nighlok half!"

"So that means…" Mia smiled

"I'm full human again! No more constantly worrying about morphing! I'm FREE!"

"Way to go, sis." Jayden ruffled Tara's hair.

"Thanks. But I noticed something. I can still use my powers one more time. Anyone want a demonstration?"

"Yeah!" The rangers said in unison.

"Okay. I need two volunteers. Mike and Emily?"

"Sure!" Emily smiled.

"This won't hurt, will it?" Mike cautioned

"No. You just might feel a slight tickle." Tara rubbed her hands together and blew a pink dust towards Emily and Mike. When the dust cleared, Mike and Emily's lips were together. "Love potion. Whatcha think?"

"That's great." Kevin looked grossed out. "Now reverse it."

"Okay." She snapped her fingers, but nothing happened.

"Really Tara." Jayden said. "Reverse it."

"Uhm, I did." Tara looked just as grossed out as Kevin.

"Aw!" Mia exclaimed. "That's so sweet!"

"HEY!" Antonio clapped his hands, separating the two. But their eyes were still locked on each other's.