Written on the back of every cheesy crunchy puff bag

Warning cheesy crunchy puffs are highly addictive. Cheesy crunchy puff Corporation is not legally responsible for the actions and or side effects from the consumption of cheesy crunchy puffs. Cheesy crunchy puffs ingredients include but are not limited to dehydrated powdered cheese substitute, orange dye number 12, flour, corn, other grains, sodium, sugar, cough dangerous chemicals cough, sugar substitute, salt and oat. Allergy warnings cheesy crunchy puffs are made in a factory that also handles nuts dairy cough dangerous chemicals cough and grain products. Possible Side effects may include increased aggression ,dry mouth, hallucinations, death, a desire to pet bunnies and or other bunny related desires, memory loss , and an extreme need to eat more cheesy crunchy puffs.

Sincerely Cheesy crunchy puff Corporation

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