Satan's footsteps first heard her cries,

And from then on, her mind filled with lies.

Stop the question before it was asked:

That was her one and only task.

She grew up listening to the stories,

Of fish fingers and custard;

His humor and glory.

And although he was the one she was destined to kill,

Sometimes nothing can stop the will,

Of the heart once it's set in motion,

For love, you see, is the ultimate devotion.

Poisonous lips seemed to seal his fate;

Not even regeneration could make it abate.

But, a name said and a robot's reflection,

Pushed her heart in another direction.

The same lips that took life now instead gave;

With a "hello sweetie," she kept him from the grave.

And from that moment on, their lives were intertwined,

She, his psychopath; his blushing bride.

In that, the Silence instead made his protector;

And her love for him would never deflect her

From her true calling,

Which, as her mother foretold,

Was to be good, look after him;

And above all, be bold.